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Woolim Entertainment's Nell Pulls Out New Sound With Single 'Green Nocturne'

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Woolim Entertainment's Nell Pulls Out New Sound With Single 'Green Nocturne'

Nell will be definitely giving out early Christmas gifts to fans by releasing their winter single, ‘Green Nocturne” on December 15th.

On December 11th, Woollim Entertainment uploaded a teaser photo on official Twitter with a message,"#Nell is releasing a new single "Green Nocturne" to embrace this winter. Look forward to Dec. 15th, 2014!".

The company said,"Nell won"t release any new album for this year. The new song just naturally came out as they were in the midst of preparing for their year-end concert". In particular, "Green Nocturne" is said to be an acoustic song which fits perfectly with this season.

Meanwhile, Nell will hold "Christmas in Nell’s Room" concert on December 24th.

INFINITE’s Sungjong and Dongwoo encourage Woolim Entertainment's new female artist, JIN!

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INFINITEs Sungjong and Dongwoomade a support video encouragingJIN,Woollim Entertainment'snew female artist who will debut with 'Gone'.

Sungjong and Dongwoo took some time to make a video to boost up the featured actors (EXOs Xiumin and actress Kim Yoo Jung)and JIN, who was not in the clip.

JINs debut song Gone will be out onNovember 8th.

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Move Over EXO? SM Entertainment Announces 1st New Boy Workforce Since 2012

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SMROOKIES There can be new blood in the recent year from SM Entertainment.

On Tuesday, the South Korean entertainment powerhouse showed to Korean news retailers that the corporate volition debut a new boy crew in 2016. The gang is the primary male idol neighborhood the corporate will produce in 4 years, following the debut of EXO in 2012.

SM Entertainment did notverifythe scale or line-up of the group, yetit's miles expected that several participants of the pre-debut organizationreferred to as SMROOKIES will be a section of the new group.

"It's true that SM is getting ready a new boy group," a SM Entertainment rep told Newsen on Dec. 1.

Previous members of SMROOKIES debuted as members of Red Velvet in 2014, SM Entertainment's maximumthese days debuted group.

In October, the male members of SMROOKIES held two concerts to fulfillenthusiastsforwardin their debut.

Trainees of the group were also offered to Korean audiences viakinddisplay appearances and webhosting gigs on weekly tune shows.

Since early this year, there were rumors referring to SM Entertainment's upcoming boy group.

In July, the manufacturer of EXO's unmarried "Love Me Right" spoke about the new act.

"I will say that the rookie group is going to be anything SM fans have notnoticed before," producer iDR told KultScene. "A new twist on a group, now notthe common group that they SM Entertainment would put out.

Further information aboutthe impending group haven't begun to be revealed.

Tamar Herman is a multi-media journalist and the co-founder of KultScene. She is a freelance author and replica editor, and has written for MTV Iggy, Noisey, and Paste Magazine.

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JYP Entertainment Newcomers DAY6 Able To Rock 'The Day' With Enthusiasts In Singapore

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JYP Entertainment Newcomers DAY6 Able To Rock 'The Day' With Enthusiasts In Singapore

(Photo : 3 Angles Group)Fanatics in Singapore, get in a position to rock this weekend with K-pop inexperienced persons DAY6.

The2015 DAY6 Fan Assembly in Singaporewill be hung on Dec. 5at Marina Bay Sands Conference Centre, Corridor E. The development is arrangedby way of Three Angles Group.

DAY6 is the primary rock band beneath JYP Entertainment, one of the mostbestlisting labels in Korea. The corporatemay behouse to popular artists like 2PM, Wonder Girls, GOT7 and Leave out A. Initiallyreferred to as 5Live,the addition in their6th and youngest member Dowoon had the band trade its call to DAY6. The crowdcontains of Leader Sungjin, Jae, Junhyeok, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon. Their debut mini-album 'The Day' was once released on 7 September 2015 and the MV for identifytune 'Congratulations' has since surpassed 4 million views.

DAY6 has been gaining much reputation and praise. As an alternative of taking the averagedirection by selling on music shows, JYP's business plan for DAY6 becameto accomplish in more interactive settings like radio presentations and reside performances (busking) where they could be able to "communicate with their fans." In spite of the loss of broadcast promotions, their debut album 'The Day' crowned the iTunes charts in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand just 2 days after its release. The album has also clinched 2d spot on Billboard's Global Albums Chart.

The participants participated in the composing and writing of songs for their first album. No longer solely that, DAY6 have also been actively making covers of their label mates' songs like 2PM's 'My House' and beauty Girls' 'Nobody'which garnered over 80 thousand views.

DAY6's upcoming first solo concert in Seoul received explosive reaction amongst tickets promoting out insidefive minutes! Their reputation has reached beyond just South Korea. DAY6's Bangkok exhibit has sold all of its 2,500 seats within mins of its price ticketrelease and their Taiwan showcase was a sell-out as well. The similarcan also be expected for the Singapore fan meet seeing that ticket orders were placed even earlier thanthe overallmatch confirmation.

Fans can look forward to an intimate and comfortableconsultation with live performances by the remarkably talented band, DAY6. There will also be opportunities for fans to have interaction with DAY6 members on levelthru specially-planned game segments.

EVENT:2015 DAY6 Fan Meeting in Singapore

DATE: 5 December 2015 (Saturday)

VENUE: Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre Hall E

(Limited 1500 seats only!)

(Photo : Three Angles Group)CAT1 Ticket Orders

To ascertain or position ticket orders, please touch [email protected] CAT1 Ticket Series Payment

Date: 15 November 2015 (Sunday)

Price: SGD$188.00 (Cash transaction only! Please bring along precise change.)

Venue: SCAPE Orchard (2 Orchard Link, Level four - Hideout Green)

Benefits for CAT1 ticket-holders:

1 Top Touch Pass with DAY6 (for all CAT1)An exclusive goodie bag from our sponsor Shilla AccountabilityLoose Singapore (for all CAT1)Photo opportunity with DAY6in teams of 25. (A general of two hundredfortunate fans might beselected from CAT1 CAT2 by the use of a lucky draw.) Additional Note:

NO walk-in sales (please place your orders beforehand!)Seats will be allocated by Three Angles Group, in line with timing of order submission CAT2 Ticket Sales

Launch Date: 16 November 2015 (Monday)

Platforms: Tickets will be to be had via all SISTIC platforms (Online, Hotline,Mobile Apps Sistic Counters).

Benefits for CAT2 ticket-holders:

Photo opportunity with DAY6in groups of 25. (A entire of 200 lucky fans will be chosen from CAT1 CAT2 via a lucky draw.)

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SM Entertainment rumored to debut a new boy group!

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SM Entertainment rumored to debut a new boy group!

There is big, large news to report! SM Entertainment is rumored to be debuting a new boy crew next year!

There is these days a forecast coming that SM Entertainment might be debuting a new community in 2016, and it is being acknowledgedthe possibilities of it being a boy organization are very high.

The rumors are coming from the entertainment industry, and are sponsoredby way of how much of the highlight S.M.ROOKIES have got recently. S.M.ROOKIES were on broadcast and had their own concerts, as though leading up to their close to debut.

Not most effective that, yet SM Entertainment is understood to debut a new boy group eachfour years. Now notadding Super Junior, TVXQ debuted in 2004, SHINee in 2008 and EXO in 2012. At this rate, 2016 must exist the year SME brings forth a new boy group.

An SM rep told X Sports News, "It's true we are getting ready a new group," and have shyed away fromtalkingextra on more explicit details.

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So do you watchedone of the crucial boys of S.M.ROOKIES will in any case debut? Remain tuned for the legitimate confirmation!

Ex-SM Entertainment trainee unearths the truth of trainee life

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Ex-SM Entertainment trainee unearths  the truth of trainee life

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWhile the physical and emotional demanding situations of being a trainee are not a secret, the major points have now been showedby way ofa prior SM Entertainment trainee.

Although most of the hot idol teamsbelowthe present limelight debuted with the assistance ofmore than a fewtvtechniquessimilar to WINNER, iKON, TWICE, and MONSTA X, just to call a few, the struggles that many trainees face are definitelynow not to be ignored.

The former trainee has shared the privatestories and challenges while being a trainee in a letter.

If youre past due or crossopposed tothe guidelinesyou will want sing while running round theprepare room 10 times. You teach by making a song while doing sit-ups and while anyone hits your abdomenso as to broaden muscle and vocal power. While you makeanything else wrong, you write about what you did wrong and you arent allowed to practice tillyou'llobviously state what you did wrong.

They take a glance at your framefats percentage each month and teach you manners and attitude. All the style through meditation you've gotto take a seat there for an hour and you cant even open your eyes and once they tell you to write what you did wrong that week. They teach you tools and play random notes at the piano and make you bet which note it is.

Everything is on time table and theres homework. Its more uncomplicatedto visitfaculty for 30 years. They say studying pop songs is significant and language is thought about as very important. If you dont strengthenyet youre lovely they tell you to stick underwater and dangle your breath for fivemins and make you sit down in a V and drop basketballs for yourbellywhile you breathe. I sought afterto headto university and consume and hang out with buddies so I cried a lot. In the path ofsuggest fourth dimension if you assertyou want to have to do the ones things, they say if you can like to do that, that you'd beready to leave. Its been some time and I used to think changing into a singer used to be my simplesttrail and I'd die if I couldnt be one but now that I hand overI think like Im fine unlikely that path. Actually ane feel better. Itss been a while but still I cant disregard those days.

Experiences like these are occassionally captured by lovers such as a up to date incident relating to Pledis Entertainments remedy of rookie boy groun SEVENTEEN.

See what netizens had to mention below:

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented on the fashioned article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

223, 4 Its loopy that even after that there are individuals that cant sing well

137, 2 I suspecthere's real. SNSD statedremaining time that they used to scrub the cafeteria and stuff when they were trainees. They said that lady groups at the moment have it easy.

120, 3 I feel like this is totally real. Did you suspect ITturned intosimple to grow to be a celebrity? What did you expect?

75, 1 The preserving breath underwater thing is genuineGiant Mama said they trained like that

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SM Entertainment impresses with download charts

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SM Entertainment impresses with download charts

Share on FacebookShare on Twitterand#43; With fanatics claiming that SM Entertainment has had a mythical year so far, virtual download chart statistics further prove the companyand#8217;s good fortune this year.

Download chart informationcurrentlypublished that SM Entertainment has done relativelysmartly this year, with many teams surpassing partone million downloads. The statistic has inspired netizens, with many expressing their excitement at their favourite groupsand#8217; fulfillment this year.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thefashioned article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the maximum well liked comments at the time of this article being published.

Wow SNSD..Guy SNSD is knownTaeyeon is loopySNSD is still a legendThis makes me realize how amazing SNSD in point of fact is..SM artists are all so successfuland#8230; Source: Instiz

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YG Entertainment is retaining a unique Black Friday event

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YG Entertainment is retaining  a unique Black Friday event

YG Entertainment is conservinga different Black Friday tournament exclusively to be had to enthusiasts in the united states and in Canada! For a limited time only, starting Friday Nov. 27th tillmiddle of the night PST Nov. 30th, fans will have the option to seize best-selling designs at slashed costs online on YG's respectable US/Canada-store ygpresents.com.   

For the Black Friday event, YG Items is providing five other t-shirt designs for the subsequent YG artists—2NE1, G-DRAGON, iKON, EPIK HIGH and WINNER in addition a BIGBANG snapback! Those are all re-productions of best-selling designs which are out of inventory and now notreadily available so once youin the pastignored your likelihood now is your opportunity to swoop one (or all five!). One of the vital designs is the vintage WINNER logo T-shirt this islately sold out on either YG e-shop and YG Presents. 

For 2NE1, it is the 'MISSING YOU' MV clip T that has been sold-out on YG e-shop for a while now, and it ispromoting for best $20. Head over to ygpresents.com to snatch the ones you want to haveearlier than they sell out and to get your Christmas buying groceries done early!For the ones interested, practice @ygpresents on Instagram and on Twitter to stick up-to-date and to view more cool images and exclusive offerings. 

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★QUIZ What Are Your Probabilities Of having Signed To An Entertainment Company?

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★QUIZ What Are Your Probabilities  Of having Signed To An Entertainment Company?

16kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Do you need to have to be a K-pop star and get started the trackprofession that masses of thousands around the sector dream of? 

The truth is, most effectivea couple ofother folks ever get the risk to signal with the main Entertainment firms in Korea. Its incredibly competitive, and they just havethe maximum productive of the best. If youre inquisitive about auditioning, then take this quiz to peer where you recently stand. The entirety from talent, to mindset, to personality, ethnicity, and age come into play when judges glance at you. So what are your probabilitiesof having signed to an entertainment company? Take this quiz to discover out!

**Quiz would possibly bring a moment to load**

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Loen Entertainment Purchases 70 % Of A Dice Entertainment's Shares

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A Pink Indulges Fans With A Pink Paradise In Singapore(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thank youto 3 Angles Production)