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JYP Sunmi To Release New Song “Full Moon”

Sunmi will be making a comeback on the 17th with a title song that was produced by Brave Brothers.

JYP Entertainment has worked with various composers in the past, but working with Brave Brothers is unusual.

This mini album will include titles such as "Full Moon," "24 Hours," "Burn," "Who Am I," "Stopped Time," and "If It"s You" (translated titles), for a total of 6 songs.

Wonder Girls" Yenny composed Sunmi"s song "If It"s You" for this album. Sunmi and Yenny"s duet version of the song will be released only on the CD. Yubin will also be featured in the song as a rapper. Not only that, hot shot debut group GOT7"s Jackson will also feature on the song "Stopped Time".

Sunmi turns into a sexy vampire in additional teaser images for “Full Moon”

Former Wonder Girls member, Sunmi, has just released an additional teaser images for her upcoming mini album ‘Full Moon‘!

Uploaded onto “Naver Music” page, the teaser featured Sunmi as a sexy vampire with her porcelain skin and black dress, creating more anticipation for her comeback.

For this upcoming solo comeback, Sunmi worked with hit producer Brave Brothers for the title track “Full Moon” from her mini album which is set to be released officially on February 17th!

Are you excited for Sunmi’s comeback? Stay tuned!

BH Entertainment talks about Sohee’s upcoming projects

After leaving JYP Entertainment, former Wonder Girls member Sohee has decided to join BH Entertainment to pursue her acting career.

In a recent interview with ‘Sports Seoul‘, her new agency revealed, “Sohee’s project is moving forward. There will be a break in February, we will seek a course of action to take for the future, she will appear in an independent film in March, and she will start as a CF model in April for a full-scale start allowing gradual activities as an actress.

A representative from a film production company also commented, “She has both a unique appearance and good voice projection. She has more than enough talents to become a good actress. In addition, she was widely recognized overseas as a singer, so casting Sohee was very attractive for the movie makers

Sunmi transforms into a vampire in “Full Moon” teaser video

Sunmi, the former Wonder Girls member, has officially dropped out the first teaser video for her comeback title track “Full Moon“!

After a successful solo debut with ”24 Hours“, Sunmi is expected to make an impressive comeback with a mini-album on February 17.

In the video teaser, Sunmi transformed into a sexy vampire, giving viewers a quick look at her comeback’s concept

Take a look at the teaser below!

Wonder Girls’ Sohee leaves JYP and signs with BH Entertainment

Wonder Girls’ Sohee leaves JYP and signs with BH Entertainment

Wonder Girls’ Sohee has finally resigned from Wonder Girls and and have signed with BH Entertainment.

On the 10th of February, BH Entertainment announced that Sohee’s contract with JYP had ended, and as Sohee had announced that she had dreams of becoming an actor, many other entertainment companies contacted her to sign with them, however she chose to sign with BH Entertainment.

Sohee also wrote on her Twitter, that she was extremely thankful for Wonder Girls and JYP Entertainment for being so supportive as she pursues her acting dreams, and that because of them, she was brave enough to take this leap of faith and start her career as an actor.

Many fans are certain that she will be a successful actor, especially as BH Entertainment has many of Korea’s top actors and actresses, such as Lee Byeongheon, Han Hyojoo, Ko Su, Han Gain, Shim Eunkyung, Han Jimin and many more

Wonder Girls’ Yeeun, Thank You Message For 7th Debut Anniversary

Girl group Wonder Girls" member Yeeun thanked her members and fans on their 7th debut anniversary. (Photo : sports seoul)

Girl group Wonder Girls" member Yeeun thanked her members and fans on their 7th debut anniversary.

Today, Yeeun posted on her Twitter, "7th anniversary. Wow! It really came. It"s only the 9th where I am right now but thank you to my members and Wonderful (fan club) who were with me for 7 long years. I love you."

Wonder Girls debuted on February 10, 2007, making this year their 7th debut anniversary.


KUALA LUMPUR, 29 Jan 2014 - Local K-pop fans will have plenty of reasons to rock up to Plaza PETRONAS, KLCC as RAIN makes a triumphant return to the live music scene. The Korean superstar is the first of a series of artists to be announced for the annual extravaganza.

He will be performing on Saturday, 29 March 2014, the second night of the two-night Twin Towers @Live 2014 concert. Rain represents the next in a long line of Korean icons to have made an appearance at the concert, after Girls" Generation, 2NE1, Wonder Girls and U-KISS.

Twin Towers @Live has made a name for itself in the Malaysian calendar of events for bringing in artistes sure to suit everyone"s beat, from rock (Hoobastank and Orianthi) and R&B/dance (Kelis) to house (DJ Tatsuro and DJ Face). Head turning performances by Demi Lovato and Backstreet Boys last year remains fresh in the minds of the attendees

Stars Cry Over Sexual Harassment On SNS – ‘No More Mercy’

(Photo : Taecyeon"s Twitter)

While social networking sites do offer celebrities a chance to interact more frequently with their fans, it"s also showing an increase in negative comments, sexual harassment, and celebrity suffering.

SNS have been used more widely because it gives celebrities an avenue to speak freely with their fans. However, celebrities are put in a negative position because of sexual harassment, hacking, and edited photos. Their agencies are determined to respond aggressively to these verbal/written harassments.

On February 9th 2PM"s Taecyeon wrote on his Twitter, "Suing you both. I"ll make you an example. I"ve endured and endured but I can"t take it anymore. Don"t expect mercy, I won"t show it." He"s continually been sexually harassed, and is determined to not let it go anymore

Sunmi’s upcoming album to feature Yoobin, Ye Eun, GOT7′s Jackson, and Brave Brothers

Sunmi will be making a comeback with a song composed and written by Brave Brothers.

Her agency JYP Entertainment dropped out the track list for her upcoming album “Full Moon” earlier today, revealing the names of other JYP artists who feature in Sunmi’s album!

JYP trainee Lena was in charge of the rap part in “Full Moon,” a work of hit producer Brave Brothers. Fellow Wonder Girls‘ member Yoobin wrote and performed the rap lyrics for 4th track, “Who Am I?” why the 6th track, “If That’s Who You Are” was composed and written by member Ye Eun.

In addition, Jackson of rookie boy group GOT7 also took part in the making of the album with a special feature on her track, “Time Stood Still

Wonder Girls celebrate their 7th anniversary

Wonder Girls celebrated their 7th anniversary with their Wonderfuls and followers on Twitter.

SEE ALSO: Taecyeon thanks Wonder Girls and congratulates them on their 7th anniversary

Yenny tweeted to Wonderfuls, “7th anniversary…!! Wow our 7th anniversary has really arrived ke Although it’s still the 9th where I am~! My members and our Wonderfuls who I’ve trusted and been together with for the past seven years..!! I love you♡ #7WonderFulYearsWithWG”

Leader Sun also tweeted, “I think it’s really a big blessing to have people I could forever share my precious memories from when I was 19-26 years old. Wonderfuls who I’m always thankful for. The time that we age together is very beautiful