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Wonder Girls′ Yubin is going for a female Feel in newest Spread

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Wonder Girls′ Yubin is going for a female Feel in newest Spread

--> A new aspect to Wonder Girls′ Yubin has been revealed.

Yubin currently posed for a range in Arena Homme +, dropping the cruel act we′ve observed on proclaims for a female feel.

Yubin, who got here to the shoot following the general recording of Unpretty Rapstar 2, used to be praised by way of the body of workers for her good looks each time she struck a pose.

The Wonder Ladies member shared behind-the-scenes experiences from Unpretty Rapstar 2 and spoke candidly about her nine-year career. The spread and interview will also be discovered in the December factor of Arena Homme +.

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Wonder Girls' Yubin admits that she suffered an identity crisis

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Wonder Girls' Yubin admits that she suffered an identity crisis

The November thirteen broadcast of "Unpretty Rapstar 2" drew the rest semi-finals stages of Truedy, Suah, Yubin, and Yezi. Ahead of she went on degree to perform, Yubin exhibited whole religion in her own talents regardless of her beyond identity crises. 

She said, "I"ve done such so much of things up till now. As a a section of Wonder Girls, I"ve danced, played the drums, or even acted a little bit. There were repeatedly when i used to be at a loss for words about what I am. Who am I?"

Yubin then relayed prime hopes for herself, declaring, "I would like to erase the entire things I"ve felt except now. i suspect I sought after to win even more because I"m the use of my own story. i think entirely confident.

Yes, girl, you"ve were given the proper attitude! 

Wonder Girls’ Yubin Displays Off horny Dance Moves on “Unpretty Rapstar 2″

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Wonder Girls’ Yubin displays Off Sexy Dance Moves on “Unpretty Rapstar 2″ The October 23 episode of “Unpretty Rapstar 2″ featured rappers SISTAR’Hyorin, Sua, Heize, Kasper, Fiestar’s Yezi, KittiB, Wonder Girls’ Yubin, Truedy, 4Minute’s Jiyoon, EXY, and Rubber Soul’Kim.

On the 8th mission, Yezi, Hyorin, Yubin, and KittiB were the 4 finalists decided on for the general solo missions. The theme was once left to the contestants.

Yubin indisputably had all eyes on her when she seemed in a wine-colored leather jacket with burgundy lipstick, and showcased her rap “Play,” whole with seductive dance moves. KittiB stated of her moves, “Yubin became appearing such amazing moves. I believe that are intended to count as cheating,” playfully taking a look alarmed at the strength of her opponent.

Wonder Girls’ Yubin Redefines “Girl Crush” for Marie Claire

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Wonder Girls’ Yubin Redefines “Girl Crush” for Marie Claire Wonder GirlsYubin, who is lately earning a massive number of attention as a charismatic rapper on “Unpretty Rapstar 2,” recently shot a new pictorial.

Fashion mag Marie Claire printed a “girl crush” makeup pictorial with Yubin on October 21.

In the pictures that were revealed, Yubin presentations off lots of other styles, from blameless coral color makeup to celebration makeup with red accented lips.

In particular, the photos sing their own praises Yubin’s trademark horny air of secrecy whilst also appearing her calm, careful demeanor this is so well-shown on “Unpretty Rapstar 2.”

Meanwhile, Yubin after all won her first music since the start of the display at the October 16 broadcast of Mnet‘s “Unpretty Rapstar 2.”

Wonder Girls's Yubin items for Marie Claire

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Wonder Girls's Yubin items for Marie Claire

Wonder Girls" Yubin showcases her style sense for the newest factor of Marie Claire magazine, take a glance at all of the pictures here

Wonder Girls’ Yubin Insults KittiB on “Unpretty Rapstar 2″

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Wonder Girls’ Yubin Insults KittiB on “Unpretty Rapstar 2″ The October 16 episode of “Unpretty Rapstar 2″ featured Wonder Girls’ Yubin and KittiB in a diss rap battle, so as to be the featured artist heading in the correct direction Number 7.

Spoiler It used to be transparent from the start that Yubin become going to be very ready for this battle, as she got here with regards to winning tracks in every episode, yet overlooked it narrowly because of mistakes in the lyrics.

Previously, she was now not the most powerful competitor in diss rap battles, but in this episode, she was surely different. Yubin told KittiB that her body was lovely much that of a pig and rapped, “This is a recipe for killing pigs.” Her robust lyrics surprised everyone.

Watch her portion of the diss fight below:

TheQuiet said, “Her lyrics left moderately an impression, and that made a gigantic difference in the situation.”

Yubin ended up winning song Number 7.

G.NA needs to Collaborate With Wonder Girls’ Yubin or Other Five Ladies Members

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G.NA Wants to Collaborate With Wonder Girls’ Yubin or Other Five Women Members In a up to date pictorial with bnt International, G.NA will also be observed in numerous other outfits, adding a female knit dress, fall themed semi suit, and a white get dressed that compliments her frame shape.

In an interview that accompanies the pictorial, G.NA commented, “Though those aren’t styles I typically wear, it used to be alternative being photographed in them. You truly have to take a glance at out on the different clothes.”

When asked about her tune career, she said, “Though I’ve done numerous duets, I haven’t paired up with Yang Yoseob. I would actually like to sing a major song with him.”

“I at all times wanted to collaborate with the Five Girls members Hyosung, Uee, Yubin, Jiwon, G.NA, and staring at Yubin on ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ has made me even more longing for it,” she added.

Meanwhile, G.NA is these days leading the rage and genuine attractiveness display “Follow Me 6” with Ivy and Hwang Seung Eon.

Wonder Girls’ Yubin Parodies “Unpretty Rapstar” on “SNL Korea 6”

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Wonder Girls’ Yubin Parodies “Unpretty Rapstar” on “SNL Korea 6” On the October 10 broadcast of tvN’s kind display “SNL Korea 6,” Wonder Girls’ Yubin gave the impression as a guest.

During the “Unpretty Rapstar” sketch, Ahn Young Mi, who pretended to be rapper Cheetah, and beauty Girls’ Yubin had a rap battle. However, because it was once national Hangul day, she was scolded by way of the producer, who told her to rap entirely in Korean. The resulting rap turned into somewhat wholesome, and sounded like anything it's seemingly you'll pay attention in fundamental school.

Ahn Young Mi, likewise, led to much laughter as she was forced to modify her particular lyrics to extremely polite, formal Korean.

Also take a glance at the hilarious affect of Jessi in the complete skit below:

Spoilers Wonder Girls' Yubin explains her diss struggle with SISTAR's Hyorin on 'Unpretty Rapstar'

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Spoilers Wonder Girls' Yubin explains her diss struggle with SISTAR's Hyorin on 'Unpretty Rapstar'

Wonder Girls" Yubin explained her contemporary diss conflict opposed to SISTAR"s Hyorin on the newest episode of "Unpretty Rapstar".

On October 10, Yubin posted to her Instagram, "I felt so careworn and frightened that I wasn"t in a position to turn you the entire thing I ready once again. I in point of fact attempted now not to cry, yet I"m a cry toddler and I wasn"t capable of regulate myself. I"ll display you how I improve. It was once just a project at the show, so let"s not misunderstand it!"

She added, "Also, you all were enthusiastic about the lyrics that I messed up all the style through the primary battle. I can"t do that again. This isn"t a battle, but a FIESTAR I have. the individual dining Yeji"s flaws became Yeji herself," letting folks know the lyrics she messed up on the show.

What did you recall to mind the diss wrestle between Yubin and Hyorin? Did you have faith you studied Yubin deserved the loss?

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Wonder Girls’ Yubin Sheds Tears After Diss Struggle With SISTAR’s Hyorin

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Wonder Girls’ Yubin Sheds Tears After Diss war With SISTAR’s Hyorin Wonder GirlsYubin shed tears after a diss conflict with SISTAR‘s Hyorin.

On the October nine broadcast of feminine rapper survival form display “Unpretty Rapstar 2,” Hyorin and Yubin went head-to-head in a diss rap battle. this actual fit drew a massive number of attention, because it used to be a pageant between two idol woman crew members.


The two girl community participants interact in a fierce battle, rapping confrontational lyrics that they would never have otherwise.

Yezi says about Yubin’s rap, “It’s my first time seeing her rap in this sort of confrontational way. It changed into very new.” Truedy compliments Hyorin’s rap, saying, “I made up our minds no longer to act up in front of Hyorin anymore. She was truly cool.”

However, Yubin finally ends up making some mistakes all the style through her functionality and in the end, The Quiett selects Hyorin as the winner. In the interview that follows, Yubin becomes visibly disenchanted as she sheds tears whilst saying, “People are going to mention it regardless of what. That I’m a rapper that lost to a vocal member. Honestly, it hurts my pride.”

Yubin later explained her tears on her Instagram, saying, “The burden have become anxiousness and again, I wasn’t in a position to turn you the entirety I prepared. I’m truly looking not easy now not to cry yet I’m a crybaby so I can’t forestall myself keke. i'm going to try and improve! A undertaking is simply a mission, let’s not misunderstand!”

Watch the primary a section of their diss struggle below: