Dal Shabet Jiyul Falls Early into

Dal Shabet Jiyul Falls Early into "Idol Stars Olympics"

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ji yool fallsDal Shabet's Jiyul gets hurt early on in the games.

On the 25th MBC "Idol Stars Olympics" finally aired. At least 100 idol stars were seen at the event.

For the first girls' 100M race Nine Muses Kyungri, Girls' Day Sojin, Dal Shabet Jiyul, After School Uee, SISTAR Bora, T-ARA Qri, A Pink Kim Nam Joo, and After School Kaeun participated.

Possibly because she was nervous, as it was the first game, Dal Shabet Jiyul fell as soon as she started running. SISTAR Bora confirmed her place as "athlete idol" by placing first, and, After School Kaeun placed second.

Third and fourth places were taken by Nine Muses Kyungri and Girls' Day Sojin, respectively. Fallen Jiyul toughened up and raced to the finish line.


Lee Min Ki Casting Be offering Falls Via After Sexual Attack Controversy

Lee Min Ki Casting Be offering Falls Via After Sexual Attack Controversy

Lee Min Ki Casting Be offering Falls Via later Sexual Attack Controversykokoberry July 19, 2016 0 Lee Min Ki Casting Offer Falls Through After Sexual Assault Controversy On July 20, a source printed to news retailers that Lee Min Ki may now not beacting in tvNs upcoming drama The next day to come alongside You.

Recently, news about Lee Min Ki being acquitted of sexual assault feesopposed to him in February was once revealed. Before this news the actor were in talks to seem in the tvN drama along Shin Min Ah.

Following that news, tvN mentioned that casting choices would be remain unaffected by the sexual assault controversy. However, it sounds as if equallydespite the reality that his casting might have been burdensome to either parties.

News about Lee Min Kis sexual assault rates were revealed belatedly and had already been resolved when revealed to the public. The actor went to a club in Busan on February 27 and become accused of sexual assault by a girl he met there. The girl then dropped the charges and Lee Min Ki was discovered not guilty.

Tomorrow With You is romance drama targeted around a time traveler and his wife. It's far scheduled to air this September.

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Watch: Gavy NJ Falls Head Over Heels For MADTOWNs Jota In Shubirubirub MV

Watch: Gavy NJ Falls Head Over Heels For MADTOWNs Jota In Shubirubirub MV

Watch: Gavy NJ Falls Head Over Heels For MADTOWN’s Jota In “Shubirubirub” MVilmare42 July 19, 2016 0 Watch: Gavy NJ Falls Head Over Heels For MADTOWN’s Jota In “Shubirubirub” MV Gavy NJ has returned with a new member and a amusing new track!

On July 20 at the hours of darkness KST, the ladyteam made their comeback with the music video for their new song “Shubirubirub,” which co-stars Jota of MADTOWN. In the video, the participantsblow their own horns their aegyo as they confess their love and pine over a guy who’s already taken.

Gavy NJ made their debut in 2005, yet has long gonethru a few lineup adjustments over the years, and none in theirlong-established members remain in the group. Currently, the gangcapabilities members Jenny and Gunji, who joined in 2012, in addition new member Seorin.

What do you bring to mind Gavy NJs new track?

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Watch: Lee Seunghoon Falls For An Orangutan On “Half-Moon Friends”

Watch: Lee Seunghoon Falls For An Orangutan On “Half-Moon Friends”

Watch: Lee Seunghoon Falls For An Orangutan On Half-Moon Pals leonid July 9, 2016 0 Watch: Lee Seunghoon Falls For An Orangutan On Half-Moon Friends WINNERs Lee Seunghoon hilariously falls for an orangutan on Half-Moon Friends.

On the July nine episode of the JTBC show, the singer is going an on time out at the zoo with Yeo Jun.

After going around assembly several animals, the 2 spot an orangutan striking out by way of a coffee shop with a child in her arms.

They sit down down with her and the orangutan temporarily gets ok with Lee Seunghoon, as she shakes his hand from around the table, and supplies his palm a kiss when they sit next to every other.

Lee Seunghoon laughs and says, This feels strange. When she held my hand, my centerused to be racing.

Watch them meet the orangutan below!

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"Tomorrow With You" postponed, plan falls via with Han Ji-min

tvN drama "Tomorrow With You" has been postponed.

Sources from the Korean Drama Branch explained, "tvN drama "Tomorrow With You" is being set back for analysis. Han Ji-min who was once an initial candidate for casting has been cancelled too".

"Tomorrow With You" is a delusion romance about a time traveler and his wife. This couple continues their romance even after you have married.

Sources say, "Many dramas are in discussion about coordination nowadaysadding Ji Chang-wook for "K2". "K2" is set a bodyguard who loves his country yet is desertedby way of it, and the hidden daughter of a presidential candidate who uses love as a weapon. The need to turn intothe primaryGirl also lies in the story. "K2" is written by Jang Hyeok-rin who also wrote "Yong Pal"".

The line up for tvN is "Dear My Friends" and then "The Just right Wife" after that. Arising in November is "Goblin", even supposing September is unclear yet.

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Pyeongchang Olympics Mascot Unveiled

Pyeongchang Olympics Mascot Unveiled

Kim Yu-na holds the mascots for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics and Paralympics. /Courtesy of the Organizing Committee of the Pyeongchang Olympics

The mascots for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics and Paralympics were unveiled. Organizers on Thursday acknowledged the characters constitute the white tiger and Asiatic black bear.A tiger was once as well the mascots of the Seoul summer Olympics in 1988, yet this one is white for winter.The Asiatic black endure for the Paralympics symbolizes sturdy will and courage and could also be the emblematic animal of Gangwon Province, where the occasions will take place.The organizing committees plan to hangquite so much ofparties to advertise the mascots in Seoul and Pyeongchang next month, and in Rio de Janeiro all the manner through the summer Olympics in August.


Foreign Couple Falls To Their Death Whilst Kissing On Rooftop In Seoul, South Korea

Foreign Couple Falls To Their Death Whilst Kissing On Rooftop In Seoul, South Korea

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOn Would possibly 8th, a foreign couple was once reported to have fallen to their deaths whilst kissing on a roof of a building.

According to reports, the couple fell off the rooftop of a three-story building in Itaewon, Seoul at around 2am. The couple, recognized equally a 31-year old male of yank nationality and 26-year old feminine of South African nationality, have been living in that development for a couple of years.

Witnesses divulge that the guyand lady had been kissing at the rooftop prior to they fell. The girl vicious first with the guymaking an attempt to save her before getting pulled down as well.

Though the couple turned intoright away transported to the hospital, they died soon afterwards.

Police reports that the prospectin their deaths being a homicide (that anyonedriven the couple off the roof) is not likelyaccording to the witnesses statements, though they are still investigating the precisepurpose of death.

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Seoul's Population Falls Beneath 10 Million

Seoul's Population Falls Beneath 10 Million

The population of Seoul has fallen beneath x million for the primary time in 28 years with registered electorate at 9.99 million final month, Statistics Korea stated Tuesday. The population of the capital surpassed 10 million in 1988 and stayed above till now.As of March, 10 million other folks were registered as living or having a place of abode in Seoul, yet the number falls below that mark if 10,472 who residein every other country are excluded.The primaryreason why for the decline is an exodus to the suburbs in surrounding Gyeonggi Province. Seoul first saw a internet outflow of 2,300 citizens in February 2009, which has persevered ever since. Last year it greater to 8,820, the largest of all metropolitan towns in the nation. Gyeonggi Province by way of contrast saw a net inflow of 9,264 citizens last month, the greatest in the country. Lee Ji-yeon at Statistics Korea blamed soaring house prices.

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Cosmic Ladies Suffer A huge number of Falls Because of Slippery Stage

Cosmic Ladies Suffer A huge number of Falls Because of Slippery Stage

Cosmic Women Suffer A massive number of Falls Because of Slippery DegreeApr 27, 2016 09:50

The participants of rookie womancrew Cosmic Girls suffer quite so much of slips due to the the slippery stage all over their functionalitynowadays at "Show Champion".

The girls carry out their debut song "Mo Mo Mo". However, today's episode takes position in Ulsan for a distinctout of doors broadcast and the rain is falling difficult making the stage slippery.

Seconds after the track begins, member Dayoung slips and members are worried yet still continue on dancing. Other members also be afflicted by the slippery stage but the gang ends their performance with smiles on their faces showcasing their professionalism. Let's hope the girls are okay. Watch below:

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Korean Lady  Stocks Her UNFORGETTABLE Enjoy After Her BOOB JOB

Korean Lady Stocks Her UNFORGETTABLE Enjoy After Her BOOB JOB

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterKorean netizen praised after she stocks her tale afterward thorax enhancement surgical treatment

Plastic surgical treatment has been a style in South Korea among many idols and females. Even though outsiders would possibly criticize such procedures, is it truly wrong for other people to pay their own cashso asto triumph over their anxieties or flaws?

Originally posted on Pann, Korean feminine netizen shares her story of overcoming her flaw.

Titled I Were given a Boob Activity And.., this is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

My mom had a flaw of having small boobs for the remaining 49 years and she has been apologizing to me as well.

I at all timessought after a boob job yet my father did now notneed me to and told me to pay with my own money if I trulyneeded it.

So I stored up for two years and got the maximum productivephysician in the trade and got my chest enhanced!

It used to bebeautiful hot these days and I used to be simplydressed in a t-shirt at the bus.

But then on my way home, this kid looks at me and stated her chest is extremely fat!

I truly got touched through what he said and I began crying

This turned into a reaction Ive wanted and dreamt of.. So I began to wipe my tears having a look at the window T_T

I dont think I may justfail to rememberthis provide daytill one die. T_T

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented on the fashioned article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

100 / -20 Im a 24 year old male but is it such crime to get your boobs enhanced? I see comments pronouncing that she mustexpose IT to her husband when she gets married. But it took her many years to make a decision and get the procedure to mend her flaw. I know that it's far wrong for her to conceal it but it isnt a crime to get the procedure with their own money.

91 / -10 In other countries, they get their buttocks and chests enhanced. In our country, we get our faces done. Are the haters crazy? She is writing a narrative that she was unhappy for her flaw and got the procedure done to transform happy. Why would you assert such thing to her.

55 / -186 You will needshow that your boobs are plastic for yourlong run husband okay?

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