Woman proposes to her boyfriend with his dream car

Woman proposes to her boyfriend with his dream car

A woman identified asAis gaining attention for her special proposal to her boyfriend B.

On August 6, A’s story was shared on theFacebook page ‘Real Time Daegu’. It’s revealed that A wanted to propose to her boyfriend in an extra special way. After long thought, she decided to purchase the car that her boyfriend always dreamed of having.

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Without B knowing, A dedicated her 5 years of savings to purchase B’s dream car which she purchased for around $44,000. She also cutely added a message that read,”I lack greatly compared to youoppabut will you marry me? If you have me, this is also yours.”

It’s stated that B reacted with surprise and happiness, commenting, “I’ve never imagined. I can’t believe it. Is there anyone out there who was gifted a car by their girlfriend?”

Netizens reacted, “Anyone would love a proposal like that”, “That’s so wonderful.”

Meanwhile, according to an associate of an event preparation company, the percentage of women proposing to their significant other has increased from 5% to 30% in just 3 years.