Woman gets stranded in the sea on a rubber duck float

Woman gets stranded in the sea on a rubber duck float

A woman just wanted to enjoy a nice day at the beach but ended up being stranded on a giant rubber ducky float tube in the middle of the sea.

On July 23, YTN News reported that the stranded woman identified as 39-year-old ‘A’ was rescued to safety after being stranded in the sea in Choongnam. 

In the rescue footage, ‘A’ was found floating on the duck tube all alone a far distance from the beach.

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Soon, a fishing boat appeared and managed to save the stranded woman.

The fishermen on the boat worked together to steady the tube and took hold of the woman’s hand and successfully pulled her on board.

According to reports, on July 23 around 2:30 p.m. KST, ‘A’ was having a fun time on the beach riding the yellow rubber duck tube but she was suddenly swept away by the raging waves.

Upon receiving the emergency call, the coast guard based in Incheon requested a nearby fishing boat, which had been luckily passing by, to rescue the victim at sea.

With that, ‘A’ was able to safely make it on board without any injuries. Meanwhile, there had been 4 separate incidents where people became stranded out in the sea due to strong winds and raging waves on the seashore.

Currently, experts are cautioning many to be wary of their surroundings when playing at the beach during the summer season.