WINNER reveal their youthful rebellious image in ‘High Cut’

WINNER reveal their youthful rebellious image in ‘High Cut’

The four members of boy group WINNER came together for a photo shoot with’High Cut’.

Returning after a year and five months with their new single album ‘FATE NUMBER FOR’, WINNER demonstrated a rather youthful rebellious image for their photo shoot.

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Furthermore, this marks the first photo shoot since making their comeback with four members. The boys presented a free-spirited, ‘real’ side of themselves apart from their usual bright and energetic performance that they portray while performing”Really Really.”

In the interview, Kang Seung Yoon mentioned, “These days, Min Ho and I reform/style our clothes as a hobby. We relieve our stress by taking a stroll outside under the sun. But we do take caution by putting on masks and wearing hoodies so people won’t notice us. At night, we dress in all black.”

Song Min Ho followed up with, “When I was in the sixth grade in elementary school I went over to a friend’s house with two of my friends and wrote a song for the first time and recorded it on a cassette tape. That was my first project ever.” When asked, what song was the hardest to work on, SongMin Ho said, “The song that was the most difficult was from’Infinity Challenge’ titled ‘Shoot.’ It was really difficult to express in wordswithin the criteria.”

MemberLee Seung Hoontalked about his nickname being ‘YG’s Director Lee.’ “I enjoy creating new ideas. I spend a lot of time at our company’s office.”

When asked when the best time is to listen to their new title song, Kim Jin Woosuggested, “The best time to listento our title track ‘Really Really’ is when one is just starting a relationship, which would be spring season. So, like right now.”

Fans can get the latest scoop on WINNER when Vol. 196 of ‘High Cut’ hits newsstands on April 20.

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