WINNER News: Seungyoon Admits They Feared Losing Their Fans Due To Nam Tae Hyun's Departure

WINNER News: Seungyoon Admits They Feared Losing Their Fans Due To Nam Tae Hyun's Departure

It was a long wait for fans of WINNER after the K-pop group suffered from some internal issues with the departure of fifth member Nam Tae Hyun due to health reasons last year. But remaining members Seungyoon, Jinwoo, Seunghoon and Mino came back strong as a quartet with their latest album “Fate Number For”.

Aside from their title track “Really Really” reaching #1 in most Korean charts and the album “Fate Number For” ranking #1 in the iTunes charts of 12 countries, the MV for “Really Really” has been viewed over 2 million times on youtube as a testament to the strong support of their fandom INNER CIRCLE for the foursome.

In an interview, Seungyoon admitted that before they decided to work on their comeback, WINNER members were really worried about how fans will not accept them without their main vocalist Nam Tae Hyun. He said they were really worried about losing the fans’ support because there were a lot of fans who supported Tae Hyun. However, they also thought about their fans who have been waiting for a long time for their comeback so they decided that they had to step up for the fans who supported them, Soompireported.

“We worked hard to improve our individual skills so that fans wouldn’t feel like there’s an empty spot,” Seungyoon said, We had no choice but to become better.” Jinwoo, who had to take over a lot of the lead vocals after Tae Hyun’s departure, said he committed to do a good job and even went through vocal lessons, and hours and hours of practice to deliver on fans’ expectations.

Last year, it can be recalled that Nam Tae Hyun left WINNER after he suffered through mental health issues that required an extended rest on the part of the artist. In his letter to the fans, he thanked them for their support and well wishes and promised that he would return with good music as soon as he is recovered, All Kpopreported.