WINNER have a winning effect on YG’s stock price

WINNER have a winning effect on YG’s stock price

YG Entertainment’s stock price rose for three days in a row thanks to boy group WINNER’s new song “Really Really” performing well on the charts and a positive outlook for investors.

As of midday trading on May 8 KST, YG Entertainment’s stock was trading at 32,850 KRW or around $29 per share, which is a rise of 3.46% compared to the prior closing day.

Furthermore, Dong Bu Securities gave a positive outlook in theirreport for YG Entertainment. WINNER is expanding towards the Japanese market and they’re having a fan event tour in Japan that began on May 2 and will run until June 11.

It is estimated that YG’s concerts/events in Japan from Q1 2017 to Q3 2017 will draw in a total of 1.75 million people which will be more than the entire total of the fiscal year of 2016, which drew in 1.46 million people in Japan.

Researcher Kwon Yoon Geun stated, “In terms of YG Entertainment’s Japanese market, the 4Q16~3Q17 looks to be a promising one as the company’s share prices continue to elevate, well exceeding the predicted forecast.”

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