WINNER call Lee Seung Hoon a cheapskate

WINNER call Lee Seung Hoon a cheapskate

WINNER revealed a little something about member Lee Seung Hoon’s spending habits.

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The group appeared on the May 3rd episode of ‘Weekly Idol’, where Kang Seung Yoonsaid, “If you say it in a nice way, Lee Seung Hoon is very frugal, but if you say it negatively, he’s a cheapskate.” He added, “I’m the maknae, but I buy the most often for everyone.”

Song Min Hoalso said, “They say Lee Seung Hoon is a master of society. He told boss Yang Hyun Sukthat he’s better than his birth parents. He recently wrote comments for ‘K-Pop Star 6’ like his life depended on it.”

Kang Seung Yoon joked, “His nickname is ‘Power Lee.'”

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