Will ‘Youth Generation’ fans be able to see Yoon Park on season 2?

Will ‘Youth Generation’ fans be able to see Yoon Park on season 2?

During a recent interview, actor Yoon Park addressed what might have happened to his character from ‘Youth Generation’ season 1!

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During ‘Youth Generation’ season 1, Yoon Park played the role of Park Jae Wan, a romantic interest opposite Han Ye Ri’s character Yoon Jin Myung. When talk of the drama came up, Yoon Park said, “Recently I went to a press conference and met Han Ye Ri noona there. We talked about ‘Youth Generation 1’. During that talk, we both wondered whether Park Jae Hwan and Yoon Jin Myung would meet again for season 2, but it turns out I’ll be making a cameo appearance. I think it is meaningful to be able to appear on such a good production.”

He continued, “I’ve already visited the set once. They needed me to record a phone call.” Is Yoon Park jealous of being replaced by Ahn Woo Yeon, Han Ye Ri’s new romantic interest in season 2? He answered, “But for now still, I’m her boyfriend. Even if things change, there must be a reason.”

Currently, Yoon Park is acting in theater production ‘3 Days of Rain’. Look forward to his appearance on ‘Youth Generation 2’!