Why Yoo Seung Ho Sees Kim So Hyun As A Noona Despite Him Being Older

Why Yoo Seung Ho Sees Kim So Hyun As A Noona Despite Him Being Older

Just recently, Yoo Seung Ho has revealed to the public his thoughts regarding his co-star, Kim So Hyun. The revelation happened during the press conference for their new drama series, “Monarch – Owner of the Mask”, which was held last May 8.

In the press con, Yoo Seung Ho was asked regarding his thoughts and feelings in working together with Kim So Hyun in their latest drama project. The young actor says that he and Kim So Hyun worked on the same production company when they were younger.

However, the two didn’t cross paths with each other. But because of the fact that he has a lot of experience in the industry, as he has also been a child actor once, he feels like he has known Kim So Hyun for a long time.

According to All K-pop, Yoo Seong Ho reveals that despite the fact that Kim So Hyun is six years younger than him, he finds the young actress more mature than him in a lot of ways. He says that it has all to do with the level of professionalism that Kim So Hyun shows during the filming of the drama series.

Surprisingly, he even considers Kim So Hyun as a Noona. Because of this, everyone who was present at the press conference laughed and giggled with delight. The 23-year-old actor then adds that it is really nice working with Kim So Hyun.

According to Soompi, he also says that it is a great honor for him to work with the 17-year-old Kim So Hyun. The first and pilot episode of “Monarch – Owner of the Mask” will premiere on May 10. Surely, the drama series will top the TV ratings since it is composed with some of the brightest stars in the K-pop industry.