Why Suzy Bae Doesn't Anymore Care What People Think Of Her

Why Suzy Bae Doesn't Anymore Care What People Think Of Her

Suzy Bae has recently hit the headlines as she revealed to the public that she has already matured and developed into something more. The statement came out during an interview that she had with Urbanlike.

The young Korean star says that she has changed and improved through the passing of time. In the interview, the main highlight of her statement was when she says that she was once very self conscious about what people say and think of her.

This was her case when she was still a teenager. And now, she confirms that she is not anymore minding too much what people say or think of her because she feels confident of herself.

She claims that she has already found the inner peace that she has been finding for a long time. It is worth knowing that Suzy Bae started out her career in the entertainment industry in the tender age of 15, where she became an online shopping model.

After which, her career skyrocketed as she became one of the members of the hit girl group, miss A. According to IB Times, Suzy Bae started her career in the acting industry in 2011 when she starred in the KBS2 TV series entitled, “Dream High”.

She is also well known for the roles that she played in a number of sci-fi dramas just like “Uncontrollably Fond” and “Gu Family Book”. In another interview for Nylon Magazine, Suzy Bae also reiterates her preference to stay natural, calm and to be herself.

Suzy Bae says in her statement that she doesn’t want to be fake to the world. Because of this, she just wants to be herself and show her true self to the public.

It is very good to know that Suzy Bae shows to the world that being yourself is the best thing that you should do. It gives us the confidence which we need to reach greater heights in life. Kudos to Suzy Bae for being a good example to all of us.