Why Oh My Girl Feels Threatened With BTS And Big Bang

Why Oh My Girl Feels Threatened With BTS And Big Bang

Just recently, the hit girl group, Oh My Girl took the world by storm as they charmingly posed for a bunch of photos for fashion magazine, CeCi, for its May issue. The girls also had an interview with the magazine, as they revealed how they feel with the other K-pop idol groups.

Before the photoshoot for CeCi, the girls strongly suggested to see the cherry blossoms, which can be found everywhere in South Korea during this time of year. And fortunately, they just got what they wanted as they posed under a cherry blossom tree for their photoshoot.

As they posed, it can clearly be seen that they admire the natural scenery that they were in during the time of the pictorial. This is proof that the girls have an outgoing personality, where they love to go outdoors.

However, the main highlight of the girls’ project with the magazine is their interview. According to All K-pop, Jiho reveals that the group is a little bit envious of Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” and BTS’ “I Need U”.

Jiho further states that this is because the aforementioned music videos perfectly depict the reality of what is happening with the youth today. Oh My Girl also praises the two K-pop idol groups because of how nice the tune and the meaning of the songs are.

Meanwhile, Hyojung also reveals what she felt when “Mask King” sang a song by Sung Si Kyung. The K-pop heartthrob says that she prefers ballad songs. She then adds that she wants the world to see the other side of herself.

For now, Oh My Girl is busy promoting their latest mini album, “Coloring Book”. Let’s wish Oh My Girl the best of luck. They surely have a long way to go in the K-pop industry.