Why Kim Yoo-jeong’s Dress Impressed People

Why Kim Yoo-jeong’s Dress Impressed People

On May 3rd, Baeksang Arts Awards was held, where numerous stars walked on the red carpet in luxurious tux and dresses. Out of all the beautiful dresses though, actress Kim Yoo-jeong’s dress was the most impressive of them all.

The reason being, compared to other expensive dresses costing thousands of dollars, Kim Yoo-jeong’s dress was only about $290. When the netizens heard about the news, they all praised highly on this young actress. Of course, a famous actress like her wearing a comparably cheap dress on the red carpet under all the spotlight is quite admirable and refreshing. However, the reason why we are cheering is not just the price of the dress. The dress she wore is a dress from the Swedish fashion brand, HM and it is a recycled polyester dress.

This gracefully-flowy dress in gentle pink was a perfect choice for Kim Yoo-jeong, who is finally getting out of her image as a child actress and becoming a young lady, building her career to become a top actress of South Korea (If anything, I’d say she is already walking the path of a top actress.).

Now, this perfect choice was even more enhanced in its beauty when we learned that every piece of the dress is made from sustainable materials, including a special material a polyester made of plastics recycled from shoreline waste.

This dress was released in last April by HM, surprising the world with the designer’s creativity and sincerity as they stand as an eco-friendly brand. This fashion brand has been actively searching for and support the ways of being eco-friendly and by Kim Yoo-jeong choosing to wear this special dress at such a big award ceremony, she added her support to the cause.

Actress Kim Yoo-jeong is truly a beautiful woman, both inside and outside. Even in young age, her thoughtful gesture impressed and inspired many.