Why does Hyosung not have any male friends?

Why does Hyosung not have any male friends?

SECRET’s Hyosung appeared as the guest princess on the May 11 broadcast of OnStyle’s ‘Lipstick Prince 2’!

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She told MC Super Junior’s Heechulthat she had no male friends, and wanted to learn how to make male friends from Heechul, who is known for having a lot of close female friends.

Hyosung then went on to reveal that someone she knew had previously been in a “some” relationship with Heechul! The MC, flustered, asked if Hyosung had heard things about him from this person, to which Hyosung answered yes, adding, “[She] said you have a more serious personality than expected, and gave good advice on matters.”

When Hyosung complimented Heechul on being able to maintain a healthy “some”/friendship status with females, Heechul said, “It’s because I don’t have any other intentions toward [his female friends].” Hyosung, who claimed she herself never had any other intentions toward the males around him, stated that the males tended to have other intentions toward her, to which Heechul complained, “You keep raising yourself up! You’re about to start your engine on your airplane!” Hyosung also confidently answered that a lot of men had tried to hit on her in the past.

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