Why did the ‘While You Were Sleeping’ PD thank Suzy?

Why did the ‘While You Were Sleeping’ PD thank Suzy?

On September 22, a press conference was held for the upcoming SBSdrama ‘While You Were Sleeping’. During the conference, the PD complimented Suzy for all the hard work she put into the drama.

He said, “I was both grateful and felt bad for all the effort Suzy has put into the drama. First of all, she is really pretty. It wasn’t that she was pretty in this drama particularly, but her attitude as an actress who was determined to show something was what I was thankful for. She had to cut off the hair she had been growing for the past 7 years for this role, but she did so with any hesitation. During the whole thing, she didn’t show a sign of annoyance or irritation.”

‘While You Were Sleeping’ will be premiering on September 27. Do you plan on watching?

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