Why A Taeyeon Grand Solo Concert Is Highly Likely

Why A Taeyeon Grand Solo Concert Is Highly Likely

Just recently, SM Entertainment, the management company of Taeyeon has unveiled to the public two photos of her. This has been released through the Twitter account of Girls’ Generation last April 6.

In the teaser photos, the face of Taeyeon can be seen despite the snippets that it has been divided to. It also has a bunch of letters and numbers that needs deciphering in order to understand its meaning.

But despite the mystery that looms over the letter and number codes featured in the Twitter photo, their fans still managed to quickly decipher them and spread out their meaning.

According to All K-pop, the CON set of letters in the photo means “concert, while the B017 refers to the year 2017. The “05” means the month of may, while the “12” is May 12.

On the other hand, “AD” means 14 which is the letter and the respective sports that they have in the alphabet. Overall, what the codes man is that Taeyeon might be preparing for a solo concert this coming May 12 to May 14.

This is also the same theory that fans have came up with in deciphering the codes presented in the teaser photo. It has also been assumed that the title of the solo concert might be “PREOANS”.

According to Soompi, there are also those that think that the face and outfit of Taeyeon in the teaser photo spells out “PERSONA”, which might also be another name for the possible concert. As of now, there is still no official announcement or confirmation coming from Taeyeon or Girls’ Generation if that their company is preparing for a solo concert coming soon.

Hopefully, there is really a solo concert going to happen, as this will surely make the group’s fans, as well as Taeyeon’s fans really happy, fulfilled and satisfied.