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Jeon So Min talks about her relationship with fellow actor and boyfriend, Yoon Hyun Min

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Jeon So Min talks about her relationship with fellow actor and boyfriend, Yoon Hyun Min

Actress Jeon So Min appeared on MBC"s "Radio Star" on July 1 and talked about her celebrity boyfriend, actor Yoon Hyun Min!

When asked whether they had talked about marriage yet, she said, "Not yet. We"ve been dating for five months," and when asked about any concerns about breaking up after publicizing their relationship, she said, "People around us are giving us worried attention because we revealed our relationship. However, I don"t want to lose the chance to enjoy even the most trivial happiness while dating."

In relation to Yoon Hyun Min, she made everyone laugh by saying, "He told me to bring attention to his charms like being warm, delicate, and interested in interior design. Yoon Hyun Min told me to please make sure I talk about him."

She also revealed frankly that she reads all the comments that people post about her and her boyfriend. "I see people say things like "Yoon Hyun Min is too good for her", and I go and press the dislike button on all those comments," sparking laughs with her honesty.

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[Spoiler] "My Unfortunate Boyfriend" What is the relationship between Noh Min-woo-I and Yoon Joo-sang

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"My Unfortunate Boyfriend" Noh Min-woo-I and Yoon Joo-sang encountered each other.

The May first episode of MBC DramaNet FridaySaturday drama, "My Unfortunate Boyfriend", revealed a still image implying there must be some hidden stories about Yoon Tae-woon (Noh Min-woo-I) to be uncovered.

In the revealed photo, it shows Yoon Tae-woon and CEO Yoon (Yoon Joo-sang), who runs the top marketing company, IM. The two are having a serious conversation over a table in a garden.

The production team of the drama said, "There is something special in the relationship between Noh Min-woo-I and Yoon Joo-sang in the drama. The relationship between the two will be an important axis to move forward the story in the drama. Romance is all about "My Unfortunate Boyfriend". Please give some attention to this side of the story as well".

The airtime of "My Unfortunate Boyfriend" will be changed to 7 PM from 8 PM starting today May 1st.

Honey Lee Is the One That Protects Boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang?

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Honey Lee Is the One That Protects Boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang?

Actress Honey Lee discussed her relationship with boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang during the April 19 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV.”

Honey Lee and Yoon Kye Sang’s always lovey-dovey relationship, evidenced recently by their joint calligraphy exhibition, was a main focus of the actress’s interview on the show. “You must not need a bodyguard with Yoon Kye Sang around,” one reporter remarked. A little embarrassed, Honey Lee then joked, “Actually, I’m the one who protects him.”

Regarding how she ended up becoming an actress, Honey Lee said, “I went to shop one day, and when I opened the door, there stood the great Kim Hye Soo. She told me that it would be great if I tried acting.” Later, the two actresses went on to work together on the “Tazza” film series.

Yoon Kye Sang’s Reps Explain Honey Lee Is Not Exposed in Controversial Photo

[Spoiler] "My Unfortunate Boyfriend" Why was Yoon Joo-sang shocked to see Noh Min-woo-I?

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"My Unfortunate Boyfriend" The relationship between Noh Min-woo-I and Yoon Joo-sang is drawing attention.

A BTS image from the April 17th episode of MBC Drama Net weekend drama revealed a glimpse on the possible special relationship between CEO Yoon (Yoon Joo-sang) and Yoon Tae-woon (Noh Min-woo-I).

In the image, Yoon Joo-sang is looking at a tablet PC at fishing pond. The screen of the tablet showed Yoo Ji-na (Yang Jin-seong) and Yoon Tae-woon are playing a magic trick.

CEO Yoon"s surprised face is drawing attention out of all. CEO Yoon and Yoo Ji-na are acquaintances. However CEO Yoon and Yoon Tae-woon had never appeared together in the drama previously. Why he was so surprised and how he is related to Yoon Tae-woonmakes viewers wonder.

A source of the production team said, "There is something special between CEO Yoon and Yoon Tae-woon". And "As the relationship between the two is being revealed gradually, viewers will be able to see there"s more than just innocent pink romance in the drama".

Agencies Fight Back At Picture of Honey Lee Naked With Her Boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang

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Agencies Fight Back At Picture of Honey Lee Naked With Her Boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang

An alleged half-naked picture of beauty queen Honey Lee and her boyfriend, g.o.d's Yoon Kye Sang circulated the internet and the celebrities vehemently denied that this picture is real!

an alleged picture of Hallyu star Rain showering in the nude circulated the internet

A photo of g.o.d member Yoon Kye Sang washing his dog has become the latest hot and trending topic among netizens.

At first glance, the picture seems to be an ordinary picture of Yoon Kye Sang washing his pet dog. However, upon closer inspection the reflection of a woman is visible. Netizens suspect the woman reflected on the glass to be beauty queen and actress Honey Lee, Yoon Kye Sang’s girlfriend, and also claim that she is topless in the picture.

As interest on the alleged topless picture continued to grow, Yoon Kye Sang and Honey Lee’s agency, Saram Entertainment told Newsen“The alleged claims that Honey Lee is topless in the photo that is being shared on online communities is not real. Yoon Kye Sang initially uploaded the picture on his fan cafe, but deleted it after he realized that there was room for misunderstanding. It is not a nude picture and the picture was maliciously edited. Honey Lee uploaded the picture on her SNS and than deleted it as well. It’s a shame that the picture is being shared as a nude picture.”

Netizens had initially defended the two when the initial article about the picture was posted.

[+ 2285, – 149] If it really was a nude picture they might feel embarrassed but there is not moral issue here is there? They’re lovers and both old enough to get married.

[+ 1007, – 88] It would be odd for Honey Lee to be naked by herself ㅋㅋㅋ Yoon Kye Sang is wearing a thick hoodie. I think she’s wearing a tank top.

However, Saram Entertainment’s statement seemed to instigate criticism from the netizens.

[+ 727, – 168] What editing, this is just a screenshot of what he uploaded himself. Ferguson was right that SNS proves that people can be idiots.

[+ 566, – 204] It looked real to me..

Source: Newsen and Herald Pop

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Honey Lee's Boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang Talks Marriage

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Honey Lee's Boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang Talks Marriage

In a revealing interview with news outlet Star News, the actor Yoon Kye Sang has shared his plan for starting a new family of his own.

Yoon Kye Sang and beautiful actress Honey Lee fell in love for each other in 2012, and the couple has maintained their relationship for nearly two years. Meanwhile, the public has raised concern about the future of Yoon Kye Sang and Honey Lee’s love.

Responding to the interest of people, the actor said, “We are slightly careful. She [Honey Lee] is currently enjoying great success, and I don’t want to disturb her. I am fine with marriage, but from the standpoint of an actress, it can be uncomfortable, right? The timing is currently right for her as an actress. Her age is good as well, and I hope she will pursue as many activities as possible.”

Besides, the actor also dedicated the winged words for his lover, “She has helped me a lot. She makes me feel truly comfortable. When we went public with our relationship, nothing felt uncomfortable, and she is simply a good person.”

Honey Lee reveals boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang"s response to her love scenes with T.O.P

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Honey Lee reveals boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang

On August 29, Honey Lee met up with members of the media at a cafe in Seoul for an interview and talked about her boyfriend, Yoon Kye Sang, and his reaction to her love scenes with T.O.P for movie, "Tazza 2."

She revealed, "He was not jealous at all. I think being an actress means there are things you need to forego. The human nature of men is to dislike anyone looking at their women, so it could be difficult enduring the fact that everyone is watching through the screen. The job of being an actress means everyone is your lover, which can be painful, but that makes it beautiful, too.

Personally, I put a lot of things aside. When actors date one another, there are things you need to make allowances for. If you start bothering each other about such matters, there is no end. Whatever work we"re doing, we are understanding of each other in such a manner."

The movie will be out in theaters on September 3!

Angel Eyes Episode 15 Review: Yoon Ye Joo Says Gong Hyung Jin is Her Boyfriend

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Angel Eyes Episode 15 Review: Yoon Ye Joo Says Gong Hyung Jin is Her Boyfriend

In Angel Eyes, episode 15, Park Hye Joo(played by Yoon Ye Joo) said Ki Woon Chan(played by Gong Hyung Jin) was her boyfriend.

Previously, Hye Joo saw two men betting on each other to see if the rescue team came first or the chicken delivery came first. She took the phone while they called the rescue team and said, “This is a false report so sue them after tracking their phone number!” While Hye Joo and the guys had an argument, Woon Chan and Taeddy Seo(played by Seungri) saw them, and all of them were eventually taken to the police station.

The two men realized that they were wrong and said, “We really didn’t know that her boyfriend would be in a rescue team.” As the police asked who her boyfriend was, Hye Joo linked her arm on Woon Chan’s and answered, “He’s my boyfriend!”

Kim Woo Bin Teases Honey Lee About Her Boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang

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Kim Woo Bin Teases Honey Lee About Her Boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang Kim Woo Bin and Honey Lee have attracted attention for their adorable sibling-like interaction.

On the April 4 episode of MBC’s variety show “Four Sons and One Daughter,” the two celebrities gathered to the kitchen to come up with a new and tasty noodle recipe.

Unlike the other “siblings” who had prepared everything in order to make their dishes, Kim Woo Bin was unable to purchase the ingredients beforehand, and thus borrowed the sesame oil, honey, and other key ingredients from Honey Lee.

The two chatted in a friendly manner while cooking, and Honey Lee said, “This can sound paradoxical, but when I am on a diet, I tend to cook a lot.” Hearing this, Kim Woo Bin could not help but tease her and commented, “I wonder who you cook for,” hinting at her celebrity boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang.

Laughing, Honey Lee replied, “I am sure you know,” and demonstrated the close bond between the two.

Yoon Kye Sang and Honey Lee confirmed their dating rumors in February last year, and have since been in a public relationship.

Honey Lee visits Yoon Kye Sang-her boyfriend on the set of ‘Full Sun’ and BTS photos

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Honey Lee visits Yoon Kye Sang-her boyfriend on the set of ‘Full Sun’ and BTS photos

Honey Lee showed some PDA by visiting the set of her boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang”s new KBS 2TV drama ”Full Sun”!

According to the drama”s rep on the 28th, Honey Lee visited them last month and brought snacks to the hardworking cast and staff. The rep said, “Following the broadcast of the first and second episodes, she visited the set in Pyeongtaek and took out prepared snacks for the staff one by one and cheered on her boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang… Honey Lee”s visit and support brightened up the atmosphere on set. We were able to see her feelings for Yoon Kye Sang.”

When asked about Honey Lee”s response to the drama, Yoon Kye Sang answered, “She told me that she watched it very well. She said to be thankful that I was able to take part in a production on a film-like scale… She said that she hopes that the actors and directors don”t lose strength until the end. She liked it very much… It was touching to see the person beside me notice my growth as an actor.”

The drama keeps us on our toes with its intense action-packed scenes, but Yoon Kye Sang also said himself to be an adorable goofball when the cameras weren’t rolling in the BTS photos above!