Who is the mood maker in G-Friend?

Who is the mood maker in G-Friend?

On August 3,G-Friendappeared on the radio show ‘Kangta’s Starry Night’, where the girls revealed that Sowonwas the mood maker of the group whenever they go out for meals after work!

During the show, Kangta asked the whole group, “Are there any particular actions or things you wish the others didn’t do?” In response, Yuju said, “After we all burst out into laughter, some of them always say something like ‘kkal kkal’ or ‘kkul kkul’. It’s funny when it’s just us, but I worry that it becomes a habit and we end up doing it on programs or important events.” Sowon added, “I wish SinB sits more comfortably and courteously.” which caused the whole group to burst out in laughter. SinB continued by saying, “Yerin unnie bites my head these days.” Eunha confirmed this information by revealing that Yerin bites her arm as well.

SinB then chose Sowon as the mood maker whenever they go out for meals after completing their schedules. Sowon revealed that while they ate, she proposed a toast and hoped to last over 20 years together as a group.

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