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Photos Kim Soo-hyeon-I gifts suit styles for chilly weather

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Photos Kim Soo-hyeon-I gifts suit styles for chilly weather

Kim Soo-hyeon-I"s new wintry weather type pictorial has been revealed.

Men"s clothing emblem ZIOZIA has published their winter 2015 pictorial starring their exclusive version Kim Soo-hyeon-I in Korea and China simultaneously.

Kim Soo-hyeon-I"s pictorials by capacity of the rage brand were drawing heated attention either in Korea and China each and every season. Kim Soo-hyeon-I"s pictorials and his repute played a very powerful role in the a hit marketplace expansion into China by ZIOZIA.

More of Kim Soo-hyeon-I"s pictorial and his interview may also be discovered in the company"s authentic website.

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Court Rejects Back-Pay Suit through Yoo Jae-seok

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Court Rejects Back-Pay Suit through Yoo Jae-seok

A Seoul court on Tuesday rejected compensatory court cases filed by way of comedians Yoo Jae-seok and Kim Yong-man looking for price for appearances on television programs.Yoo and Kim joined the skill firm Stom E&F in 2005, yet it went bankrupt and the 2 did now not get maintain of W600 million and W96 million they were owed in expenses (US$1=W1,134).The two sued broadcasters in 2010, but the television stations appealed pronouncing either the agency"s creditors and the entertainers were one by one difficult back pay. The court stated the broadcasters will have to pay the financial disaster administrator, because the agency was once the signatory to the contracts.

Spoiler 'She Was once Pretty' Hwang Jeong-eum unearths a demonstration portraying the couple in wedding robe and suit

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Spoiler 'She Was once Pretty' Hwang Jeong-eum unearths a demonstration portraying the couple in wedding robe and suit

Hwang Jeong-eum published an overly meaningful picture.

On October 30th, Hwang Jeong-eum posted an indication on her non-public Instagram with a brief caption, "Pretty".

In the revealed illustrated image, Park Seo-joon is hugging Hwang Jeong-eum from at the back of and the 2 glance beautiful in a tuxedo and a marriage robe respectively.

Since Ji Seongjoon (Park Seo-joon) told Kim Hyejin (Hwang Jeong-eum) he would propose to her soon in the former 13th episode, netizens are getting more desirous about the image.

The reactions from the netizens include, "Are they getting married now", "Is this spoiler?", "Daebak" and so on.

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'Oh My Venus' So Ji-sub looks unbearably flawless in suit

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'Oh My Venus' So Ji-sub looks unbearably flawless in suit

Scenes from "Oh My Venus" So Ji-sub"s first take had been revealed.

So Ji-sub plays Kim Yeongho, a private fitness trainer, who turns robust with the more potent folks and comfortable with the susceptible people, in the KSB" new Monday & Tuesday drama. The drama will air soon in November.

So Ji-sub"s role is a non-public teacher and a veiled successor of a clinical corporation, Gahong. All through the primary take, he showed off the rebellious and liberal appeals of his character.

So Ji-sub"s first filming consultation was once done in a Korean eating place in Jung-gu, Seoul on October 19th. sooner than the filming, PD Kim Hyoung-seok presented him to the filming set. He perceived to the set as all the group of workers changed into giving a big applauds. His pro and thorough attitude published his passionate way against his character.

He were given at the facet of the workers individuals during recesses in between filming. The filming went thru smoothly thank you to his sterling acting abilities. His unending smiles and enthusiastic works wrapped up the filming rapid and easy.

When he replaced into the successor role of the medical corporation Gahong from a own trainer, he looked unbearably flawless in the suit. A workers member said, "Magical So Ji-sub, there"s no go out for you while you fell for him".

One of the maximum highly expected dramas during the 2nd one part this year, "Oh My Venus" will start on November 16th appropriate after "Cheeky Cross Go" has finished.

SNSD′s Yuri Says Taeyeon Would Suit Rallying

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SNSD′s Yuri Says Taeyeon Would Suit Rallying

--> Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Yuri chose Taeyeon as the member who most heavily fits rallying.

Yuri attended the production presention for SBS′ new type display The Rallyist, held at the SBS Prism Tower in Seoul′s Sangam-dong on October 14, where she urged fellow SNSD member Taeyeon to take in the issue of rallying.

Yuri said, "Not handiest does Taeyeon power a sports car, she enjoys driving. I believe if Taeyeon watches The Rallyist, she′d be actually interested. I feel she′d do well."

Meanwhile, The Rallyist is the world′s first-ever rally motive force audition program, featuring drivers in Korea whose purpose is to compete in the World Rally Championship. the primary episode airs on October 17 and airs each Saturday evening at 12:15 p.m. KST.

The first plea date set for damages suit opposed to the movie 'Assassination'

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The first plea date set for damages suit opposed to the movie 'Assassination'

The summer box-office hit "Assassination" starring Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Jung Jae, Ha Jung Woo and more, was once previous accused of plagiarism through writer Choi Jong Rim. And now the first plea date for the damages suit has been set.

Choi Jong Rim"s suit against the film"s creators will take position on November 12 at Seoul Central District Court.

The suit comes to the parties without delay accountable for the production of the film, adding director Choi Dong Hoon, Caper Film"s CEO Ahn Soo Hyun and Show Box"s CEO Yoo Jung Hoon, among others.

This beyond August 10, Choi Jong Rim had claimed that sure facets of the movie, akin to the feminine character, the marriage scene, and its overall background plagiarized his novel "Korean Memories."

Reps from "Assassination" had refuted those claims, pointing out that the scene in query became obviously other from the only in the novel. On August 18, the courts had pushed aside the writer"s injunction petition to prohibit the screening of the movie, reasoning that there weren"t sufficient similarities between the radical and the film to confirm his grounds of plagiarism. 

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HanCinema's movie Review 'The Yellow Sea': The Bloody Chase to No man's Land

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Na Hong-jin"s "The Yellow Sea" will now not be as tightly woven as his old hit "The Chaser", yet for all its loose ends, here's an action-packed thrill ride not to be missed. The movie ruled the box place of business in its first weekend and endured its luck either in Korea and abroad. The film is gruelling both in period and content, so be ready to have your patience-and stomach-truly tested

When the film used to be released in Korea overdue remaining year, it gripped over 25% of the complete price tag sales in its opening weekend. But with a painstaking length of 156 minutes, 20th Century Fox saw it important to chop the Korean unencumber down to 140 mins for global screenings. This "director"s cut" turned into supposedly cut to make the film more cinematic and also rearrange a scene or two to create larger flow. (A excellent comparison between the 2 versions will also be discovered here.) This review is in accordance with the foreign version.

"The Yellow Sea" follows Kim Goo-nam (Ha Jeong-woo), a taxi motive force in the town of Yanbian in North-eastern China as he struggles to pay his $10,000 USD debt to crime lords in the area. the money was borrowed to send his wife to Korea, even though he has not heard back from her since she departed. This is a desperate guy whose existence isn't his own till he repays all that he owes and unearths the mystery of his wife"s whereabouts.

Stricken with the disappointment of not having heard from his wife, and his dire financial predicament, he accepts an assassination process via the local underground crime boss Myeon Jeong-hak (played brilliantly by Kim Yoon-seok). Soon he unearths himself being smuggled into Korea with just over a week to kill his target. Things get very messy fast. When Kim Goo-nam"s touch in Yanbian disappears, he's left chasing shadows of his wife and fleeing from the authorities, in addition two violent crime lords intent on his death.

"The Yellow Sea" ratings no issues opposed to it for presentation as this cinematic spectacle in exciting and neatly choreographed. The various chase scenes are adrenaline rushes of natural suspense. One or two did involve questionable conclusions, but overall "The Yellow Sea" did well to depict the panic and desperation our hero suffers.

The film loosely divides itself into 4 portions primarily based on our hero"s mission and identity that are thrust upon him. However, there is a better divide between the film"s two halves. the primary is where it truly grabs you, as Na Hong-jin"s set-up of occasions really captivates and locks you in. The suspense that manifests is palpable as the unknown is utterly invested in without any protection web or sense of comfort. whilst the 1st part fills the pot and puts a flame beneath it, it's far what follows that truly sets the pot to boil. The screen is fed on with blood, violence, and mutilation that never seem to subside, as the viewer is forced to gorge on scene after scene of arduous bloodshed and mayhem. Whilst still masterfully done, it was at this degree in the film that I started to question just how much of the similar bloody chase motif I may take. Hordes of thugs or police at the chase can best be digested a limited selection of times and "The Yellow Sea" for sure put me in the red of my gore-gauge.

"The Yellow Sea" is a cinematic and thrilling ride into a dingy underworld that not each person will want to take. Na Hong-jin is Charon paddling us into his underworld. It"s dark, beautiful, indulgent and shouldn"t be missed.

-C.J Wheeler ([email protected])

Kim Hyun Joong's Ex-Girlfriend May Pursue A Paternity Suit

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Kim Hyun Joong's Ex-Girlfriend May Pursue A Paternity Suit

Kim Hyun Joong"s ex-girlfriend spoke out through her lawyer, about the alleged dispute over the paternity of her newborn baby and her past claims against the pop star.

On September 23, representatives for both sides convened at Seoul Central District Court for the third plea hearing regarding alleged damage suit of his ex-lover, a woman who is referred to by Korean media as Choi or Ms. A, Kim Hyun Joong. Lee Jae Man, the lawyer for Kim, present at the meeting along with Sun Jong Moon, who represents his ex-girlfriend.

An article published by Donga provided summarized the closed preceedings, which concluded after 30 minutes. During the hearing, Sun provided evidence for the alleged pregnancy and alleged miscarriage. Lee provided counter arguments to defend his client.

Sun spoke with the media, after the session concluded. "Kim Hyun Joong"s side refers to acknowledge anything, even though evidence was presented," said Sun.

Legal representatives for his ex-girlfriend continued to support her claims that the SS501 star knew that she had previously suffered from a miscarriage and that he had knowledge of his involvement in the paternity of her newborn baby. Her lawyer went to discuss a potential paternity suit against Kim.

"We plan to bring a paternity suit against Kim," said Sun. "It has taken some time because we need to register the birth of the baby and address other matters."

Her lawyer went on to discuss the desire of her side to receive secure and independent DNA testing.

In a report published by Asiae, representatives for the "Boys Over Flowers" star expressed the displeasure of his side, particularly the impact that the on-going legal preceedings have had on his family.

Asiae included a statement from attorney Lee Jae Man, who illustrated the medical consequences the legal battle has had on the Kim family.

"A family member with a panic disorder even suffered from shingles," said Lee.

He went on to describe the aftermath of on-going media coverage and its effect on the career of the singer-turned-actor.

"Her [his ex-girlfriend] use of the press has caused damage to Kim Hyun Joong," said legal representatives for the pop star. "Kim Hyun Joong and his family don"t want to meet with her, anymore."

He followed with an optimistic perspective towards the course of the preceedings. "The family and I hope that at this difficult time, there is good news on the other side," said the spokesperson for Kim"s legal team.

Kim recently addressed his legal woes through a handwritten letter that was presented by his lawyer during an emergency press conference. In his letter, he confirmed that he completed the DNA test to determine paternity and expressed his desire to stay away from his ex-girlfriend.

Choi's aspect asserts that Kim Hyun Joong assists in keeping denying birth and miscarriage + plans to document paternity suit

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Choi's aspect asserts that Kim Hyun Joong assists in keeping denying birth and miscarriage + plans to document paternity suit

Kim Hyun Joong"s former female friend Ms. Choi printed her unravel to verify the reality in the back of the pregnancy that Kim Hyun Joong allegedly won"t recognize and the kid she currently gave birth to. 

On September 23, the plea date for Choi"s damages suit opposed to Kim Hyun Joong improved privately for more than 30 mins at the Seoul Central District Court.  

Present at the plea date were Choi"s attorney Sun Jong Moon and and Kim Hyun Joong"s lawyer Lee Jae Man. Sun Jong Moon submitted the documents associated with Choi"s pregnancy and miscarriage whilst Lee Jae guy supplied arguments to counter the claims made by way of Choi"s side.

Sun Jong Moon stated, "Today we submitted the documents that display Kim Hyun Joong exchanged text messages with Choi acknowledging the contents similar to the pregnancy and miscarriage. even though we provided difficult evidence, Kim Hyun Joong"s side still refuses to recognize anything. We even asked a witness yet they denied the request, pronouncing a witness is unnecessary. But we've got all of the documents that may verify the truth." 

Sung Jong Moon extra claimed that it used to be wrong for Kim Hyun Joong to modify his stance after he acknowledged he without delay checked with Choi this beyond March that she turned into indeed pregnant. The lawyer also declared that Kim Hyun Joong"s side falsely claimed that Choi wasn"t abused, nor did she be afflicted by a miscarriage. 

The lawyer asserted, "Kim Hyun Joong obviously knew that Choi was pregnant but he told her, "Your pregnancy. Did you get an abortion or not." He also said her miscarriage was an "abortion" which is a shockingly abusive statement. Kim Hyun Joong is behaving in some way that isn't manly. He isn"t acknowledging the pregnancy or the birth. I'm hoping that he doesn"t prove any such side anymore. He knows smartly ample how he and Choi were in combination and lived together. He knew about the pregnancy and the miscarriage, as well, but he says they don"t worry him. He questions, "Is it actually mine?" It"s actually a sad scenario. It"s rather a large surprise once you glance back on it. It"s stunning that he didn"t celebrate the kid he had with the girl he loved. I can"t lend a hand but feel sorry for my shopper who is living alone with her new baby."

Sun Jong Moon also revealed, "We plan to bring a paternity suit against Kim Hyun Joong. It"s just taking a while because we want to check in the birth of the little one and deal with other subjects related to the birth. we might be ready to take a appearance at the DNA at a position this is legitimate and legally recognized."

Kim Hyun Joong"s criminal representative Lee Jae Man told the click after the plea date, "The courts have denied Choi"s side"s request to acquire a witness. Choi"s side once back submitted the documents that show the text messages exchanged with Kim Hyun Joong. Nothing has replaced after this plea date. Choi"s side didn"t supply any documents associated to her cures or any images. Choi has utterly mutilated Kim Hyun Joong the use of the press. Kim Hyun Joong and his circle of relatives doesn"t even would like to meet with Choi anymore." 

Kim Hyun Joong and Choi"s facets will continue their legal struggle at the fourth plea date to be held this coming October 30 at Seoul Central District Court.

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Clara drops her suit opposed to Polaris Entertainment

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Clara drops her suit opposed to Polaris Entertainment

Clara has dropped her suit against Polaris Entertainment, bringing their felony fight to an end.

On the 18th, Clara submitted her withdrawal to the Seoul Central Court. as a result of this, there's a top option that the mediation scheduled for the 21st will now not happen. If the defendant doesn't post a answer inside two weeks, the case can be dropped.

Clara and Polaris had either published they had been seeking to settle the suit. Previously, Polaris" legal professional had said, "If you give us time, we can communicate with Clara over a settlement," and Clara"s facet stated, "They conversed with Clara up to remaining week.  We will arbitrate on the civil case mediation date. Our talks to achieve an agreement with Polaris are going larger than they did at first."

Why do you suspect Clara dropped her suit?

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