Who IS The Dirtiest Member of Wanna One?

Who IS The Dirtiest Member of Wanna One?

The members of Wanna One made their first appearance after ‘Produce IOI Season 2’ on their very own personal broadcast ‘Wanna Go.’ The first episode has received a lot of views due to the interesting content he members shared.

Aside from sharing information about Park Ji Hoon and Lai Kuan Lin’s first and possibly last kiss on the final episode of ‘Produce IOI Season 2,’ the members started discussing their traits and who they do and do not want to live/room with.

When Kim Jae Hwan asked if the members wanted to share the same room, he was denied due to the fact that he was dirty! Kang Dae Nyul chose Park Woo Jin. Members also stated,“Jae Hwan is always a friend who always practicing hard – even in the room,” to which he replied, “I’m not practicing singing all the time!” However, the members continued saying, “He sings even when I’m asleep,” and “It hurts my ears.”

Curious about learning more about Wanna One’s members and their funky habits and traits? Check out the first episode of ‘Wanna Go’ and stay tuned for more interesting updates!