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Taeyeon Takes 11th Track display Win for “I” on “Inkigayo”

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Taeyeon Takes 11th Music prove Win for “I” on “Inkigayo” Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon‘s solo debut track “I” is appearing its staying energy by way of grabbing first position on SBS‘ “Inkigayo” this week!

The November 22 broadcast of “Inkigayo” used to be canceled because of the passing of South Korea’s former president Kim Young Sam. Instead, the channel aired exclusive news reports in its scheduled time slot, and this week’s planned “Inkigayo” recording might be broadcast on November 29.

The contest for 2nd and 3rd place changed into tight this week, with songstress IU coming in moment with her song “Twenty-Three,” and VIXX best 71 issues at the back of in 0.33 place with “Chained Up.” VIXX had impressive ends up in either album rankings and viewers’ pre-recording votes this week, yet Taeyeon’s sky-high SNS ranking put her at the top.

Taeyeon made her solo debut with “I” featuring Verbal Jint back on October 8, and here is her 11th music show win with the track. She in the past won first place on “Inkigayo” on October 18 and 25.

Catch up with “Inkigayo” below!

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon stocks mind About Her Busy Year

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Shares Thoughts About Her Busy Year On November 22, Girls’ Generation carried out their fourth solo concert “Phantasia” at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. at the same day, leader Taeyeon shared her thoughts about her busy year.

“This year was once the busiest time of my life,” she said. “I’ve been active from the start of the year when I featured in f(x)’s Amber’s solo debut up till this concert. I’m glad when I paintings so these sort of moments can be precious in my memory.”

About her solo debut this fall, she said, “My solo debut became a new experience. I discovered that after I’m with my participants i am getting in reality excited and feature a massive number of fun.”

“Phantasia” is Girls’ Generation’s first solo concert in Korea in two and a part years. it sounds as if Taeyeon will be active all of the way up except the finish of the year, as subunit TaeTiSeo is scheduled to unencumber a new album afterwards in December.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and YoonA blow their own horns Their Aegyo

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and YoonA display Off Their Aegyo Girls’ Generation individuals Taeyeon and YoonA have proved once back their stunning appeal.

On November 21, leader Taeyeon uploaded an image on her private Instagram, writing, “It’s D-day, see you soon.” The caption refers to Girls’ Generation’s fourth solo concert in Korea happening today.

In the picture, YoonA and Taeyeon pose cutely for the camera, their bright smiles and mild attractiveness creating a excellent combination. also they are dressed for the Christmas season in bright red sweaters and skirts with green ribbon striking from the ceiling. Other Girls’ Generation members have also been uploading Christmas-themed posts in the days leading up to their concert.

Girls’ Generation will be performing their solo concert “Phantasia” from November 21 to 22 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

Taeyeon Says good-bye to Her Truth Program “Daily Taeng9 Cam”

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Taeyeon Says see you later to Her Reality Program “Daily Taeng9 Cam” On November 21, OnStyle’s “Daily Taeng9 Cam” broadcast its closing episode. Right through the show, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon in spite of everything shed her “homebody” symbol and spent meaningful time with her fans, cooking ramen for them, and sharing stories.

With fellow Girls’ Generation member Tiffany as a distinct MC, Taeyeon ready a special match for her lovers as well, cosplaying as No Face (Kaonashi) from the film “Spirited Away.”

“I wasn’t happy with the camera at first,” Taeyeon said. “I debated so much whether to do that display or not. yet whilst filming it my mind changed. I even took out the camera myself to film, which I’d never done before.”

She also spoke out about her homebody label. “I used to be uninterested in being at house the entire time. If it’s a prove like this, I may do it forever.”

At the finish she decided on a player to accomplish a duet with and ended the broadcast with the special stage. “Daily Taeng9 Cam” become a wide range program that aimed to turn Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon’s daily life.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun Take “Daily Taeng9Cam” to Shanghai

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun Take “Daily Taeng9Cam” to Shanghai On the November 14 broadcast of OnStyle’s fact display “Daily Taeng9Cam,” Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun (also referred to as TaeTiSeo) left for Shanghai for Taeyeon’s solo concert tour. the 3 women carried a video camera to capture the primary points in their trip.

At the airport, Taeyeon mentioned her model saying, “I don’t concern about my airport fashion. It’s all about comfort.” In response, Tiffany added, “Taeyeon has come a long way. She talks about fashion voluntarily now.”

When Taeyeon showed off her get dressed by way of twirling around, Tiffany teased her saying, “You appear to be a banana milk.”

The laughter continued even after they arrived at their hotel in Shanghai. They would take selfies or play board games together. They enjoyed their time in combination continuously bursting into laughter. At times, Taeyeon would tease Seohyun or frown when she loses at a game.

Taeyeon’s concert in Shanghai used to be a success. Taeyeon turned into especially thankful toward the Girls’ Generation contributors whilst making her solo debut. All over the concert, she have become teary-eyed while reading a letter sent to her by the Girls’ Generation members. She spoke back by making a song “I Love You” confirming their friendship.

“Daily Taeng9Cam” is a reality prove targeted around Taeyeon. The show offers a glimpse of Taeyeon’s existence as no longer simplest an idol celebrity yet rather as an artist on a private level. “Daily Taeng9Cam” airs each Saturday at midday on OnStyle.

Check out the clips of the show below:

What about her frame is Girls' Generation's Taeyeon maximum self-assured about?

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What about her frame is Girls' Generation's Taeyeon maximum self-assured about?

Girls" Generation"s Taeyeon printed which a section of her body she"s most confident about at the November 14th episode of her OnStyle reality display "Taeng9Cam".

On this broadcast, Taeyeon held a guerilla fan assembly for her fans, and her highest friend Super Junior"s Heechul showed up as a marvel event. He asked what Taeyeon likes about her body, and she responded, "I don"t have a pleasant body. However, although I"m short, I have shoulders, so garments glance just right on me."

Even if what Taeyeon says is true, enthusiasts would disagree. What do you consider what she said?

SNSD′s Taeyeon Takes Over 3 Gaon per month Charts

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SNSD′s Taeyeon Takes Over 3 Gaon per month Charts

--> Girls′ Generation′s Taeyeon has crowned 3 per 30 days charts.

According to Gaon Chart on November 12, I is number 1 at the virtual Chart and Download Chart, whilst her first solo album of the similar same is number one on the Album Chart for the month of October.

Taeyeon′s mini album I - The 1st Mini Album is number one on the Album Chart for October with 100,923 copies sold, while iKON′s Welcome Back is ranked 2nd with 82,208 albums sold and Seventeen′s Boys Be ranked 3rd with 67,192 albums sold.

Taeyeon′s I is ranked number one on the Download Chart with 673,941 downloads recorded. Even if Lim Chang Jung′s Love Again is number two with 504,739 downloads, the song is ranked number one on the Streaming Chart with 24.7 million plays.

Block B Zico′s Boys and women (Feat. Babylon) is number one on the electronic Chart and Download Chart for Week 42, while IU′s Twenty-three is number one on the Streaming Chart and pianist Cho Seong Jin′s Chopin Piano Competition, Warsaw 2015 is number one on the album chart for Week 42.

Hyuna′s Roll Deep (Feat. Jung Il Hoon of BTOB) continues to hang onto the number 1 spot on the Social Chart, while CNBLUE and CNBLUE′s Jung Yong Hwa care for the number one spots on Gaon Weibo Chart′s Staff and person charts, respectively.

Taeyeon unearths Makeup Recommendations on “Daily Taeng9 Cam”

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Taeyeon shows Makeup pointers on “Daily Taeng9 Cam” Girls’ Generation’Taeyeon, recently selling as a solo artist, has published a couple of of her makeup secrets on her OnStyle truth program “Daily Taeng9 Cam.”

On the November 7 broadcast, Taeyeon says, “Many folks were thinking about how I do my makeup.” Keeping her eyes wide open, she applies a long line of eyeliner. Drawing the line a little longer to the aspect highlights her circular eyes.

“It’s very important that your eyes glance larger without overdoing it,” she says. “Rather than the eyeliner, focal point on the eyeshadow.”

The truth program, popular for its insight on the idol member’s daily life, has been prolonged for some other episode. On November 7, OnStyle said, “Because of the fans’ passionate support, we have got extended “Daily Taeng9 Cam” from the normal 4 episodes to five. we are hoping to turn some other point of Taeyeon’s vigorous everyday lifestyles so please wait for it.”

This is Taeyeon’s first solo reality program. The November 7 broadcast also is going at the back of the scenes of TaeTiSeo’s out of the country schedules. With close pals Tiffany and Seohyun, also of Girls’ Generation, Taeyeon jokes around in the hotel room and plays board games.

“Daily Taeng9 Cam” airs on OnStyle on Saturdays at midday KST.

Brown Eyed Girls' JeA says she can empathize with Girls' Generation Taeyeon's tears

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Brown Eyed Girls' JeA says she can empathize with Girls' Generation Taeyeon's tears

Brown Eyed Girls" leader JeA brought up some other idol group"s leader, Taeyeon of Girls" Generation, right through the November 6 installment of KBS 2TV"s "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook."

She mentioned the difficulties of being a leader, stating, "I think being sorrowful is being a leader.  If Girls" Generation"s Taeyeon cries on television whilst speaking about being a leader, I cry with her.  I had numerous issues over the duty of being a leader." 

She then relayed a candy moment, stating, "In the past, if I were crying, Ga In would write on my hand the meaningful phrase, "It isn't easiest if even one is left out,"" perhaps suggesting that each member used to be an integral a section of the group?  What a pleasant way to specific appreciation toward the leader.  Cheer up and continue being strong, JeA and Taeyeon!

Taeyeon's breakfast time

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Taeyeon's breakfast time

Girls" Generation"s Taeyeon unearths an adorable photo of herself.

She cutely presentations the dish in her photo, appearing the "I" alphabet to fans.

Fans commented, "must be delicious", "i need to have a look at too" and etc!! READ MORE