GOT7′s Jackson Gets Told Off For Making a song  Navy Song “JYP Style” On “Real Men”

GOT7′s Jackson Gets Told Off For Making a song Navy Song “JYP Style” On “Real Men”

GOT7s Jackson Gets Told Off For Making a songNavy Song JYP Taste On Genuine Menehk38 June 5, 2016 0 GOT7s Jackson Gets Told Off For Singing Army Song JYP Genre On Real Men At the June five episode of MBCs Real Men, GOT7s Jackson proves that you'll have the idol out of JYP yet y'all cant take the JYP out of the idol.

During the episode, the forgedbe told an army song. The drill sergeant has every member take turns singing a verse of the song.

GOT7 member BamBam effectively passes the check on the primary try, singing the correct kind lyrics with the correct pronunciation.

However, Jackson is a other story. He mispronounces the lyrics our mission, reading it as our death, causing the alternativesquaddies to fight to withhold their laughter.

The drill sergeant corrects him and tells Jackson to take a glance at out again. This time, Jackson gets the words right kind but now notthe way of singing. The drill sergeant isn't having it with Jacksons JYP-style soulful vocal style.

The sergeant barks, Who put such a lot soul into an army song?

Jackson responds, I put a little of air into my voice, regarding the combined voice sort of singing that JYP is known for coaching its trainees.

The army song is not anything to sing their own praises your singing talents with! Do you understand? the sergeant says.

In the following interview, Jackson says, Were JYP, so we were trained that way. I purposefully put the air in because I sought after to let them know the right notes.

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Yoo Si-jin is real, Song Joong-ki synchronizes 100%

Yoo Si-jin is real, Song Joong-ki synchronizes 100%

Is there any individual else who can pull off the soldier role well? Song Joong-ki is recently acting out the role of a distinct forces mercenary named Yoo Si-jin. He's doing a just rightactivity of spell bindinggirls with his aura and comfortable smile.

Song Joong-ki joined the army on August 27, 2013 and spent 21 months on base. He used to be hard-working and made a fair example of a soldier all over his time there.

Three years ago when Song Joong-ki become serving his accountability to the country, several photographs of him got here up online. The picture of Song Joong-ki in the army then isn't anyother to Yoo Si-jin today.

Recently, an image of Song Joong-ki webhosting a functionality in Beijing was released. He is dressed in a red uniform, staring at his fellow squaddies on stage.

Song Joong-ki was released from National Carrierat the 26th of Mightclosing year. He chose to famous person in "Descendants of the Sun" correct after and is doing a very good job as a soldier.

Song Joong-ki up to now told the KBS 2TV display "Celebrity Talk" that he did notbrain being a soldier back every bit the drama itself was so good.

According to sources, Song Joong-ki has turn out to be manlier since his go back from the armed forces and he was your highest option for the role of Yoo Si-jin .


"Sexy in anything" Song Joong-ki in boyfriend cuts

"Descendants of the Sun" Song Joong-ki's behind-the-scene cuts were released.

Blossom Entertainment released several photographs of the actor at the 9th.

Song Joong-ki, who stars in "Descendants of the Sun" as Yoo Si-jin, is honest in one picture. He looks very fascinated by his paintings on the set.

Then in some other picture, he is smiling widely in uniform.

According to group of workers on site, Song Joong-ki is an ideal actor out and in of the camera and the manner he concentrates on his personality when the cameras get started rolling is in fact surprising. He also gets along rather well with fellow actors and actresses.

Meanwhile, in the 5th episode of "Descendants of the Sun", Song Joong-ki sets out to save Kang Mo-yeon at riskand there would possibly be a preview of them breaking apart once again.


Rainbow’s Hyunyoung Says Her New Song Isn't About Her Boyfriend Alex

Rainbow’s Hyunyoung Says Her New Song Isn't About Her Boyfriend Alex

Rainbows Hyunyoung Says Her New Song Isn't About Her Boyfriend Alexck525 February 15, 2016 0 LINE it!Rainbows Hyunyoung Says Her New Song Is No longer About Her Boyfriend Alex Rainbow’s Hyunyoung confident that her dating amongst Alex is greater than ever, and her new song has not anything to do with him.

On February 15, the holeshow off for Rainbow’s fourth mini album “PRISM” used to be held. All of theparticipants were provide for the event, and Jisook and Kim Saeng Min, her spouse in KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly” were the MCs.

When the members said, “Hyunyoung, our youngest, even wrote her own song,” Kim Saeng Min complimented her saying, “I concept abs were your specialty.”

Hyunyoung’s song is the 5thsong “Eye Contact.”

“We dont releases songs one after some other like other groups, so weve had several hiatuses,” Hyunyoung said. “I become wondering what I must make in my spare time, and I made up our mindsto be told song writing two to 3 years ago. I showed my song to my members, and we ended up adding it to the album because they loved it.”

Kim Saeng Min asked about Alex by way of saying, “The song turns out to be about love, and aren’t you presently seeing anyoneappropriate now?”

Jaekyung teased, “It’s about cheating though,” and Hyunyoung clarified, “It’s just a song. Nothing more.”

The album incorporates ageneral of six songs. “Whoo,” the identify song of “Prism,” is a rock dance song with a unfashionable melody line.  “Things I Would like to Tell You” is a cushy ballad, whilst “BlackWhite” is an intense dance song that highlights the group’s vocal skills. The witty lyrics of “Click” and Hyunyoung’s self-made song, “Eye Contact,” are especially notable as well.

rainbow prism yeasiaMake stronger the artist by purchasing Rainbow- Prism from YesAsia Source (1)

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Three of iKON's new songs best real-time song charts

Three of iKON's new songs best real-time song charts

iKON has just released their debut complete album 'Welcome Back' and they have got impressively crowned the real-time track charts! They have taken over music charts with now not one yet alongside3in their new songs.

As of December 23, 7pm EST, iKON's name track "Dumb Dumber" is no 1 on Soribada and Naver, and 2d or 3rd on practically all other charts.

Their other title track "What's Wrong?" is number one on Olleh, and 3rd or 4th on almost all other charts.

Their non-title track, talented to the gangby capacity of G-Dragon, "I Pass over You So Bad" is number one on Mnet, Bugs and Genie, and 2nd or 3rd at the other charts.

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A massive congrats to iKON for topping the charts!


Honey Lee Needs to Song Her Boyfriend, Yoon Kye Sang

Honey Lee Needs to Song Her Boyfriend, Yoon Kye Sang

Honey Lee Needs to Music Her Boyfriend, Yoon Kye Sang?kiddy_nights December 13, 2015 0 LINE it!Honey Lee Wants to Track Her Boyfriend, Yoon Kye Sang? Actress Honey Lee made an appearance at a promotional tournament for Robot, Sori on December 14, at the facet of her co-actors.

As she plays the role of a Ph.D. who works for the Korean Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics, she was once asked a relatively technical question, which turned into Is there somebody in the sector that you should track the use of sounds? Even if she acknowledged no, when she underwent a polygraph test, the lie detector indicated that she lied about it.

When the MC Park Kyung Lim teased her about whether it was her boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang, Honey Lee attempted to stay her cool, saying, I wager there will have towere a time where I sought after to track him. Perhaps one just neededto seem cool answering that question. She added, I maycommunicate to him at the phone, and there'sa massive number of technology. So long as he responds to me, I dont think theres any want for trackers.

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Model Song Hae Na says her dog prevents her from having skinship with her boyfriend

Model Song Hae Na says her dog prevents her from having skinship with her boyfriend

The December 11 airing of 'Witch Hunt' featured units Song Hae Na and Bae Jung Nam for any othercircular of sizzling, 19talk!

Song Hae Nawas empathetic in opposition tothe tale of a lady who claimed she gaineda massive number ofrigidity from her boyfriend's puppy pup.Some of you'll be able toconsider her as one of the vitalultimate contestants on 'Korea's Next Best Model's 2nd cycle and as the actress from Big Bang Seungri's "Gotta Consult with U" song video.

The model said, "I own a black poodle. Because my dog has separation anxiety, even if I move to the bathroom, it helps to keep crying through the door. I at all timesneed to sleep with my dog."

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She then added, "Even when I amappearing love to my boyfriend, my doggy comes in front of me and sticks beside me. I'm k amongst it yet my boyfriend, now not so much. As a result of that, there were times we could not have a physical relationship."


'Real Men' apologizes for the usage of  Jap Navy's march song and exposing an actor's SSN

'Real Men' apologizes for the usage of Jap Navy's march song and exposing an actor's SSN

Uh oh. It roughly feels 'Real Men' made some grave mistakes on its November 29 episode, leading the production workforce and manufacturer Kim Min Jong to say sorry to the viewers. 

Apparently, for the maximum recent episode the editing team of 'Real Men' had used the japanese Navy's reputable march called "Warship March," as the background track at some point, and had by accident leaked the social safetycollection of actor Yi Yi Kyung

The same day the problematic episode aired, 'Real Men's production crew wrote up an apology for its mistakes at the show's official homepage. The apology went, "During the broadcast of 'Real Men,' because of the negligence of the production team, irrelevant background music was once used and actor Yi Yi Kyung's social security number wasn't nicely edited out, causing his non-publicdata to be leaked. The production team would truly like to bow our heads and relay our sincerest apologies to the viewers, actor Yi Yi Kyung, and armed forces personnel. We cantrainadditional caution in order thatthis sort mistake will now nothappenback in the editing process." 

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Producer Kim Min Jong told Newsen that same afternoon, "We sincerely make an apology for mistakenly the use of "Warship March" as the background music and exposing Yi Yi Kyung's social security number without editing it. It turned into all because of the the production team's negligence. In the procedure of making plans and editing the broadcast we will have to accept checked the entirety more strictly and moderatelyyet the mistakes arose from the production crew's negligence. We apologize deeply to the viewers." 


Han Groo Displays Off How Her Boyfriend looks after Her on Real Men

Han Groo Displays Off How Her Boyfriend looks after Her on Real Men

Han Groo presentations Off How Her Boyfriend Takes care of Her on “Real Men” Actress Han Groo, who lately admitted that she is in a relationship, made up our minds to sing their own praises her boyfriend sooner than she entered the army.

On August 30′s episode of “Real Men,” on her way to the Nonsan schooling center, she proudly states, “My boyfriend purchased me beverages and bread sooner than I got here here.” A image of her and her boyfriend could also be shown in the episode.

Meanwhile, “Real Men” is currently airing their 3rd feminine infantrymen special. In this season, actress Yoo Sun, Kim Hyun Sook, Han Chae Ah, Shin So Yul, former tennis champion Jeon Mi Ra, Sayuri, rapper Jessi, CLC’s Yoojin, and Park Gyuri are the warriors who may be schooling along Han Groo.

Han Groo

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