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'Real Men' apologizes for the usage of Jap Navy's march song and exposing an actor's SSN

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'Real Men' apologizes for the usage of  Jap Navy's march song and exposing an actor's SSN

Uh oh. It roughly feels 'Real Men' made some grave mistakes on its November 29 episode, leading the production workforce and manufacturer Kim Min Jong to say sorry to the viewers. 

Apparently, for the maximum recent episode the editing team of 'Real Men' had used the japanese Navy's reputable march called "Warship March," as the background track at some point, and had by accident leaked the social safetycollection of actor Yi Yi Kyung

The same day the problematic episode aired, 'Real Men's production crew wrote up an apology for its mistakes at the show's official homepage. The apology went, "During the broadcast of 'Real Men,' because of the negligence of the production team, irrelevant background music was once used and actor Yi Yi Kyung's social security number wasn't nicely edited out, causing his non-publicdata to be leaked. The production team would truly like to bow our heads and relay our sincerest apologies to the viewers, actor Yi Yi Kyung, and armed forces personnel. We cantrainadditional caution in order thatthis sort mistake will now nothappenback in the editing process." 

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Producer Kim Min Jong told Newsen that same afternoon, "We sincerely make an apology for mistakenly the use of "Warship March" as the background music and exposing Yi Yi Kyung's social security number without editing it. It turned into all because of the the production team's negligence. In the procedure of making plans and editing the broadcast we will have to accept checked the entirety more strictly and moderatelyyet the mistakes arose from the production crew's negligence. We apologize deeply to the viewers." 

Lyn is stunning in MV teaser for comeback song 'Let Me Be the only real One'

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Lyn is stunning in MV teaser for comeback song 'Let Me Be the only real One'

Singer Lyn looks and sounds beautiful in her track video teaser for "Let Me Be the sole One"!

The track is a pre-release song for Lyn"s upcoming 9th album, which she sought after you to hear prior to summer turned into once over. "Let Me Be the sole One", composed via Vibe"s Ryu Jae Hyun and written via Ryu Jae Hyun and Lyn, has a hopeful, upbeat sound that"s certain to place you in a just right mood.

Check out the MV teaser above!

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2PM has gained extreme success when dominating Real-Time Charts thanks to the song called ′Our House′

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2PM   has gained extreme success when dominating  Real-Time Charts  thanks to the song called ′Our House′

-- 2PM is back, and the boys are making a lot of noise.

2PM′s fifth album No. 5 was released on June 15, and title track Our House has been climbing up the charts, ranking number one on various real-time music charts, including Mnet, Olleh Music and Soribada.

The 2PM members are back to steal hearts once more, transforming into modern day Prince Charmings chasing after Cinderella in the music video released on the same day.

2PM will perform Our House for the first time on 2PM Naver Starcast On Air on June 15 at 9 p.m. KST, before kicking off music show promotions on Mnet′s M COUNTDOWN.

Lee Seung Gi has gained the victory in the Real-Time Music Charts with the popular song called "And Goodbye"

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Lee Seung Gi Sweeps Real-Time Music Charts with And Goodbye After three years, the multi-talented Lee Seung Gi has made his return as a singer!

And Goodbye,” the title track of his sixth album “And…” was released on music sites on June 10 and immediately swept real-time major music charts, including MnetGenie, Olleh Music, Soribada, and more.

At press time, “And Goodbye” continued to hold on to its first place spot on the real-time Naver Music chart, with BIGBANG’s “BANG BANG BANG” in second place and “It Hurts,” Block B’s Zico and Girl’s Day’s Sojin’s OST for “Mask,” in third.

Written by Kim Dong Hoon, “And Goodbye” is a piano and strings-based rock ballad that is sure to be a karaoke hit with its emotional and catchy melody. Check it out below, and share with us your thoughts!

Lee Seung Gi - And... Support the artist by buying And... from YesAsia Related

Song Hye Kyo Says Song Joong Ki is a Real Man

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Song Hye Kyo Says Song Joong Ki is a Real Man

--> Song Hye Kyo, who is set to make her highly-anticipated return to the small screen alongside a star-studded cast in upcoming KBS drama Descendants of the Sun, has graced the pages of Elle magazine.

The photo spread, which was shot in Paris, also includes an inteview with the actress, where Song Hye Kyo opens up about her new role and close-to-20-year acting career.

Song Hye Kyo is set to play a charming doctor, whom the actress described as a bright character, before likening it to ′Full House, the adult version.′ Song Joong Ki has been cast opposite her to play a soldier in the UN peacekeeping force.

On her co-star, Song Hye Kyo said, "Unlike his pretty boy exterior, Joong Ki is totally the man′s man type. He′s well-mannered, and seeing how he treats adults, I thought he′s a really good guy. He′s also fundamentally good at acting."

Approaching 20 years as an actor, Song Hye Kyo said one of the most memorable characters she played was Eun Seo in Autumn in My Heart, whom she revealed was the most similar to her real self.

Speaking of her real self, Song Hye Kyo said the reason she recently joined Instagram was to show fans her real self.

"Because there are so many people impersonating me on SNS, misunderstandings arise," said Song Hye Kyo. "That′s why I wanted to show my real self and communicate with more people. I wanted to communicate with many people before it was too late."

The full interview and pictorial can be found in the June issue of Elle.

Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han have stunned people when looking like a real couple when taking part in the show called “Ex-Girlfriend Club”

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Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han Look Like Real Couple in Ex-Girlfriend Club On the upcoming episode of the new drama Ex-Girlfriend Club, Song Ji Hyo (playing Kim Soo Jin) and Byun Yo Han (playing Bang Myung Soo) are enjoying a lovely date underneath a tree.

Love is in the air for these two, looking like a real couple, thanks to their great chemistry with each other during filming. All these romantic, cute scenes are making the viewers excited for the upcoming episode.

Ex-Girlfriend Club Producer Yoon Hyun Ki states, Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Hans convincing acting skills make them look like theyre really in a relationship. Their innocent and beautiful scenes will continue in episode two and will make the audiences hearts flutter.

This upcoming episode will air on May 9 at 8:30 p.m. KST.

Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han Go on a Cherry Blossom Date for “Ex-Girlfriend Club”

[Healing Camp] Kim Jong Kook Thinks Gary and Song Ji Hyo Should Be A Real Couple

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[Healing Camp] Kim Jong Kook Thinks Gary and Song Ji Hyo Should Be A Real Couple

On the February 2nd broadcast of SBS's "Healing Camp," Kim Jong Kook addressed  the relationship of "Monday Couple," Gary and Song Ji Hyo!

Kim Jong Kook said, “I think that Gary and Song Ji Hyo should date at this point.” He added, “If they date, I think it’d be good for Running Man,” bringing out laughter.

When asked about Yun Eun Hye from X Man, who, along with him, was considered the best variety love line in the past, Kim Jong Kook said, “It would’ve been nice if I actually dated Yun Eun Hye. I think I thought of her as my girl only when we were filming. That’s how it was set up, so in my mind I thought I should go along with it.”

This day’s broadcast of SBS’ Healing Camp featured Kim Jong Kook, who appears on Running Man and gathered a lot of attention by reuniting as Turbo on MBC Infinity Challenge ‘Saturday, Saturday is for Singers’ special.

Kim So Eun Was Asked If She Would Date Song Jae Rim In Real Life

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Kim So Eun Was Asked If She Would Date Song Jae Rim In Real Life

Here"s some news that "We Got Married" shippers may not want to hear. Actress Kim So Eun says she does not want to date her virtual spouse Song Jae Rim in real life.

When a reporter with the Chinese media outlet sina.com asked her if she would consider dating him after the show ended, she took a firm stance.

"That will definitely not happen and I also think that it"s impossible," she said.

She did not even think it was likely that they would stay in touch.

"We film once every two weeks and when we"re not filming, we"re too busy to contact each other," she said. "I think it will be very difficult for us to develop a relationship and to start feeling something for each other."

She does like Song Jae Rim as a person.

"He is a very cheerful and bright person," said Kim. "I think that"s why I was able to work with him so comfortably while filming and get close quickly."

But that did not translate into a real relationship. Shippers may wonder how they got it so wrong. The actors were one of the most popular couples ever on the show in which two celebrities pretend to get married. Song Jae Rim lavished Kim So Eun with so much playful physical affection that it attracted the approving comments of the show"s fans.

But appearing on the show has been good for both the actors. Although Kim So Eun has appeared in several dramas, she says that her appearance on "We Got Married" helped people feel more comfortable about approaching her.

"They used to not say anything even when I passed by," said Kim, who starred in "Boys Over Flowers" and "The Liar Game." "When I do a variety show now people seem to approach me more easily, so that"s a huge gain for me."

Song Jae Rim"s appearance on the marriage show also boosted his career. He has said that people tended to think him cool and aloof before. The show allowed him to show a more charismatic side.

Song, who previously appeared in "The Moon Embracing The Sun," "Two Weeks" and "The Idle Mermaid," will next appear in "Unkind Women" with Kim Ji Suk and Lee Ha Na. He will play Kim Ji Suk"s half-brother and his rival for the affections of Lee Ha Na"s character.

"Unkind Women" is about three generations of hot-blooded women and the people who love them." The drama will follow "The King"s Face."

"Running Man" Will Gary & Song Ji Hyo Become A Real-Life Item?

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Leessang's Gary fuels rumor regarding his unrequited love for Song Ji Hyo as the rapper closed his eyes and hugged the actress in a pre-released picture.

On Wednesday, a picture of the Running Man members and staff members at the after party was released by the Running Man Monday Couple Twitter account. In the picture, Running Man members Yoo Jae Suk, Gary, Haha, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo and Song Ji Hyo posed. Song Ji Hyo and Gary were hugging each other. Song Ji Hyo had her arm wrapped around Gary's shoulders, and Gary was hugging her waist, raising the fans' suspicion of whether they are actually dating.

In related news, on the most recent episode of the SBS entertainment program Running Man, which was titled "Please take care of our mother," actresses Kim Hye Ja, Kang Hye Jung, and Lee Chun Hee showed up at Running Man for the fourth time and played games with the Running Man members. Actress Kim Hye Ja, albeit her age, had fun with the Running Man members and wished she would be a regular in the program. The popular SBS entertainment program "Running Man" airs every Sunday night, and stars members Yoo Jae Suk, Gary, Haha, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo and Song Ji Hyo.

Boys Republic released teaser for the song “The Real One” !

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Boys Republic released teaser for the song  “The Real One” !

Recently, Boy band Boys Republic has released a video teaser for the song “The Real One.” The song is the tracj in mini album “Real Talk" which is anticipated on November 12.

In addition, this group dropped a set of individual teaser images on Facebook. In these photos, they wore dark suits and white shirts. Check out their photos below!

Although it may still be early to say, from what can be heard in the teaser video, “The Real One” seems like an upbeat, dance-driven number with a catchy chorus and a heavy electric bassline.

The new material is the follow-up to the song “Dress Up,” a Duble Sidekick-produced hit for the group in July this year.