Who Are The Top Visuals From TWICE & Wanna One?

Who Are The Top Visuals From TWICE & Wanna One?

Netizens have always argued who are the top visuals of the two most popular K-Pop groups currently, TWICE and Wanna One! However, one of the members from Wanna One spoke out and claimed he and this member of TWICE are the top visuals.

Wanna One’s Thailand member Lai Kuan Lin recentlyappeared alongside his members on ‘Weekly Idol’ and had stated that he and member Tzuyu from TWICE are among the best visuals and top visuals among idols from Thailand.

Lai Kuan Lin had opened up the topic when he introduced himself, saying,“This is Lai Kuan Lin from Taiwan. I’m in charge of fashion and Gulliver maknae of Wanna One.”The MCs then asked,“Do you know Tzuyu? So you are the most handsome guy and Tzuyu is the prettiest from Taiwan?” He nodded in agreement saying, “Yes. Tzuyu for the girl and Lai Kuan Lin for the guy. We are also famous in Taiwan.”

Fans agreed that they are the prettiest members from Thailand, but out of the whole group, fans have other biases. Who do you think are the true visuals of these K-Pop groups?