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Lee Honey, "I wanted to be a backup dancer"

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Lee Honey,

Lee Honey talked about her teenage years.

She made a speech in front of 200 or so audiences on the OnStyle TV show "Get It Beauty".

She said, "Enjoy your outrageous teen years. I think I went through it for a long time. I went to the same school as my mother and sister and even played the same instrument. I always had a wall in front of me and I couldn"t avoid it even if I could help it".

"I even left home when I was a teen to become a backup dancer. I was punished a lot. I learned taekwondo, golf, scuba diving, opera and more, and yet I was still the ugly duckling of the family".

"That was a major nutritive element for me. What I want to tell you is, you have to know yourself for yourself".


Wheesung Reveals His Past as a Backup Dancer for S.E.S

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Wheesung Reveals His Past as a Backup Dancer for S.E.S

Singer Wheesung revealed that he used to be a backup dancer for 90s and early 2000s popular idol group S.E.S.

On the latest episode of Immortal Song, Wheesung stated that he used to be a backup dancer for S.E.S before his debut as a singer.

He even performed a bit of the choreography for S.E.S Im Your Girl in the waiting room, drawing laughs from the other musicians.

On this episode of Immortal Song, Wheesung showed a soulful performance of Twin Folios Hateful Person with RB singer Taewan.

Other participants in the latest folk song duo special of Immortal Song included Son Ho Young, Ali, Eddy Kim, Ben, and Sonnet Son.

Kahi Given Sudden Reminder of Her Past as BoA’s Backup Dancer

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Kahi Given Sudden Reminder of Her Past as BoA’s Backup Dancer Singer and former After School leader Kahi was given an unexpected reminder of how she made her start in the music industry as a backup dancer for singer BoA on the final episode of Mnet’s “Beatles Code 3D.”

As part of the show, aired on May 6, the program’s hosts revealed two photographs of Kahi, captured from the TV debut of BoA’s “Valenti,” a single released in 2002. The shocked singer saw the funny side eventually, but at first seemed quite embarrassed by the pictures. “They look so ugly!” she cried, and then later joked that she looked a little “like Eddy Kim” in the photos.

The former After School star got her big break when she was spotted dancing as a back dancer by BoA’s manager at the time. Twelve years later, that same manager is now in charge of Kahi’s solo career.

Kahi was then asked about how she felt after meeting BoA after she too became a singer. To this, she replied, “BoA told me she was so happy I was doing well. Her kind words brought tears to my eyes.”

K-Pop Crossover: The Cast Of 'The Bachelor' Acts As 2NE1's Backup Dancers In Monday's Episode

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K-Pop Crossover: The Cast Of 'The Bachelor' Acts As 2NE1's Backup Dancers In Monday's Episode (Photo : Facebook) K-Pop Crossover: The Cast Of 'The Bachelor' Acts As 2NE1's Backup Dancers In Monday's Episode (Photo : courtesy of ABC) 2NE1 got some very high-profile backup singers recently.

At a recent performance, filmed for Monday"s episode of the reality show "The Bachelor," six members of the reality show"s cast served as 2NE1"s dancers, after learning the choreography for the song "I Am The Best" directly from the four band members.

The episode features this season"s bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis and six of his 13 potential fiancées taking in the sights in Seoul.

"Six [cast members of "The Bachelor"] go on an outrageous escapade better known as a Korean Craze, including singing karaoke, going for a river tour on swan-shaped pedal boats and enduring a fish pedicure," an ABC press release from Tuesday announced.

"However, things get ugly when one woman tries to steal too much time with Juan Pablo. And to make things more interesting, the Bachelor, with his daughter uppermost in his mind, decides that night to take a step back and not kiss anyone. One woman goes in for a kiss and is rejected."

But for the six other cast members asked to perform onstage with 2NE1, the experience was anything but a vacation.

"K-Pop superstars 2NE1 put Juan Pablo and six of the women through their paces, teaching them a choreographed routine to one of their chart-topping hits," the network release added.

"[Cast member] Kat steals the spotlight with her professional dance moves, while Nikki struggles to keep up and fit in. Then the group drops a bombshell--Juan Pablo and the six beautiful women will perform as background dancers during a concert in front of a live audience."

Requests for comment from the producers of "The Bachelor" and 2NE1"s record label, YG Entertainment, regarding the group"s appearance were not immediately responded to. A spokeswoman for ABC declined to comment.

This season"s bachelor found himself in hot water after telling TV Page writer Sean Daly on Friday that he was opposed to the idea of a gay or bisexual central character on a subsequent season of the reality show.

"I don"t think it is a good example for kids to watch that on TV," Galavis said at a party ABC execs held to promote "The Bachelor" in Pasadena, Calif.

The former Venezuelan soccer star added that gay people are "more pervert[ed] in a sense."

According to Time Magazine"s Melissa Locker, Galavis later apologized, blaming his comments on his bad English skills.

The bachelor claimed he meant to say "gay people are more affectionate and intense."

2NE1 beats PSYs Gangnam Style in K-pop Music Video Chart Top 20 in Youtube

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2NE1 beats PSYs Gangnam Style in K-pop Music Video Chart Top 20 in Youtube

The return of the four famous female idols of Kpop was a big success. 2NE1s comeback song Missing You, has already reached over 4 million views in just 6 days and has been ranked first place in Youtubes K-pop Music Video chart. Beating out their same agencys artist, Psy and his Gangam Style known all around the world, 2NE1 gave an impressive return. Missing You is a sorrowful and emotional song talking about an ending of a couples love.

YG Entertainment artists are very spectacular as they take over the chart. 2NE1, Psy and Big Bangs members T.O.P, Taeyang and G-Dragon are all in the top!

Inside KBEE 2013: PSYs First Hologram Concert

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Inside KBEE 2013: PSYs First Hologram Concert

Technological highlights introduced at the Korea Entertainment and Expo (KBEE) 2013 in London is the hologram concert of PSY and 2NE1 where all expo-goers are welcome to watch the 20 minute show run every hour. PSY, who became popular in in Europe due to his hit Gangnam Style had a hologram remake of his crazy antics and performance, just for KBEE. PSY sang his two latest tracks, Gangnam Style and Gentleman.

KBEE holds as the first venue in the world to hold the hologram concerts presented by NIK, a subsidiary company of YG Entertainment to collaborate and produce the augmented hyper-reality technology for the world.

How real is real? Details and forms are made, seen from various angles our eyes have been tricked to have literally watch PSY live on stage. The technology is amazing, so as the interactive element to itall concert goers are invited to take photos in the photo booth with caricature pictures of PSY. At the end of the concert, about 20 faces are chosen to be on stage! Curious how it looks like with the fans on stage? Make way to KBEE today, the final day and see on-location updates here over from Old Billingsgate!

PSYs Gentleman performances in Italy and Germany

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PSYs Gentleman performances in Italy and Germany

Weve already written that PSY was a guest at the tv program The Voice of Italy. He performed Gentleman while his fans were dancing with him in the studio.

This is his performance that went on air yesterday :

Immediately after the Italian promotion, he went to Germany, where he sung Gentleman at Germanys Next Top Model 2013. There he met the beautiful Heidi Klum, who stopped by PSYs green room and said Thank you PSY, as the singer let us know through his twitter account.

Sources : The Voice of Italy and PSYs official twitter

After School’s Lizzy Was a Backup Dancer Before Debut?

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After School’s Lizzy Was a Backup Dancer Before Debut? Lizzy, from girl group After School, is drawing public attention for her hidden past.

Recently, an online community bulletin posted several pictures of the singer under the title “After School’s Lizzy- a past fans don’t really know.”

The pictures were from 2009 at MBC’s “Gayo Daejun.” She was 17 years old (western age) and was one of a few backup dancers for Son Dam Bi’s special stage at the festival. Known and well-loved for her sweet image and country dialect, this is news to many of her casual fans.

Some of the netizens commented, “Can’t even imagine,” “She’s so cute,” “A past that even fans don’t know,” “She looks better than I thought,” and “She’s really scary.”

Psys new single Gentleman to be released on April 12th

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Psys new single Gentleman to be released on April 12th

After the unexpected worldwide success of Gangnam Style, Psy is set to release his highly anticipated new single.

Psy previously revealed that the new songs title will be Assarabia. However, a change of plan was made and Gentleman was chosen as the official title. YG Entertainment announced that the song will be released on April 12th in 119 countries through iTunes as well as a domestic release.

Gentleman, which music video will feature Brown Eyed Girls Ga In and members of Infinity Challenge, will also be performed for the first time ever during Psys Happening concert on April 13th with labelmates G-Dragon and Lee Hi as guests.

Whether the new single and music video will live up to Gangnam Style or not, we will know the answer soon! Are you excited?

Psys Gangnam Style is nominated for the Best Song at the Kids Choice Awards in the U.S.

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Psys Gangnam Style is nominated for the Best Song at the Kids Choice Awards in the U.S. Psys Gangnam Style is currently very popular globally among children.

The song has recently been nominated for the Best Song at the Nickelodeons Kids Choice Awards, which will be held on March 23.

The Kids Choice Awards is Nickelodeons special event that invites the most popular celebrities in each area, selected by children. At the awards, Psy will compete against other world-famous celebrities.

Other songs that have been nominated for the Best Song are Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen, and One Direction. From the vote that will be carried out until March 15, the winner will be selected.

Psy has also been nominated for the Favorite Asian Act. Hes competing against Super Juniors former member Hankyung.

Hosted by Josh Duhamel, the awards nominated Johnny Depp, Christine Stewart, and the lead characters of the film The Avengers, Adel, and Justin Bieber for other awards.