Which Member of G-Friend Was Chosen As The Sexiest?

Which Member of G-Friend Was Chosen As The Sexiest?

While G-Friend are known for their cute and lovely charms throughout all of their concepts, fans and the members always felt there was one member who is the sexiest among them – but who could that be?

While their last comeback “Fingertip” before “Love Whisper” was as shockingly sexy as the girl group was going to get, the girls recently felt there was a member who is better suited for the sexy concept.

On August 10th, G-Friend appeared on a radio program where they played a minigame and speed quiz challenge. One of the questions was asked who the members thought would be the best at pulling off a sexy concept. The girls agreed with Yerin choices of choosing SinB and here is why.

“We performed miss A’s ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ during a year-end specialstage, and she did well. She made an impact by biting her lips.” SinB even surprised herself and replied, “Looking back, I was surprised, too.”

Perhaps we can see more of SinB’s sexy side in a future comeback?