Which celebrity is voted the most wanted water park date?

Which celebrity is voted the most wanted water park date?

Single people in Korea voted for the celebrity they wish to go on a water park date with!

A marriage company Duo carried out the survey from July 12 to July 25. A total of 334 people, (165 male, 169 female), who claimed to be single participated. 

In the overall results, counting the total votes by both male and female participants, Park Seo Joon took first place for the male celebrity by gaining 24% of the votes. Lee Hyori took first for female celebrities with 19.5% of the votes. The results were slightly different when counting the votes only by the male and only by the female participants. 

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In the votes by the female singles, Lee Hyori (33.7%) placed first. Then came Sana of TWICE (11.8%). In third was actress Song Ha Yoon (11.2%). For the male celebrity, Park Seo Joon (26.6%) placed first and the second place went to Wanna One’s Minhyun (17.2%). Another Wanna One member Kang Daniel (11.8%) followed in third. 

In the votes by the male singles, Park Bo Gum (28.5%) was voted the most wanted male celebrity for a water park date. Next was Park Seo Joon (21.2%). In third was Bae Jung Nam (13.3%) and 2PM’s Junho (13.3%).  As for the female celebrity, the male singles selected AOA’s Seolhyun (24.2%) as first. Na-Eun of Apink came in second while actress Kim Sa Rang (17%) placed third. 

Who is your dream date for the water park?