What These 3 Actresses in Their 50’s Share in Common

What These 3 Actresses in Their 50’s Share in Common

The 3 actresses below have become many women’s role models because of their self-discipline in their beauty and fitness routine, keeping them youthful even in their 50’s.

Actress Hwang Shin-hye is all about that confidence. For her, age is not a problem because she is diligent in keeping her body in shape.

Her confidence started from her persistent exercise routine. She recommends dumbbell workout. Though, you should be cautious not to over exert yourself since that won’t be healthy for you overall and also trigger aging on your skin.

Hydration is a must if you want to catch both good body and skin.

Her unceasing effort have brought her the admiration and envy of all women in South Korea.

Actress Kim Hee-ae is the definition of grace. She is another prime example of a mid-age actress with a toned body and youthfully glowing skin. She have been a face of a certain makeup brand for 14 years now, which is an unusual case in this industry.

Tested by dermatologists, her skin age is only 24 years old! Also, through a constant care, she have kept her weight at 49kg for 10+ years.

She shared her secret to a glowing skin in an interview once, she mentioned that she does not use her morning time idly. While making breakfast or reading newspapers, she have a hydration mask on her face, waking up her skin with nourishments first thing in the morning!

The last is actress Kim Sung-ryung, who have caught everyone’s attention recently with the pictures revealed on her Instagram.

This is the picture (Above) that made everyone kneel in awe online! I still can’t believe that she’s in her 50’s with this picture.

She mentioned that her youthful face is her good genes. Haha

However, for her toned body, she said it was due to her hard work and diligent effort in going to the gym. She also mentioned that when she wake up in the morning, the first thing she does is to go on a scale. In the healthiest way possible, she try not to stray from her standard weight.