What K-Pop Group Is On Amazon's Best Selling List?

What K-Pop Group Is On Amazon's Best Selling List?

Amazon shoppers were quite surprised to see a K-Pop group not only make it to the Best Seller’s list but also sweeping the Amazon Album Charts!

As some could already expect, BTS are the boy group who continue to dominate the K-Pop scene. Their album ‘Love Yourself,’ which has yet to be released, has taken over Amazon and impressing netizens.

The boy’s album was also seen placed at number 1 on the ‘Hot Releases List’ as well, which puts them at the number 1 spot on over 3 different lists. No other artist has had this achievement before as well. The boy group has also managed to be number 1 Amazon Best Sellersfor 4 days in a row now!

But these aren’t the only lists the boys can be seen dominating! In fact, BTS’ ‘Love Yourself’ album is only on the number one spot for ‘Gift Ideas’ and ‘Most Wished For’ item list. It seems international fans have proven their love for BTS once again!

Fans commented, “I can sense something big. I think they’ll make it on to Billboard’s main chart”, “Wow, this is the first since Wonder Girls”, “Looks like BTS will really be achieving their dreams”, ”That’s crazy. BTS is unbeatable overseas”, “Wow, I’m getting goosebumps”, “Wow how far would they grow?” What do you think of this stellar achievement?