What it’s like to be at IU’s Private Fan Meeting

What it’s like to be at IU’s Private Fan Meeting

It’s no secret who have taken over my ears lately. IU’s new album is on the infinite repeat on my Spotify playlist, to and from work, while I take a shower, while I eat, opening my day with her songs and ending my day with her songs! She is such a genius in writing these songs and her voice is the voice of an angel.

Right as her songs were revealed to the world, IU held a private fan meeting called “LiveONE Palette” with 300 fans who were selected to attend.

The entrance was packed with many flower tree/ rice tree stands gifted from her fans and staffs.

As the meeting started, here comes our lovely IU! Yes, her four fingers are saying that she returned with her 4th album.

She was so happy to hear her fans scream with joy at her presence.

The meeting was scheduled for a 60 mins, but it became a mini concert + fan meeting, going near 2 hours long.

Even though IU was probably tired from her busy schedule with her return, it couldn’t stop her love for her fans. IU is known for being a great communicator with her fans and taking care of them.

She rained the fans with many gifts as she introduced each songs. For the song “dlwlrma” meaning “this moment”, she took a selfie with a Polaroid camera, capturing this moment. She then gave away the picture to a randomly selected fan.

Many fans also received signed CD with their name on it.

For those who couldn’t be there due to the limited capacity of the meeting, there was a live video through SNS. She did not forget the fans watching from the live video and kindly addressed the questions given from the viewers.

Replying to her fans’ request, she ran up to the audience and took group pictures. Since she got so close to them, she even did a quick interview too. (I’m so jealous of them!! Haha)

The anticipated album was revealed! And YES, true to the album’s name, palette, she wanted the entire album to resemble an actual painting palette.

She ended the meeting with singing her new songs live! Ahh, hurry and give me the ticket to South Korea right now. I must hear her beautiful voice in person!

Just as I thought I couldn’t love her more than I already am, I’m falling in love with her more and more!