What if Yeo Jin-goo is sitting next to me in the movie theater?

What if Yeo Jin-goo is sitting next to me in the movie theater?

What will you do if actor Yeo Jin-goo or actor Lee Jung-jae is sitting right next to you in the movie theater as you look to the side?

The fan service provided by these two handsome actors have created such jealousy among ladies’ community as everyone regretted not attending the premier of the movie, “Warriors of the Dawn”. Ending of last month, to celebrate the airing of the movie, the two main actors have put together such a cute surprise for the fans!

As the premier event was about to open, actor Yeo Jin-goo and Lee Jung-jae shared laughter and prepared for the event in the waiting room.

The premier event was full of QA session, questions regarding the movie, regarding the actor, and sometimes even silly requests and jokes.

To the fans gathered in the movie theater, actor Lee Jung-jae shared his feelings.

“Thank you so much for so kindly gathering here. I am grateful for everyone who’s in this theater, and those who weren’t able to make it but still participated in the premiere screening via SNS Live and in the other theaters”.

Yeo Jin-goo continued with his remark,

“I don’t think I can sleep tonight! This is my first time having a fan meeting at the theater before the movie is officially released, and it’s making me so nervous! I’m really grateful for your time and support”.

The fans were in heaven as the two actors interacted with them, and out of all the fans, two particular fans were especially lucky to receive the surprise gift!

As the randomly picked fan exchanged the seat with Yeo Jin-goo, the two fans got to experience Yeo Jin-goo and Lee Jung-jae right by their sides!

At the end, the two main actors and the director took a group selfie with everyone and ended the event in a cute note.

The movie “Warriors of the Dawn” was released this month and it’s a movie worth your time, so check it out! (: