What has Yeo Jin Goo done since becoming an adult?

What has Yeo Jin Goo done since becoming an adult?

Actor Yeo Jin Goo, currently awaiting the premiere of his new movie ‘Warriors of the Dawn’, sat down for an interview.

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He was asked about how much he’s “experienced” since becoming an adult. Being born in 1997, Yeo Jin Goo has been of age since 2016. Yeo Jin Goo began, “I think I’ve had plenty of alcohol,” bringing about laughter.

He continued, “I’ve done a lot of driving too. I’m still a beginner but I go around with my manager in the passenger’s seat. I’ve gone to filmingfor ‘Warriors of the Dawn’ driving myself too. I don’t know why I haven’t gotten any calls for blind date meetings with girls. I think my friends go without me.”

During filming for ‘Warriors of the Dawn’, he said, “We had drinks on set if we had days where in between scenes, it would turn from one day to the next… This time, I learned a lot. Lee Jung Jae sunbaenim said I drink well, but it’s not that. It’s because I drank with my sunbaenims, so I was nervous. Honestly, I can’t drink well. Because I’m afraid of making a mistake, I’m always on guard when I drink. I act like I’m okay in front of my sunbaenims, but I’ve gone home on piggy back rides on my manager quite often. I think I just fall asleep. I haven’t drank until I’ve gone completely overboard before yet.”

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