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Song Ji Hyo Is self-assured in informal in newest style Pictorial

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Song Ji Hyo Is Confident in Casual in recent Fashion Pictorial Song Ji Hyo has reworked into China’s most sensible fashionista.

The feminine actress lately posted images from her pictorial on her Weibo account. In the photo shoot, collaborated with the noted Chinese clothier Ji Cheng, she expresses her mesmerizing charms.

In the photo below, you'll see Song Ji Hyo appearing off her just right frame proportions with a fitted white outfit. The snapback on her head and her easy-going smile adds a layer of casualness to the image.

Her comfortable poses, too, mark her pro attitude. In one image, she is with a little bit of luck staring at into the camera whilst her hands are on her hips. In another, her hands are shoved in her wallet as she sends out a sublime look.

Meanwhile, Song Ji Hyo has won immense reputation in the Increased China Region because of SBS’s “Running Man.” The Asia fan meetings along have proved China’s love for the female actress.

BTOB to bring a Message of Hope With name Song “On the style Home” + New Teaser Images

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BTOB to Deliver a Message of Hope With Title Song “On the Way Home” + New Teaser Images Group BTOB might be liberating its 2d curative project, “On the Way Home.”

According to Cube Entertainment on October 5, “BTOB will start the legit comeback activities after the unencumber in their 7th mini album ‘I Mean.’ The name song ‘On the Way Home’ is a healing song stuffed with hope for the ones that are walking against their dream after leaving failure and frustrations at the back of them. It's going to be a moving song much like ‘It’s Okay.’”

In the picture teasers that were revealed, BTOB perfectly pulls off either the candy and masculine ideas perfectly.

Meanwhile, BTOB will be releasing their seventh mini album on October 12.

Song Ji-hyo reveals ab in her see-through airport style

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Song Ji-hyo reveals ab in her see-through airport style

SBS" entertainment program, "Running Man" team left to Hong Kong to attend their fan meeting on July 2nd.

Song Ji-hyo is headed to the departure hall of the Incheon International Airport on this day.

To celebrate its fifth anniversary of the entertainment show, "Running Man", they are going to hold fan meetings in 8 different cities across Asia to appreciate the strong support from the fans.

All seven members of the show will get together for the upcoming fan meeting in Hong Kong on July 3rd.

Song Jae Rim Successfully Carries Kim So Eun Bridal-Style on “We Got Married”

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Actor Song Jae Rim successfully bridal carried Kim So Eun on We Got Married!

On the March 28 episode of MBCs We Got Married, Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun celebrate White Day together by making candies. He then gifts her with a mini gift machine.

She picks out a hug three times coupon from the machine, and is touched when she picked a hair band.

Song Jae Rim says, Ill do the three hugs for you, and lifts Kim So Eun up bridal style and down three times. Kim So Eun cant hide her glee, laughing and shouting at her husbands expression of affection. When the doorbell rang and the mission card was delivered, she complains, This is ruining the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, We Got Married airs every Saturday.

Watch We Got Married right here on SoompiTV!

Song Jae Rim Shows His Lazy Day Style On "Singles" Magazine

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Song Jae Rim Shows His Lazy Day Style On

The "husband" of Kim So Eun on MBC's "We Got Married," Song Jae Rim took time to flaunt his irresistible charm in pictorial for fashon magazine "Singles."

Song Jae Rim shows off his boyish charm in the warm-toned pictorial. He lounges around a house in with a messy hair and casual outfits.

In contrast with his TV persona, Song Jae Rim was reportedly reserved and composed on set.

Song Jae Rim, who majored not in acting or film but information systems, shared that he developed a desire to act while modeling to support himself through college. He said he self-studied not only acting but also directing, lighting, and screenwriting.

He remarked, “As I dream about the future, I am always aware of my shortcomings, so I just briefly look at what’s in front of me and move on.”

Meanwhile, Song Jae Rim is in preparation for KBS 2TV’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Unkind Women.” He will be acting alongside Lee Ha Na, Chae Si Ra, Kim Hye Ja, and Kim Ji Suk.

The full pictorial and interview will be released on January 22 in the February issue of Singles magazine as well as online.

Song Ji Hyo displayed her fascination in the photo shoot for NBA style

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Song Ji Hyo displayed her fascination in the photo shoot for NBA style

"Running Man" has published the fashion photos which were taken in NBA style of Song Ji Hyo (member of "Running Man")

NBA style posted the photos of Song Ji Hyo for the NBA 2014 f/w advertisement on their official Facebook page. In the photos, Song Ji Hyo appeared in clothes and accessories from NBA style. In contrast to her character in " Running Man", Song Jo Hyo in these pictures looked so charming.  In related news, the SBS entertainment program "Running Man" is one of the oldest and widely popular weekend shows in Korea, along with "Infinite Challenge" and "1 Night 2 Days." The "Running Man" members, Yoo Jae Suk, Gary, Haha, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo and Song Ji Hyo, play missions with guests of the weekend. It airs every Sunday night.

Song Jae Rim Collaborate With Men’s Style Magazine Geek

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Song Jae Rim Collaborate With Men’s Style Magazine Geek

Actor Song Jae Rim collaborated with the men"s style magazine Geek, and showed off his fashion senses. Actor Song Jae Rim recently collaborated with the men"s style magazine Geek, and shot the pictures on the topic of an actor elopes at night. In the pictures, actor Song Jae Rim showed off his fashion sense on his lean body. A staff person from the men"s style magazine Geek said, "Actor Song Jae Rim did his best even though we filmed the pictures late at night in the cold. His fashion sense amazed the staffs." In related news, actor Song Jae Rim currently stars in the MBC entertainment program "We Got Married."

Ladies Code to come back with a funky, street-style song on August 7th

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Ladies Code to come back with a funky, street-style song on August 7th

Ladies Code will be coming back on August 7th, making it a comeback after 6 months hiatus.

Ladies Code will be coming back with a funky new song in August after their previous digital single, So Wonderful back in February, thus making it a comeback after 6 months.

Many netizens are already anticipating what kind of image they will be coming back with, as it had been revealed that they will be breaking away from their lively and colorful theme, and coming back with a more funky and street-like concept.

Furthermore, Polaris Entertainment revealed that not only will the members of Ladies Code be rocking street-fashion, like denim, but they will also be incorporating street dance genres, such as waacking into their choreography.

Are you looking forward to their comeback?

B2ST's Hyunseung goes with his own style on 'Immortal Song 2'

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B2ST's Hyunseung goes with his own style on 'Immortal Song 2'

Though he showed a different side last week, B2ST"s Hyunseung went with what he does best on "Immortal Song 2".

SEE ALSO: B2ST give a preview of their choreography for "Good Luck" in new teaser

On the June 14th episode, Hyunseung covered "Love"s Sadness" and put on an eye-catching performance. He said, ""In the Flower Garden" was a good experience. It was a different experience. I"ve never sang like that before. I returned to my usual style today."

Lee Chi Hyun commented, "The song"s key is high, so it"s a difficult song to sing. I"m really satisfied that [Hyunseung] sang it like this while dancing."

However, Hyunseung lost to Lee Jung"s 394 points, and The One took the final trophy.

U.S. Billboard Reports Producing Team 'The Underdogs' Made A Song That Fit Girls' Generation's Style

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U.S. Billboard Reports Producing Team 'The Underdogs' Made A Song That Fit Girls' Generation's Style Producing team "The Underdogs" stated to U.S. Billboard that they wanted to make an energetic pop song for Girls" Generation.

According to Billboard, who held an interview with The Underdogs, Damon Thomas stated that "Mr.Mr." featured an urban sound as they wanted the rhythm to fit with the choreography. 

Having that urban undertone would allow people to easily sing along and become addicted to this pop song.

The team also stated that they were fans of Girls" Generation and that they knew what type of songs the group has released before. 

They continued and talked about their time producing in Korea as well as Girls" Generation"s huge popularity around the world.

Underdogs member Harvey Mason commented, "Girls" Generation is a group that appeals to the world. I could see just how many people truly loved their music when they received the YouTube Music Awards. They are amazing."

The Underdogs have also worked with Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and other famous stars.