Week in Review, 5/13 to 5/19

Week in Review, 5/13 to 5/19

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of SB Week in Review! Heres your news:

InfiniteWoohyun revealed that a shoulder injury sustained during the 2014 ISAC is permanent, with the damaged cartilage expected to result in pain in later life. There are many tales of injury caused by ISAC, but to hear of the consequences of this particular injury is especially saddening.

BulldokHyeongeun has left the group, citing health reasons. The rapper, who had gained attention for her performance on Produce 101, had recently been involved in a controversy involving BTS, where she was accused of not using the appropriate honorifics when talking about the senior group during a livestream. BTS fans were also unimpressed by claims, relayed by Hyeongeuns friend, that V had athletes foot or similar foot-related health issue due to his choice of footwear. Some have speculated that this was the reason behind Hyeongeuns departure, while others claim the health reason is legitimate.

It came to light that five-member boy band The Legend, had disbanded but they did win their lawsuit against their agency, SS Entertainmentfor maltreatment, beforehand.

On a happier note, BTS became the first K-pop group to win the Top Social Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards this year with a record-breaking number of votes, also ending Justin Biebers six-year winning streak in the process. Congrats to the group and fans!

Twice are back, but Signal hasnt caught on as fiercely as the groups past releases, with our reviewers puzzled over the MVs direction and unimpressed with the albums production.

On the other hand, Vixx have found success with subtlety in Shangri-La.

Roy Kim tries something different in his latest album, and our reviewer loved it!

Dean collaborated with American singer Syd for Love.

Dumbfoundead put out Hyung with a list of features from Simon D, Dok2, and Tiger JK.

TheEastLight released Youre My Love.

Pentagon pre-released Beautiful, produced by BtoBs Ilhoon.

FNC Entertainment debuted a new band, Honeyst.

Production team Forplay teamed up with Nune Muses Kyungri for Talk About You.

Cheeze put out new single Be There.

The next Station song is E-12 from Myron Mckinley Trio.

K-pop Star 6 finalist Sohee put out Spotlight, a pre-release track for the debut of her Hunus girl group, Elris.

Wrong Address worked with Crush on Love is True.

Teasers Announcements

Seventeen will be dropping mini album Al1 on the 22nd.

Beat Entertainment boy band A.C.E will debut.

MAP6s third single, Momentum, will be out.

The 24th sees Fiestars Yezi release degital single Ankh Sa Namum.

KNK will be shooting for the stars with their single album Gravity on the 25th.

Baek A-yeon will be releasing a new single.

Astro are returning with Dream Part.01.

Highlight will be releasing a repackage of their first post-Beast mini.

Sistar will be inaugurating the K-pop summer with a comeback on the 31st.

We have a date for Chunghas debut: June 7th!

Stellar has added a new member, Soyoung, to the line-up. Well, this news does mean a comeback is on the way.

After her Station single last year, Hyoyeon will be the next Soshi to fully go solo. Look out for her debut mini this June!

iKon are definitely coming back on the 22nd YGE had taken down a previous teaser with the date, but its now confirmed.

Kim Lip is the next Loona member to be revealed. She will be releasing two songs: Eclipse and Twilight. I wonder who picked those names.

Woollim is ready to debut its new boy band, and they are called Golden Child.

Black Pink will be debuting in Japan shortly after their comeback in South Korea.

XX Entertainment will be debuting girl group S.I.S sometime in the next two months.

SHinee leader Onew has been cast in Age of Youth 2, and will star opposite Han Seung-yeon. Shinee-Kara reunion ahoy!

Lovelyz had their first music show win this week, on SBS The Show. Congrats to the ladies!

Monsta X continues to suffer injuries, most recently with Hyungwons ankle. We wish the injured and full recovery. On a more positive note, the group also unveiled their new lightstick.

After speculation about her prolonged absence, AOAs Choa informed everyone that she was just taking a pre-approved break from the spotlight, and was not using social media as part of the conditions for said break. She also, through FNC, denied dating rumours with a company CEO.

Super Juniors Heechul took to Instagram to let everyone know that he is not an idol matchmaker, so stop leaving comments asking him to make your ship sail.

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