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The Couples of “We were given Married 4″ Proportion Intimate Moments

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The Couples of “We Got Married 4″ Share Intimate Moments Love is in the air as the couples of “We Got Married 4” are getting lovey-dovey.

On the episode of MBC’s “We Got Married 4” aired on October 24, the 3 couples get more intimate with each and every other.

Yook Sungjae meets Joy’s seniors at SM corresponding to Super Junior’s Kangin and f(x)’s Amber. whilst they give just right recommendation to him as seniors, they also nag at him, saying, “You most effective like Joy way too much.”

Kangin, who used to famous person in “We Got Married,” also left a message for his ex-virtual wife Lee Yoon Ji.

“How are you? Does your new husband treat you well,” he jokes. “I’m sorry I couldn’t pass on your marriage. My feet just wouldn’t budge.”

Later on, when Joy has to leave, Yook Sungjae chefs for her below the identify “I Do It Alone.” Then he proceeds to provide a small marvel tournament for Joy, which actually touches her heart.

“I’ve at all times sought after to get maintain of an event. At that moment, I fell for him,” she says. “I was once truly touched. I may just tell how much attention went into it.”

“I can tell why ladies love events. i love him ten times more now,” she adds.

Oh Min Suk and Kang Ye Won experience a fall jumbo shrimp meal for their date. When Oh Min Suk unearths he can’t devour shrimp, Kang Ye Won provokes him through saying, “I bet you won’t be ready to kiss me if I eat shrimp?”

Throughout the day, Oh Min Suk earns issues by repeatedly throwing candy words at her.

When Kang Ye Won escorts him to his movie environment at the finish of the day, she finally ends up giving him a back hug because she doesn’t wish to leave. Touched at her affection, Oh Min Suk provides her a surprise kiss on her cheek.

During a following interview, the 2 say they wouldn’t be capable of omit the day and were very happy.

Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon enjoy a space warming birthday celebration with their friends. During the party, the two consistently sing their own praises the sweet love of a newly married couple, warding off their friends’ jokes together.

Later on during a game, Kwak Si Yang should do as the crowd wants as a penalty. His pals request him to kiss his wife on the cheek, which he does.

Five K-Drama Couples That Are Happily Married

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Five K-Drama Couples That Are Happily Married

Is it possible for two k-celebs to have a happy marriage? There are a few k-drama couples that make a good case for the success of a show-biz marriage.

1. Kwon Sang Woo recently appeared on the program "Happy Together" and said that his heart still flutters every time he sees his wife Son Tae Young. He married the actress and former Miss Korea in 2008. The couple has a son and this year added a daughter to their family.

2. When Lee Bo Young would not date Ji Sung because he was an actor, he told her that he would give up acting. She could not resist. The actors met on the set of the 2004 drama "Save The Last Dance For Me," went public with their relationship in 2007, married in 2013 and had their first child in June of 2015.

3. Han Ga In, last seen in "The Moon Embracing The Sun" and Yun Jun Hoon, last seen in "Mask," met on the set of the 2003 drama "Yellow Handkerchief." They married in 2005.

"He"s my best friend and the only one who can calm me down," she said in an interview published in the Korean media outlet Joongang Daily.

4. Ki Tae Young, who played Kim Dasom"s agent in "The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law," is married to former SES member and actress Eugene. The couple met on the set of the 2009 drama "Creating Destiny."

Unfounded rumors about them dating led to texts between them and eventually they grew closer and really began to date. They married in 2012 and have a daughter Ro Hee, born in 2015.

5. Jang Dong Gun and his wife Go So Young were friends before they ever began dating.

"Jang Dong Gun and I had known each other since our debuts into the celebrity world and we were the best of friends," said Go So Young.

When they encountered each other on a trip to America something changed.

"After meeting up in America we went on to become a couple," said Go So Young. "I still cherish the text messages that we sent to each other at the time."

The couple dated for two years before going public with their relationship in 2009. They married in 2010 and now have two children.

That evening the couple first saw each other as something more than friends. After that they began to date, going public with their relationship in 2009, and marrying in May 2010.

"After meeting up in America we went on to become a couple," said Go So Young. "I still cherish the text messages that we sent to each other at the time."

Who"s next? Song Seung Hoon expressed his desire to get married when he appeared on the Chinese online broadcast QQ.com.

"If I had to choose between being a great father or a great actor, I would choose to be a great father without hesitation," he said. "My modest dream is to form a family and be with my wife and kids whom I love."

Song said that he and girlfriend Chinese actress Liu Yifei have not discussed marriage yet.

“We Got Married” Producer has admitted to being very pleased about the strong chemistry that Two New Couples share with each other

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“We Got Married” Producer Praises the Chemistry Between the Two New Couples The producer of MBC’s virtual marriage program “We Got Married” recently boasted about the chemistry between two new couple additions to the show. According to producers, the couples showed off their affection for one another from their very first meeting.

PD Sun Hye Yoon shared with OSEN, “Because it was the two couples’ first meeting, we captured their shy yet excited images the most.”

About the Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Suk couple, the PD expressed, “First off, Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Suk are actually a same-age couple (born 1980). They are both at the best age for marriage and their personalities matched well, so they had a lot of realistic conversations. I think they will show a different image compared to the previous couples who were in their twenties. Kang Ye Won has a lot of odd (4D) tendencies and Oh Min Suk was very taken aback, yet adoring of this side of her.”

On the other hand, the PD described the younger couple by sharing, “Because [BTOB] Yook Sung Jae and [Red Velvet] Joy are both 21 and 20 years old (Korean age), respectively, they are fresh and cute. All the while laughing shyly, they still seem to joke around with each other and their personalities fit well together. They told the producers [during their interviews] that they like one another as their ‘husband’ and ‘wife.’”

Meanwhile, the first broadcast featuring these two new couples is expected to air on June 20 at 4:55 p.m. (KST).

Ock Joo Hyun has been rumored to have felt betrayed after hearing that Ex-Bandmate Lee Hyori is getting married

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Ock Joo Hyun Felt Betrayed After Learning About Ex-Bandmate Lee Hyoris Marriage? Ock Joo Hyun mentioned a recent Fin.K.L reunion and talked in particular about Lee Hyori.

On the recent episode of MBCs Radio Star, Ock Joo Hyun as well as other top musical stars join the MCs for a talk. During the episode, Ock Joo Hyun mentions the rest of the Fin.K.L members.

She reveals, The Fin.K.L. members recently had a reunion. When asked how long it has been since their last reunion, she says, We met for the first time in three years. Wed kept in touch before that, but getting together in person was the first time in a while.

At that, the MCs ask, I hear you felt betrayed after learning about Lee Hyoris Marriage? and Ok Joo Hyun admits, Youre right. It was because I thought Hyori would live forever without belonging to a single place.

New "We Got Married" couples Sungjae and Joy + Oh Min Suk and Kang Ye Won meet for first time in preview

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Are you ready for the new couples on "We Got Married"?

In the preview for next week"s airing, actor couple Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Suk revealed that they are ready to have a baby and are looking for life partners. During the interview, Kang Ye Won said, "I have to have children," revealing that she is currently beyond the average age of childbearing and is desperately looking to settle down. Oh Min Suk also disclosed to Kang Ye Won that he recently gained interest in children after being around his baby nephew.

Meanwhile, the other new couple, BTOB"s Sungjae and Red Velvet"s Joy was full of jittery feelings and butterflies as they illustrated a perfect 20s couple in the honeymoon stages of dating.

Check out the upcoming new pairings of "We Got Married" above!

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"Married" announces latest couples

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Yook Seong-jae, 20, from the boy group BTOB, and Joy, 18, from the girl band Red Velvet, have been confirmed as one of the next couples to feature on season four of "We Got Married", a popular MBC reality program that pairs celebrities up to show what their lives would be like if they were married."Yook, one of the hottest celebrities, and Joy first met in Seoul and are currently shooting for the program", said MBC on Wednesday."There is only one year in age difference between the two, and the young couple is expected to show a lot of positive energy throughout the show".The public have taken a liking to Yook after he appeared in various reality programs such as MBC"s "Radio Star" and "King of Mask Singer". The boy band star is also currently showing off his excellent acting talent on the KBS2 drama series "Who Are You: School 2015". Yook is also expected to release a regular album as a member of BTOB at the end of this month.Joy from Red Velvet, which belongs to SM Entertainment, one of the biggest music agencies in Korea, recently released the single "Ice Cream Cake", which was hugely well received by the group"s fans. Another couple that will join the program is actor Oh Min-seok, 35, and actress Kang Ye-won, 35. Their shoot for the program took place on Thursday.The episode portraying the new couples of "We Got Married" will air on June 20.By Jin Min-ji

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun rumored to be leaving "We Got Married", producer denies reports

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Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun rumored to be leaving

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun were rumored to be leaving "We Got Married", but a producer has denied the reports.

Reports said that the couple filmed their last episode of the reality show on May 20, but PD Sunhas stated, "The headlines about Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun"s leave are false. It"s not true that they had their last filming today. They"re currently in the middle of filming bungee jumping." A rep also stated, "It"s not like they can really film for 50 years and they"ll be leaving someday, but it"s not true that they had their last filming today."

Viewers first saw Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun join "We Got Married" last September, and they"ve been with the show for 8 months now. How do you feel about the Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun couple possibly leaving?

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[Viewership: 03.14-15.15] "We Got Married" Ratings Down Despite Appearance of New Couples

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[Viewership: 03.14-15.15]

The two new couples of "We Got Married" can't seem to grab attentions of audiences!

In fact, ratings for We Got Married actually dropped with the addition of the new couples, going from 5.2 percent to 4.9.

Despite the numbers, Super Junior-M′s Henry, Ye Won, CN Blue′s Lee Jong Hyun, and Gong Seung Yeon did catch the public′s interest, especially Gong Seung Yeon as an unfamiliar face in the entertainment industry.

With the couples still waiting to choose their virtual spouses on the show, it′s too soon to tell which way future ratings will go.

1. MBC Infinity Challenge 12.2

1. KBS Return of Superman15.9

*All ratings are based on AGB Nielson Media Research

5 Fun Facts About The New 'We Got Married' Couples

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5 Fun Facts About The New 'We Got Married' Couples

(Photo : MBC ) The latest couples on "We Got Married" are set to begin their virtual marriages, following the tearful departures of Hong Jong Hyun, Yura, Namgoong Min and Hong Jin Young.

On March 7, MBC released a preview for the March 14 episode of We Got Married. The preview features the newest editions to the scripted reality show which includes CNBLUE"s Jonghyun, Super Junior-M member Henry, Yewon and Gong Seung Yeon.

Participants on We Got Married normally meet one another through a surprise introduction prior to establishing their relationship. However, the previous released by MBC depicts the celebrities participating in 4-way dates, mixing up the previously announced couples.

It will be interesting to see how the latest couples interact with fan favorites Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun.

In the preview, Jonghyun and Henry showed off their musical talents during their dates. Jonghyun displayed his competence as a guitarist and appears to be less formal in his dating style. Henry delivered a polished presentation, while playing the piano for Gong Seung Yeon.

Here are five facts about the new couples that are ready to spice up We Got Married.

1. All of the new contestants originally trained as vocalists including Gong Seung Yeon. She was initially trained by SM Entertainment as a singer prior to remaining with the agency as an actress. Each celebrity has also appeared in a Korean drama and music video.

2. Jonghyun charmed K-Drama fans as Collin Black in the 2012 SBS drama, A Gentleman"s Dignity. In the show, he acted alongside Kim Woo Bin, who portrayed his friend, Kim Dong Hyub.

3. Henry starred in the 2013 film, Final Recipe, where he portrayed a talented young chef. He is currently acting in the Mnet musical drama Persevere, Goo Hae Ra.

4. Yewon was once a member of the girl group, Jewelry. In 2014, she appeared on Hotel King.

5. Gong Seung Yeon is represented by SM Entertainment and is currently starring in "Heard it through a Grapevine."

"We Got Married" previews a 4-way love story for the new couples

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"We Got Married" has released a preview for the upcoming couples!

It looks like Henry, Jonghyun, Gong Seung Yeon, and Yewon will all be meeting up with each other to see which one fits their type more. The preview shows Henry and Yewon as a playful couple while Henry is more romantic with Gong Seung Yeon. Jonghyun and Yewon are once again a playful couple, and Jonghyun and Gong Seung Yeon go on a quiet first date.

Check out the preview above, who should be paired up with who?