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Eric Nam and 15&"s Park Ji Min release lyrics teaser video for "Dream"

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Eric Nam and 15&

The lyrics teaser video for Eric Nam and 15"s Park Ji Min upcoming duet has been released.

"Dream" is a collaboration project between producing team Sweet Tune with Eric Nam and Park Ji Min, and all the profits made from the single will be donated for charity.

The song will be available on May 29th at noon.

'Infinite Subject Dream’ Episode Is A Hit

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'Infinite Subject Dream’ Episode Is A Hit

The maximumfresh episode of the preferred MBC entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge,' which was once titled the 'Infinite Situation Dream' special episode, have becomea success episode.

On the newest episode of the favored MBC entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge,' which aired on Saturday, November 21, 2015, the MBC entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge' individuals were auctioned to otherTelevisionpresentations and dramas. In this episode, the national viewing rate changed into 14.1%, which was a 2.5% build up from ultimate Saturday's episode. On this episode, which was called the 'Infinite Undertaking Dream' special episode, the 'Infinite Challenge' members were auctioned to alternative TV techniques of MBC where they were asked to act in dramas and host other type shows. In comparable news, on last weekend's episode of the popular MBC entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge,' the 'Infinite Challenge' members gave 3the severalforms of tours for the world visitors. The 'Infinite Challenge' members toured Seoul with the foreigntraffic in the 3 tours (romantic, food and historical) and taught the company about Korean culture.The MBC entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge' is some of the popular, long lasting entertainment courses in Korea. It capabilities the Countless Challenge members Ha Ha, Park Myung Soo, Yoo Jae Suk, Jung Joon Ha, and Jung Hyung Don.

Poll Large Junior′s Kyuhyun Voted Dream learn about Buddy

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Poll Large Junior′s Kyuhyun Voted Dream learn about Buddy

--> Last week, in the aftermath of suneung, some of K-Pop′s maximum bright idols faced off in our dream find out about friend poll, and now, it′s time to announce who won!

Super Junior′s Kyuhyun proved to be the fan favourite this week, taking the pinnacle spot with 40.6 % of votes. BTS′ Rap Monster wasn′t too a long way in the back of him, completing in 2nd position with 38.4 percent of votes.

2PM′s Taecyeon ranked 3rd with 8.9 percent of votes, whilst Girls′ Generation′s Seohyun followed in fourth place with 7.7 percent of votes.

Red Velvet′s Wendy and EXID′s Hani rounded out the ground two with 3 percent and 1.4 percent of votes, respectively.

In this week′s poll, a couple of talented idols in the kitchen are facing off, so vote now!

Dok2 says feminine rappers don't write their own lyrics?

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Dok2 says feminine rappers don't write their own lyrics?

Korean rappers Garion, Dok2, The Quiett and DJ Son these days took phase in a "Korean Hip Hop" concert and communicate at USC (University of Southern California).

They had a Q&A consultation where target market contributors asked the rappers more than a few questions, yet Dok2"s reaction to what he thinks about female rappers is rather controversial. And frankly, now not utterly true!

In the fancam above, you'll be ready to listen Dok2 respond to a question, "Female rappers? I don"t know. I"m not certain that they write their own lyrics. If they write their own lyrics, then I admire them. If not, I would possibly need to take into accounts it. All right, next one."

Do you compromise or disagree on what Dok2 had to mention about female rappers?

Alexandra Reid says being in RaNia is a dream come true

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Alexandra Reid says being in RaNia is a dream come true

Fans far and wide the sector were shocked in the maximum efficient way conceivable when rapper Alexandra Reid joined lady staff RaNia, turning into the first actual African-American member in a K-pop lady group.

We"ve heard a bit of of her mind on joining RaNia at the group"s showcase, yet you'll also read a lot more in detail about how she found out K-pop and how she feels about debuting in a K-pop neighborhood on her non-public blog post!

That"s right, whenever you didn"t know already, Alexandra Reid has her very own blog, called "Being Alex Reid", and her newest post is titled "Being in Love with K-pop".

In her blog post, she talks about her private tale of finding K-pop on YouTube back in 2009. Her first K-pop video used to be Ivy"s "Sonata of Temptation"! She talks about how she loves how the "genuine superstar" still exists in the K-pop world, and how fortunate she felt to notice this "secret music".

And she sounds so excited as she describes how her day by way of day lifestyles is like now in Seoul, as a section of RaNia. She describes how "this is literally a dream come true," and says here's "something I fantasized about, but never believed may come to fruition as it had never been done by any individual with my background before."

You can read her complete blog post appropriate here. Ensure you read it and let us know what you think!

Music & Lyrics: Let’s Talk About Sex

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Music & Lyrics: Let’s Talk About Sex

MusicLyrics: Lets Talk About Sex Written by Pat On November 11, 2015 Sex is a part of life. Thanks to Western media, one can become desensitized to the topic because it can be found everywhere – songs, television shows, movies, wherever. On the surface, K-pop is very different. There are a lot of ‘innocent’ and ‘cute’ concepts. Crossing the line can easily get one banned from performing on weekly shows or their music video rated 19+, making it harder to score broadcast points. That is not to say that sex is a completely taboo subject. In fact, there are a lot of songs that do reference and talk about it. Which is why, today, we are talking all about those songs.

Talking about such a topic always comes with warnings. While I will try to keep this as clean as possible, there will still be references to sex and, potentially, sexual acts. If you are, in any way, uncomfortable with the topic, then please hit the back button back to safety.

With that warning out of the way, let’s get comfortable and talk about sex in K-pop songs.

Usually, there are two categories of songs regarding the mentioning of sex or anything sexual. The first are the songs in which sex is covert and subtle. The second category is songs where sex is openly talked about in either unabashed references or shameless innuendos.

For the first category, some can be very muted – maybe just one or two lines thrown in that makes someone double back, before going back to safe ground with the usual romantic theme. But what differentiates these songs from the run of the mill vague songs is that the way they are put together makes no room for the song to be about anything else. Often, these types of songs are sung within the frame of a romance. Songs that come to mind are f(x)s Rude Love and Nine Musess Wild.

Another example is Sunmi’s “24 Hours,” with plenty of lines to choose from. Theres the chorus with “24 hours are not enough/ When I’m touching you and you’re touching me,” but there’s also this bit during a verse:

The more I drink, the thirstier I get

The more I take, the more my body seeks

When Im looking at you, I forget everything

You fill me up all the way

This is where it becomes very clear what she wants: she wants her lover to stay with her for more than the time they have. It works perfectly with Sunmi’s vocals, making the want in the lyrics more real. It also gives a more active voice to the song, as if she is also explaining why she is so addicted to her lover.

From the covert, we then have the overtopenly, unapologetic and shamelessly sexual songs. And there is nothing wrong with it. For the overt, they can further be divided into two types: there is the blatantly sexual, and then there are songs that swim in playful innuendo.

How can I name this article after a line from “Let’s Talk About Love” and not talk about the song? From Seungri’s 2013 mini-album, Lets Talk About Love features G-Dragon and Taeyang in a song that almost delights in talking about sex. It starts off innocently enough, and then G-Dragon’s rap comes in.

Dont be scared, I wont hurt you, I know you want me

Ill be your guide on this lonely night, so call me

Now youre my master and Im your G-nie, now tell me your wish

Past the stage of ecstasy, were trembling

From your head to your toes, I wont miss a single part

Scream louder, I want to fly

You want to climax, Ill be your thriller

The rap verse is almost self-explanatory. It starts with getting the woman to give in and trust him for the night just for pleasure. It describes G-Dragon’s promises for the night: unfiltered pleasure where he will pay attention to every inch of your body. It is not only his end that he seeks, but also delights in his partner’s, wanting to hear his name screamed at the pinnacle points. And with the G-nie line, it is also clear that he considers her sexual dictates as well.

Here, we can clearly see the difference between the overt and covert. While Sunmi’s seeks to seduce you into a peek of that relationship, “Let’s Talk About Love” is abundant with metaphors for climaxing and other sexual acts.

In fact, the song also represents the usual modus operandi of most sex songs, and is also similar in format to Western counterparts. Males promise to bring delight to their sexual partner, to make her tremble, to make her scream his name. It’s him bragging, and often there is little to no romance involved. The sexual act is there for what it is, and nothing else.

Another example of an openly sexual song is B.A.P’s “Body and Soul.” In a way, the song is just as intense as the previous.

The song is sexual from start to finish – it is undeniable from the first beat, which is instrumentally in the same vein as songs such as “Wet” by Chris Brown and “Neighbors Know My Name” by Trey Songz. From the first line (“If you will be mine, I don’t need no more/ We just ride tonight”) to the very end, it is clear what the song is about.

In fact, the song is more upfront and blunt; there is little time for sweetness or flowery words.

“Very slowly and with great detail, I’ll touch you.”

“Tonight, I deliver my heart into your ears.”

The lyrics leave little wiggle room to explain the song away, and the lyrics with the instrumental makes it obvious that the song is about sex. Probably the most unexpected song to come from the groups first album, it talked openly about sex in a way very reminiscent with plenty of tracks from Western artists: the little water drops that may just be something else, to the subdued nature to contrast with the delivery of the song.

From the openly sexual, there are the songs that delight in using playful innuendos all throughout. In case you were thinking that it’s just the males that openly talk about sex, there are females as well, and who else better exemplifies this but Brown Eyed Girls. The, rightfully, adult leaning group does not hold back. From “Abracadabra,” to their latest outing with “Warm Hole,” to solo songs (“Bloom” anyone?) and unit tracks such as “Tonight,” the group is not embarrassed to talk about it. Another example is Recipe.

I want to peel you like a tangerine I want to unveil your secrets

Sometimes fresh, sometimes sweet, I want to satisfy you

What I want from you is after you take everything I prepared for you

I want to make you cry my name

The innuendos used are all food based, because it is very easy to be playfully seductive with a bunch of items you see on an almost daily basis, especially if they happen to look very phallic. The chorus basically translates to dressing oneself up, either as “sweet” or “fresh.” Seasoning roughly is the different products such as body oils that enhance the experience. All combined, it is a recipe made just for their partner.

Another track that is jam-packed with sexually charged innuendos is VIXX’s “Secret Night.” In this song, it starts somewhat innocently enough but the intention becomes clear in Ravi’s rap.

My entire body has hardened, shes cooking her own recipe

Make it stronger, yes, mezzoforte

We don’t need to elaborate on what gets hard, and the recipe analogy has been discussed above with “Recipe.” Mezzoforte, for those who don’t know (or have forgotten their music classes), is a musical term that means moderately loudto increase in volume in moderation. Ravi is basically saying to yell louder, to “make it stronger.”

As for “Shocker” which is repeated all throughout, it refers to a hand gesture that is filled with sexual connotations (Google is your friend, everyone). And in case it wasn’t clear, there’s an additional line of Two will become one, filled with secrets, you and I.” So yes, they had sex, if there was any doubt.

With these songs, there are several observations that can be seen. One is that male artists have the opportunity to be more blatant, while women have to resort to vague language. This is due to the social construct of virginity that, from an outsiders view, is a thing in South Korea.

This explains why most of mainstream female acts veil any talk of sex in their songs, unless if they are purposely going for a sexual concept. That is not to say that young women don’t have sex, for there are studies and documentaries that touch upon the prevalence of the act among those in their 20’s. But this, and other differences in view, is a topic for another time.

A second observation is that as female artists grow, they become bolder with their words. This can be clearly seen in the lyrical growth of Brown Eyed Girls. While there were already sexual themes in their breakout hit, “Abracadabra,” they group has grown bolder with each release, possibly hitting their climax with the no holds barred “Warm Hole.” But the question is: are they, perhaps, an exemption to the rule? While it is true that Hyuna has been doing more sexually charged concepts, her lyrics do not elaborate as much. Currently, it remains to be seen if any female artists decide to have comebacks so consistently charged such as Brown Eye Girls, and to a certain extent, Hyuna.

Are there any other observations you have regarding K-pop and sexual songs? Any particular favorite songs or lines that comes to mind? Comment and tell us down below!

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iKON releases complete lyrics to Bobby and B.I's 'Anthem'!

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iKON releases complete lyrics to Bobby and B.I's 'Anthem'!

Now here's anything new. YG Entertainment has officially released the overall lyrics to iKON Bobby and B.I"s upcoming unit song "Anthem" forward of the music release!

Now when the MV comes out, you'll already be singing, or rather, rapping along to the lyrics as you watch it! now not to mention the 2 rappers at the ground of the picture are having a look mighty fine. We can"t look ahead to it to in the end come out.

iKON"s double virtual unmarried could be out on November 16!

Netizens compare Chanyeol and Ilhoon's 'Unpretty Rapstar' self-composed lyrics

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Netizens compare Chanyeol and Ilhoon's 'Unpretty Rapstar' self-composed lyrics

If you recall, EXO"s Chanyeol and BTOB"s Ilhoon guested at the November 6 episode of "Unpretty Rapstar 2," on which they carried out along Heize and Jiyoon. While the 2 idols" robust presence were duly noted by capability of the viewers, anything else stuck the eye of netizens: the stark difference in the lyrical content of Chanyeol and Ilhoon"s rap. One netizen uploaded the whole verses of either idols, noting that the lyrics were self-composed.

A a phase of Chanyeol"s rap kind of translates as such:

"Peek-a-boo, what"s this lovely boy doing on "Unpretty"

I"m radio, I make cash with my voice now not my face

I"m EXO, I constitute Korea

I grew up with love and make money running hard

Popularity wise, I"m above Mnet

You"ll respect me once you pay attention this rap 

Sorry President Lee Soo Man

I"ll perform a little hip-hop today

Maybe fanatics will move to Hong Kong after hearing this rap.

My bank account has a massive number of 0"s like a cemetery.

Even the following day I"m going to the airport to get money.

I earn a lot more than the alternative idols."

And Ilhoon"s rap approximately translates as:

"I turn my head this and that way

Searching for whoever took my life

The herbal crisis that hits daily

And I"m victimized not able to do anything

I paintings ever harder

That my rap is like this or that

They communicate endlessly, thank you for recognizing

Between me and the ones throttling me neck

"gong" (romanization of the Korean observe for "zero," also which means achievement) and "il" (romanization of the Korean word for "one," meaning work) mean everything

And the victor is whoever is in ownership of both."

Some of the head comments on the post read, "kekekekekekeke Just having a look at the lyrics you'll be in a position to tell who in maximum cases writes their lyrics," "Where does Chanyeol get his self assurance from..? When he raps he just sounds like he"s yelling," "Ilhoon writes some excellent lyrics," "Please don"t say you"re in command of rap in EXO, my god," and, "When Heize and Chanyeol were practicing, Heize stated she used to be stunned at how sensible he was..I became surprised that he was so bad kekekekekekekeke."

Video Trailer released for the Korean film 'Life is yet an Empty Dream'

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Video Trailer released for the Korean film 'Life is yet an Empty Dream'

Trailer released for the impending Korean film "Life is yet an Empty Dream"

"Life is But an Empty Dream" (2015)Directed via David ChoWith Kim Dong-wan, Mina Fujii, Choi Philip, Jin A-reum,...SynopsisThe motion picture depicts more than a few reviews of display running personnel contributors operating for rock festivals, who at all times dream of acting at the level themselves.Dong-wan has been working for the Pentaport Rock Festival for five years. He may be a member of a tune band dreaming about functioning at the festival. In reality, however, it doesn"t look like his dream will come true. Phillip has been trying to find a role ever since he graduated from college. He applies for a section time task at the festival and gets an interpreter position. He tries his highest to be a complete time employees for the festival.Release date in Korea : 2015/11/26

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Finds Her Worries Over Her Solo Debut Song Lyrics

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Finds Her Worries Over Her Solo Debut Song Lyrics

On the October 31 broadcast of OnStyle’s truth display “Daily Taeng9Cam,” Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon seems on Sunny’s radio program.

Taeyeon introduces herself as a rookie singer. She these days released her solo debut album with the identify track, “I.”

She then asks Sunny, “Did my song embarrass you while you heard it for the primary time?” Sunny replies, “No, now not at all.” Taeyeon expresses her fear saying, “I used to be worried at first. The lyrics are slightly embarrassing, you know.” Sunny is going directly to compliment Taeyeon with authentic words of encouragement. She says, “You did this type of fantastic task making a song it. You covered it up well.” She adds, “I changed into satisfied to pay attention the title tune is of an unforeseen genre.”

“Daily Taeng9Cam” is a fact prove that heavily follows Taeyeon in her daily life. It airs each Saturday at midday KST.