WAYZ Company to take strong action against Jung Joong Ji’s allegation of noise marketing

WAYZ Company to take strong action against Jung Joong Ji’s allegation of noise marketing

A couple of days ago, one of the trainees from ‘Produce 101’ season 2, Jung Joong Ji (Jung Mo Sae) accused his past label of noise marketing which caused him to suffer in rankings. Jung Joong Ji (now Jung Mo Sae) had been accused of sexual harassment during ‘Produce 101’ and had as a result suffered from low ranking even though he had denied it on his SNS. He implied that the sexual harassment rumors were made up by WAYZ Company to produce “noise marketing.”

On July 4, the past company WAYZ Company spoke up and gave a statement.

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WAYZ Company said, “Hello, this is WAYZ Company. Firstly, on the second of July, Jung Joong Ji made the allegation that we as a company started noise marketing by creating false rumors. In regards to this, it is truly unfortunate and pity that it has come to this.” 

They continued, “Jung Joong Ji was a trainee under our company during the ‘Produce 101’. In which at the time, there was an allegation made against him of sexual harassment by a female through a post she put up. The post entailed that she was sexually harassed by Jung Joong Ji and he apologized to her which caused a controversy. To solve and reach the truth objectively, we did our best to meet the victim at the time and Jung Joong Ji himself actively participated in mediating the whole situation. Afterward, the female victim received a sincere apology from Jung Joong Ji which led to her deleting her post.”

They finished by saying, “Due to the controversy at the time and in addition to other issues, the company and Jung Joong Ji decided to end the contract back in early-May. Despite all this, Jung Joong Ji decided to upload a completely different story on his SNS (Instagram) page and as a result, hurt the company’s image and honor. We will now be taking strong actions against him for spreading false information and defamation of character.”

What do you think about the situation?

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