Yet every other  cloth wardrobe malfunction by way of AOA has enthusiasts suspicious of stylists

Yet every other cloth wardrobe malfunction by way of AOA has enthusiasts suspicious of stylists

6kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Popular woman group AOA suffered yet every otherdresser malfunction at a contemporary event, with member Jimins get dressed slipping a bit of too low all over the teams dance. 

Following two incidents with crew member Choa, which have beeneitherstuckfor the duration of video broadcasts, this has been the 3rd cataloged wardrobe malfunction for the gang in a quickduration of time. Jimins malfunction, which came aboutthroughout a functionality of the groups song 10 Seconds, which the neighborhoodcarried outalong their identifysongJust rightGood fortunefinal month, Jimins clothe fell a little less than expected, stunning fans.

With such so much ofother wardrobe malfunctions, however, enthusiasts take scrutinized the groups stylists, claiming that they will have to be more careful with the women outfits as to you must definitelysave you any potentially embarrassing eventualities in the future. The incident happens around 3:37 in the fancam below.

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TWICE’s Momo helps to keep her cool in spite of  surprising  cloth wardrobe malfunction whilst performing

TWICE’s Momo helps to keep her cool in spite of surprising cloth wardrobe malfunction whilst performing

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterTWICE does it again! They've captured their fans’ hearts another time for their professionalism in spite of Momo’s cloth cabinet malfunction. 

On June 11th, Two timescarried out “OOH-AHH” for a uniqueUnexpected Attack event, with a fancam shootingall the incident. As the functionality started, it used to benoticed that Momo’s bestwas loose and undone and persisted the performance as normal.

However, despite Tzuyu’s try to tie the head once more, it have become loose back and left Momo appearing with one hand at the back of her back.

The light wardrobe incident earned compliment for the singer who maintained her composure despite the mistake and continued to dance brightly all throughout. It was also noted that the despite the prospect of any wardrobe malfunction and their revealing clothing, the participants were visibledressed inadditional undergarments to save youadditional exposure.

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BTS’s J-Hope Is As Fluid As Water In Dance Prepare Video For Concert

BTS’s J-Hope Is As Fluid As Water In Dance Prepare Video For Concert

BTSs J-Hope Is As Fluid As Water In Dance Train Video For Concertehk38 June 4, 2016 0 BTSs J-Hope Is As Fluid As Water In Dance Practice Video For Concert BTS stocksa different dance practice video of member J-Hope as a section of their 3rd anniversary celebrations entitled BTS FESTA 2016.

The approximately one-minute video, J-Hope is as fluid as water as he practices for their 2015 BTS Reside Trilogy: Episode 1 BTS Starts concert from remaining year.

J-Hope reminds audience of his boulevard dance roots as he breaks it to the down to the beat.

This years BTS FESTA 2016 has been jam-packed with sweets for ARMYs, adding a song liberatethrough Rap Monster featuring Jungkook, an excited edition of a dance practice video for Baepsae, and sets of BTS circle of relatives photos.

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Netizens Terrified After Laysha Member’s Epic Cloth wardrobe Malfunction

Netizens Terrified After Laysha Member’s Epic Cloth wardrobe Malfunction

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith how revealing level outfits are getting those days, womancrewindividualsnearlyat all times wear protection shorts beneath their skirts or shorts. 

However, girl neighborhood Laysha has grow to beinfamous for their resolutionnow notto exploitsecurity shorts regardless of their incredibly revealing outfits, a pass thats caused wardrobe malfunctions in the past. And all the style througha up to date performance, Layshas Go Eun becomethe following victim of such an accidental exposure. Eun also suffered a identical incident previous in the year.

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Apink Naeun’s newest  cloth wardrobe malfunction has fans’ jaws dropping

Apink Naeun’s newest cloth wardrobe malfunction has fans’ jaws dropping

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterApinkNaeun recently suffered a dresser malfunction throughoutsome of theteams performances. 

As she used to be dancing, a strap of the Plan A Entertainment singers best slipped off, utterly exposing her correct shoulder. Throughout the groups performance, Naeun attempted to mend her top, attaining back to adjust it. Despite no longer being in a position to fix it, however, the Apink singer perseveredto accomplish with her group, earning much compliment  from enthusiasts for her professionalism.

160520 V02 에이핑크(Apink)-Mr.Chu(나은) 직캠(Fancam)/동의대 Create, Notice and Percentage GIFs on Gfycat

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Wardrobe Inspection: The maximum productive Dressed K-Pop Track Video Ideas Of 2015

Wardrobe Inspection: The maximum productive Dressed K-Pop Track Video Ideas Of 2015

TVXQ Yunho - Champagne As we come to a close on 2015, its excellent to reminisce on one of the mostmaximum memorable ideas that got here about every month. We couldtake a glance at information technology out!

Drama through 9MUSES LovelyLimitless H

9MUSES and Infinite H helped kick off 2015 with two upbeat tracks. Either concepts will also beexplained every bitvintage yet with two other interpretations. 9MUSES went for an elegant theatrical theme whilst space played at the classic grayscale with bursts of graphic patterned fabrics.

Crazy by 4Minute Sniper by SHINHWA

Solid colours were a theme for those two groups. 4Minute was once decked out in all black for their Loopysong video in conjunction with snapbacks and a number of accessories. SHINHWA went for ambitioushaving a look having donned all red matchesall over their charismatic dance for Sniper.

Flower by XIA Junsu Paradise Lost by Ga In

Both of these specific concepts had mystical qualities. Flower had many colourful whites and golds contrasted by red and the bright turquoise tint of XIA Junsu's hair. Ga In went for the darker aspect in her music video for Paradise Lost. While she also has alluring golds in some of her scenes, the video also functions many hues of blue corresponding toarmy and middle of the night tones.

Dope by BTS AHH OOP! by MAMAMOO and eSNa

It became classic as adverse totrendy between these two groups. While BTS donned the uniforms of more than a few occupations in their Dope music video, the women of MAMAMOO in addition to eSNa took it back to the 50s for their AHH OOP! comeback.

Bae Bae by BIGBANG Kiss My Lips by BoA

May was a robust calendar month featuring the heavyweights of K-pop adding the Queen of K-pop herself, BoA. While Large Bang's Bae Bae was more on the eccentric facet amongst its pastel and neon accents, Kiss My Lips took on a more chic ballroom style. Regardless of the stark contrast in concepts, both music videos did have somewhat an abundance of feathers in their fashion.

Love Me Appropriate by EXO Heart Attack by AOA

It turns out sports were the it trend for the month of June as both AOA and EXO pulled out athletic tools for their comebacks. Love Me Right took it to the box with an American football thought while the women of AOA brought their lacrosse abilities to the forefront.

Champagne by U-Know (TVXQ) Celebration by Girls Generation

Whats a party without a little champagne? TVXQ leader, U-Know Yunho and ladies Generation brought the summer warmth in their respective July releases. While Champagne brought the party indoors with nightclub attire, Girls Generation took things out of doors to the coastline in bikinis and cool summer fashion.

I Feel You by Wonder Girls Married to the Music by SHINee

Speaking of parties, SHINee threw one in their own and featured some rather ghoulish outfit choices. While SHINees theme was best for Halloween, the sweetness Girls determined to take it back to the past due 80s in their taste choice. The Wonder Girls mimicked the manner of many popular music videos or even work-out videos discoveredinside of that decade.

Mansae by Seventeen Dumb Dumb by Red Velvet

Both Seventeen and Red Velvet spread out the fall season with an upbeat and refreshing sound. Rookie crew Seventeen went for the trademark faculty boy appearance swooning the hearts of many. Red Velvet, on the alternative hand, took neatly to the Pippy Longstocking theme ensuringto includemasses of red.

"Like OOH-AHH by Two times The Beat by Topp Dogg

Two teams that had a messof classy outfits throughout the October month were TWICE and Topp Dogg. While TWICE donned quite the array of dresseralternatives from cheerleader to rocker, Topp Dogg showcased their own charm thrueach one of their hugelyvariouscoiffureselections from cornrows to a hot red comb over.

Brave New International by Brown Eyed Girls Chained Up VIXX

While Brown Eyed Girls opened up a new world stuffed withhorny charm, glitter, and vibrantly toned outfits and makeup, VIXX presented a confined theme sticking to black and white with their key point touchdown on the numerous collars worn on their neck by way of their music video for Chained Up. It type of feels like the 2 concepts were quite opposite.

Again by TURBO Superstar Wars by Cheetah

Fierce rapper, Cheetah, dropped her track Star Wars which featured her in chic white button down and hair slicked back and welcoming audiences. The rapper even donned a undeniable white T-shirt, hoop earrings, and a snapback while still managing to make it look quite tenacious. If Cheetah wasnt adequate of a spice up for December, then TURBO evidently added some of their own hearth to the wintry weather month. TURBO celebrated their 20th Anniversary decked out in all-black and leather adjusting to the present trend, meanwhile, holding the charm that boosted them to popularity in the 90s. Emphasis was also put on their selection of eyewear as it adds a more futuristic touch.

2015 is alsoremaining out yet more neighborhood are already coming back in 2016 with rumored returns from iKON, Dal Shabet, 4Minute and more.

Whos in a position for a K-pop packed 2016?

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Netizens revisit embarrassing Girl’s Day cloth wardrobe malfunction

Netizens revisit embarrassing Girl’s Day cloth wardrobe malfunction

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith the days of December passing slowly yet surely, netizens have revisted a favourite moment from remaining years finish of the year tune ceremonies.

At the 2014 KBS Gayo Daechukje, the women of Girls Day faced an embarrassing cloth wardrobe malfunction at the red carpet. As they walked around the media highlight in their elegant, floor-length white dresses, cameras went flashing as target market members saw the white pieces of material mysteriously trailing behind.

As shown from more than a fewother angles, as the girls walked by, it form of feels that quantitiesin theirget dressedstarted to fall aside every bit they hurriedly retrieved bits of cloth and mesh from the floorprior to making their ultimate exit.

With this years end of the year ceremonies arising next, this may also be a wonder what stunning outfits most sensible K-pop icons can be wearing.

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TVXQ's Changmin is all aura in making video for eastern liberate 'Into the Water'

TVXQ's Changmin is all aura in making video for eastern liberate 'Into the Water'


Check out this horny new pictures of TVXQ"s Changmin in the back of the scenes of a jacket shoot and PV for his Japanese release, "Into the Water."

Posing with herbal charisma and appearing off his manly, chiseled features, Changmin then breaks into a candy smile, showing he"s still were given that sweet boyish side. While you neglected out, you'll also check out the fast edition PV below.



EXO's Suho Reconnects With Water In His 2015 Comeback 'Pathcode' Teaser [VIDEO]

EXO's Suho Reconnects With Water In His 2015 Comeback 'Pathcode' Teaser [VIDEO]

Exo (Photo : Youtube Screencap)

EXO-Ls can perhaps feel some relief that EXO"s 2015 comeback is only a few days away. Moreover, with the fast approaching comeback, there is also likely the reveal of what all the "Pathcode" teasers mean.

Until then however, it doesn"t appear to be any easier to decipher.

The latest "Pathcode" teaser began streaming today, this time featuring EXO member Suho. Suho, who looks peaceful and serene throughout, is featured in the city of Marseille at the apparent time of 10:22. Suho then finds himself in an empty pool that is suddenly refilled with water. Fans can check out Suho"s "Pathcode" teaser below.

Based on the most recent comments, it appears than many EXO-Ls are becoming more and more confused about the hints they are supposed to put together from the "Pathcode" teasers.

"EXO-Ls please help I don"t understand the hint system and the passwords? !!!! Please help," commented Eman Demoan on Youtube.

"It"s been 2 hours and exactly 14 minutes. 2 fuc**** hours and 14 minutes that I"m reading every single comment on these teasers and trying to figure out what it all means. EXO is literally driving me insane," explained Gracy Gl.

"There are two types of EXO-Ls. The smart ones who crack out the passwords and codes and then there are the dumb ones who admire the members" good looks. I proudly admit that I am one of the dumb EXO-Ls," said Nana Blank.

Admittedly, the codes and teasers are definitely hard to focus one with such attractive idols also sharing the screen.

Nevertheless, all shall be revealed on March 30 when EXO is set to release their new album "Exodus." The group is rumored to be leading the promotions with a song entitled "Call Me Baby" which some fans speculate can be spelled out by arranging the cities that the members are featured in for their "Pathcode" teasers.

Whether or not you"re currently scouring the internet in an attempt to understand the meaning behind the latest EXO "Pathcode" teasers, there"s no question that many are excited to see EXO return in the next few weeks.