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5 Reasons you should watch the Korean movie Always (Only You)

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5 Reasons you should watch the Korean movie Always (Only You)

If you still havent watched the romance film Always, starring So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo, here are five reasons you need to watch it now! The movie is centered around a love story between ex-boxer Chul Min and blind telemarketer Jung Hwa. They are inseparable, but they soon run into challenges as Jung Hwas health deteriorates and Chul Mins troubled past comes back to haunt him. Will their love last?

1. This ones a tear-jerker but in ways you wouldnt expect.

If you liked The Notebook, you will love this romantic drama Always. While the plot is entirely different, both films are carried by the powerful performance of the two lead actors. Despite the tragic pasts of the two characters, there are plenty of sweet and heartwarming moments throughout the film. And thats when the real tears start rolling.

It wouldnt be too much of a stretch to say So Ji Sub is the Ryan Gosling of Korea. Not only are they are both boyishly handsome and capable of being action stars, but they are also solid actors with numerous awards and nominations. Need more reasons? Read this.

Han Hyo Joo is an actress who seems to only make smash hits. She played the titular character in the historical drama Dong Yi, and she received acclaim for her work in the immensely popular shows Shining Inheritance, Iljimae, and feature film Heavens Postman.

There is an undeniable charm in Han Hyo Joos innocence and girl-next-door appeal. While she plays a blind girl in Always in a convincing fashion, she does it in a way that makes you forget about her disability and fall in love with the person she is.

4. The subtleties of the film will stay with you for a long time after it ends.

There are cinematic aspects of Always that are simply captivating, but in the subtlest ways. The director Song Il Gon is a masterful storyteller who will take into consideration the smallest nuances of each scene. In fact, there is a feeling of warmth throughout the movie, achieved by the directors use of lighting and sentimental shots.

Song Il Gon, by the way, was the first Korean filmmaker to win an award at the Cannes Film Festival. He won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Short Film in 1999.

5. The movie is well loved by DramaFever viewers and many others.

Currently, Always has the highest rating of five stars on DramaFever, making it one of the most highly regarded feature films on the site. Not only do our own viewers love the film, but the general movie community does too. Always has 7.8 stars on the online movie database site

[Video] Korean movie opening today 2013/04/30 in Korea - Watch now

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[Video] Korean movie opening today 2013/04/30 in Korea - Watch now

Watch now the Korean movie opening today 2013/04/30 in Korea "Love of Rock, Paper, Scissors" (2013)

Directed by Kim Ji-woon

With Yoon Kye-sang, Park Sin-hye, Park Soo-jin, Ahn Nae-sang,...

Also known as "One Perfect Day"

The second "Way To Nature Project" to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Kolon Sports. This movie stars Park Sin-hye and Yoon Kye-sang. The first part "Day Trip" was made by Park Chan-wook and Park Chan-kyong.

35th Korean arrangement of movie Critics Awards Winners

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35th Korean arrangement of movie Critics Awards Winners

35th Korean arrangement of movie Critics Awards winners.

"The Throne" by potential of Lee Joon-ik

 Ryoo Seung-wan for "Veteran"

Film Contribution Award

Oh Seung-hyeon-I and Jo Cheol-hyeon

Jo Cheol-hyeon, Lee Song-won and Oh Seung-hyeon-I for "The Throne"

Jeong Jae-yeong for "Right Now, Wrong Then"

Kim Hye-soo for "Coin Locker Girl"

Kwon So-hyeon for "Madonna"

Choi Woo-sik for "Set Me Free"

Kim Tae-yong-I for "Set Me Free"

Kwon Woo-hyeong for "The Assassination"

 Ryoo Seong-hee for "The Assassination"

Bang Joon-seok for "The Throne"

Korea Federation of global Critics Award

Jang Kun-jae for "A Midsummer"s Fantasia"

Moon Seong-hoon (Excellence Award)

Special Appreciation Award

Choi Woo-sik receives Perfect New Actor Award at the 35th Korean arrangement of movie Critics Awards

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Choi Woo-sik receives Perfect New Actor Award at the 35th Korean arrangement of movie Critics Awards

Choi Woo-sik got here into highlight as a emerging megastar on Chungmuro by capacity of grabbing a trophy back for his role in "Set Me Free".

Choi Woo-sik gained Best possible New Actor Award at the 35th Korean arrangement of movie Critics Awards, which happened in Korea Press Center, Seoul in the afternoon on November 16th.

This is Choi Woo-sik"s 2d award this year after he acquired the Actor of the Year Award at the 19th Busan global Film Festival for his role in "Set Me Free".

Choi Woo-sik acknowledged throughout the acceptance speech, "I"m thankful and delighted to get maintain of such large award for my first leading role. I"d love to thank the director who made it conceivable for me to stand correct here. I"ll take a glance at tougher to turn far better performance, best type of acting".

Movie "Set Me Free" talks about the lifestyles of a 17 year old boy, Yeong-jae, who lives in a intellectual hospital, clear of his irresponsible father. Choi Woo-sik played the leading role, Yeong-jae and received excellent experiences for turning in such acting functionality with the robust screen presence.

Meanwhile, Choi Woo-sik also has been solid for the impending movie to be released next year, "Marital Harmony" along side Lee Seung-gi and Sim Eun-kyeong.

Also, any other movie, "Busan Bound" starring Choi Woo-sik has performed filming and is on standby to be released soon. "Busan Bound" is a blockbuster movie depicting desperate struggle with mutant virus spread over all of the nation.

New York The 13th Annual big apple Korean movie Festival Starts this Friday! ***Free Tickets (First-Come, First-Served)***

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New York The 13th Annual big apple Korean movie Festival Starts this Friday! ***Free Tickets (First-Come, First-Served)***

The 13th Annual big apple Korean movie Festival showcases the nation"s cinema doing what it does best: the crime thriller, the romantic fantasy, and feverish erotica. The Peninsula"s filmmakers bend genre cinema to a uniquely Korean pulse and purpose, making the countrys national film industry the maximum colourful in East Asia.

More premieres, filmmakers, and superstar visitors than ever

The Korea Society has also invited an outstanding team of Korean guests, adding star director Ryoo Seung-wan and manufacturers Kang Hye-jung and Park Jung ("Veteran"); administrators Shin Su-won ("Madonna"), Lee Do-yoon ("Confession"), Kang Hyo-jin ("Wonderful Nightmare"), Oh Seung-wook ("The Shameless"), and Hong Won-chan ("The Office"); and actress Ko Ah-seong.The New York Korean Film Festival is a program of The Korea Society, the Museum of the Moving Image, and Subway Cinema. primary strengthen is supplied via the Korea Foundation.

FRIDAY/Opening evening - "The Office"SATURDAY - "Trap", "Confession", "The Shameless", "The Assassination"SUNDAY - "Madonna", "Beauty Inside", "Veteran",WEDNESDAY- "Wonderful Nightmare"The 13th Annual New York Korean Film FestivalNovember 6 – 11, 2015Museum of the Moving ImageOfficial site : http://www.koreanfilmfestival.orgAbout The Festival ALL SCREENINGS May be HELD AT THE MUSEUM OF THE MOVING IMAGEAdvance tickets will be to be had online @ starting on October 21, 2015  Opening Night tickets are $20 ($12 for TKS members, MOMI Film Lover and Dual individuals / loose for Silver Screen members and above). All other NYKFF tickets are $12 ($7 for TKS members, MOMI Film Lover and Dual members / free for Silver Screen members and above).

*** Free tickets on first-come, first-served foundation ***

1 pair of tickets for the hole night

4 pairs of tickets for other screenings

Contact us here with your call :

Lee Jeong-jae visits Germany to wait Korean movie Festival Frankfurt 2015

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Lee Jeong-jae visits Germany to wait Korean movie Festival Frankfurt 2015

Lee Jeong-jae drew heated attention whilst he was once visiting the Korean movie Festival Frankfurt 2015 for his film "The Assassination", which become decided on as an opening film of the festival.

On October 22nd his agency, C-JeS Entertainment said, "Lee Jeong-jae visited Germany on October 21st to wait the Korean Film Festival Frankfurt 2015 for his movie, "The Assassination". He drew heated attention throughout the festival while he was accommodating his busy agenda adding degree greeting, conversations with target audience and interviews with media.

Lee Jeong-jae and director Choi Dong-hoon watched "The Assassination" in a theater with all the six hundred seats totally full of audience. After the film screening, he replied every query from the audience and exchanged greetings with the enthusiasts and the journalists at the venue.

Lee Jeong-jae will go back to Korea soon in spite of everything of his schedules in Germany had been completed. He has just finished filming the Korean-Chinese film, "The Day of inversion" and is lately taking a look into features to make a choice his next project.

BoA Solid in Her 2d Korean movie “Autumn Post Office”

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BoA Cast in Her moment Korean Film “Autumn Post Office” Asia’s Superstar BoA used to be cast in her second Korean film, “Autumn Post Office”!

According to plenty of film insiders, “After having shown her acting talents with ‘Big Match,’ she has selected ‘Autumn Post Office’ as her second movie.”

One partner said, “BoA has been thinking for decades after completing up the promotions for her 8th complete studio album about what her next pass will be. In fact, BoA turned into installed a satisfied quandary between acting after receiving a huge number of provides for dramas and movies, or running on her 9th album. She made up our minds on acting in the end. This time, she could be appearing her other aspect with sentimental mellow charms.”

Meanwhile, BoA started her acting profession with “Make Your Move,” which was a Hollywood film. The paintings for “Autumn Post Office” is expected to start someday prior to the finish of this year.

EXO Chanyeol to famous person in Korean-Chinese movie

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EXO Chanyeol to famous person in Korean-Chinese movie

EXO Chanyeol is starring in a Korean-Chinese film called, "I Married An Anti-Fan".

He"s starring in the motion picture with Yuan Shan Shan, a Chinese feminine star.

Yuan Shan Shan is a skilled actress who seemed in many popular Chinese dramas.

"I Married An Anti-Fan" is in accordance with an common novel about a best famous person and a mag reporter.

Meanwhile, Chanyeol gained the Hallyu Star Awards at the 2015 Korea Drama Awards.

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5 Must-Watch Korean videos in October

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5 Must-Watch Korean films in October October is here, and so are some amazing Korean movies which are all in a position to open in theaters this month. Thrillers seem to be a well-liked genre for October films. With quite so much of hot actors and plots, there’s anything for everyone! Here are five motion pictures to seem out for! Which movies are you interested in?

1. “Collective Invention”

It’s demanding to needless to say Lee Kwang Soo is in fact a model-turned-actor when he's so funny on “Running Man!” Lee Kwang Soo displays off his actor side in this low-budget movie which won wonderful stories from critics! In the film, he transforms into a fish-man because of a drug trial long gone wrong. Park Bo Young and Lee Chun Hee also co-star in this movie.

2. “The Advocate: A lacking Body”

Lee Sun Gyun plays the a phase of a attorney who wins one hundred % of his cases. yet whilst he is protecting anyone who is accused of homicide without any evidence, things cross awry, and his pride is hurt. As you'll be able to bet from the name of the film, it’s a case involving a missing body!

3. “The Exclusive: Beat the Devil’s Tattoo”

HanCinema's movie Review Korean Weekend Box Administrative center 2012.06.01 ~ 2012.06.03

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HanCinema's movie Review Korean Weekend Box Administrative center 2012.06.01 ~ 2012.06.03

Min Gyoo-dong"s comedy drama "Everything about my Wife" remains at number two and has narrowed the space at the Mr. Smith"s newest effort. Sin Tae-ra"s "Runway Cop" follows suit with 334,120 as it makes it access into the charts. This comedy stars Kang Ji-hwan, Seong Yoo-ri and Lee Soo-hyeok as an oddball detective takes up the guise of a fashion to catch the bad guys. At 4 is any other new Korean entry; Kim Tae-kyeong brings us the primary horror of the summer with "Don"t Click", a movie that has been getting combined studies from critics forward of its opening weekend.

Another "Madagascar" turns out to were made; this time the hilarity takes position in Europe. Animations are typically neatly won in Korea, yet "Madagascar 3: Europe"s maximum Wanted" handiest controlled to come into the sport with 39,712. That number, and the film"s position, would possibly well inflate, as Wednesday is a public holiday here in Korea so the children may have more to mention on what the head motion pictures will be. At nine is Moon Hyeon-seong"s "As One" with just 19,613, followed through the japanese animation "Inazuma 11 pass The Movie" with 10,843.

Korean Box Place of job - Admissions for the Week-end 2012.06.01 - 2012.06.03 (

# Films Release date Week-end Total 1 "Men in Black III"   533 134 2 454 900 2 "Everything about my Wife" (내 아내의 모든 것) 2012/05/17 474 268 2 784 668 3 "Runway Cop" (차형사) 2012/05/30 334 120 453 436 4 "Don"t Click" (미확인 동영상 : 절대클릭금지 ) 2012/05/30 295 579 352 880 5 "Snow White and the Huntsman"   261 366 452 397 6 "Marvel"s The Avengers"   96 651 6 996 882 7 "The flavor of Money" (돈의 맛) 2012/05/17 50 301 1 131 102 8 "Madagascar 3: Europe"s Most Wanted"   39 712 40 886 9 "As One" (코리아) 2012/05/03 19 613 1 856 831 10 "Inazuma Eleven Go The Movie" (劇場版イナズマイレブンGO 究極の絆 グリフォン)   10 843 81 727 Korean videos only     "In some other Country" (다른 나라에서) 2012/05/31 6 588 9 271   "Architecture 101" (건축학개론) 2012/03/22 1 983 4 101 409   "Spring, Snow" (봄, 눈) 2012/04/26 1 508 19 958   "A Muse" (은교) 2012/04/25 1 329 1 342 899   "Hello!" (안녕,하세요!) 2012/05/24 539 3 729   "Talking Architect" (말하는 건축가) 2012/03/08 254 37 193   "Kids From Heaven" (천국의 아이들) 2012/05/24 242 1 065   "Dangerously Excited" (나는 공무원이다) 2012/07 226 297   "Our Movie" (2012, 우리가 만든 영화)   166 166   "See You Tomorrow" (2011, 애드벌룬)   166 166