Watch: Wanna One Reveals Intense Burn It Up MV

Watch: Wanna One Reveals Intense Burn It Up MV

Wanna One has now shared theĀ much-anticipated music video for Burn It Up!

Fans previously voted for whether they wanted the Produce 101 Season 2 finalist group to debut with either the song Energetic or Burn It Up after only being able to listen to quick preview clips. Energetic won with a large majority of votes, and Wanna One made their debut with the track on August 7.

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After the group later released a teaser for the Burn It Up MV that theyd already filmed, many fans have been waiting to get a look at the full music video, and its finally here!

Watch the intense and powerful MV below!

The group performed both Burn It Up and EnergeticĀ on August 10s episode of M!Countdown as they made their official debut. You can watch their performances here!