Watch: Wanna One Announces Debut Title Track With New MV Teaser

Watch: Wanna One Announces Debut Title Track With New MV Teaser

At the end of the first episode of Wanna Ones new Mnet reality show Wanna One Go, the groups title track was announced!

In the members individual teaser videos, previews were shared of two songs on Wanna Ones upcoming debut mini album that could be the title track: Burn It Up and Energetic. Fans were asked to vote on which song theyd like to see the group use for their debut, and previews of music videos for both tracks were also released.

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At the end of August 3s premiere episode of Wanna One Go, a dramatic video announced the results of the voting! The groups debut title track will be Energetic.

“Energetic” was co-composed by Flow Blow and PENTAGON’s Hui, with lyrics by Hui and his fellow PENTAGON member Wooseok.

According to Mnet, 2,692,776 votes were made during the period from July 17 to 27. Energetic took a huge lead over “Burn It Up,” as it received 2,227,041 votes.

You can watch the announcement video below, which includes a new teaser for Energetic!

Wanna One will be making their debut on August 7 with their first mini album 1×1=1 (TO BE ONE). Although Energetic has been chosen as the title track, Burn It Up will still be released as another song on the mini album.

Check out the track list, teaser photos, and cover images here!