Watch: UP10TION, Please Episode 1: Discover A New K-Pop Group To Stan

Watch: UP10TION, Please Episode 1: Discover A New K-Pop Group To Stan

Let’s talk about UP10TION.

To HONEY10s (the groups fanclub), they’re the brightest, sweetest, and most talented boys around. Even if you’re not a fan (yet), you’ve probably noticed these boys and their crazy positive energy. I mean, just look at the reception they got at KCON NY 2017!

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I know this is the ending but Kogyeol at that end has me shook #Up10tion #Kogyeol #Kcon #KCON17NY #KCONNY2017 #KCONNY

Blake | #TELEVISION (@realllllblake) June 26, 2017

But for those of you who might not be as familiar with the group, this is your chance. Soompi partnered with Vikis CREATED and ZANYTV to bring to you UP10TION, Please! This isnt just like any other variety program; its an original show that is specifically catered towards what YOU – the international fans want and ask for. 

If you haven’t noticed it already, we’ve asked a series of questions on Twitter in order to find out what the fans wanted to see UP10TION doing on the show, which means you’ll be able to catch the boys doing a variety of fun and hilarious activities that were based on what you suggested! And trust us, it’ll make you fall for them with every episode you watch.

And let’s be real, the boys of UP10TION are so excited to show you:

Their amazing sense of humor:

And how much they genuinely love and care about their fans:

So stay focused, stay excited, and watch (or re-watch) the first episode of UP10TION, Please below!