Watch: B.A.P’s Himchan Displays Off His Classic  Song  Abilities on “Radio Star”

Watch: B.A.P’s Himchan Displays Off His Classic Song Abilities on “Radio Star”

Watch: B.A.Ps Himchan Displays Off His ClassicTuneAbilities on Radio Megastar kokoberry April 20, 2016 0 LINE it!Watch: B.A.Ps Himchan Shows Off His Traditional Music Qualifications on Radio Star B.A.Ps Himchan unearths his impressive background at the April 20 episode of Radio Star.

The MCs speak about how Himchan graduated from a standard Korean music topcollege and entered Korea National University of Arts at the pinnacle of his class. His skills in traditional Korean music very well impresses everyone.

Himchan also proves his skills throughgambling the janggu (traditional Korean drum) on the set.

Despite his skills, the singer remains humble and says, I went on a wide rangedisplayago and Tak Jae Hoon played higher than me. Tak Jae Hoon and the alternative MCs laugh at Himchans comment.

Watch Himchan play the janggu below!

He also sings A Little Woman for fans!

Himchan has such so much of talents!

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Watch: Tremendous Junior’s Kyuhyun and Lee Sung Kyung Sing in Best  Cohesion on “Radio Star”

Watch: Tremendous Junior’s Kyuhyun and Lee Sung Kyung Sing in Best Cohesion on “Radio Star”

Watch: Large Juniors Kyuhyun and Lee Sung Kyung Sing in EasiestSolidarity on Radio Megastar kminjungee March 24, 2016 0 LINE it!Watch: Super Juniors Kyuhyun and Lee Sung Kyung Sing in Perfect Harmony on Radio Star On March 23, throughout MBCs Radio Star, Lee Sung Kyung sang A complete New Global from Aladdin, with Super Juniors Kyuhyun. Lee Sung Kyung, known more for her modeling and acting, up to now showed her making a songtalents on King of Mask Singer.

Kyuhyuns candy voice blended amongst Lee Sung Kyungs natural voice creates a nostalgic atmosphere, and it seems likegazing Aladdin everywhere again.

Maybe its because theyre embarrassed, yetthe 2replace shy smiles each and every time their eyes meet, making hearts flutter with their sweet gazes.

The watching MCs comment, Why cant you guys glance at one another properly? You guys mayappear to beyou're begging to SM and YG (Kyuhyun and Lee Sung Kyungs respective agencies), making the remainder of the visitors laugh.

This episode of Radio Star and featured Lee Sung Kyung, Tae Hang Ho, Defconn, and Heo Kyung Hwan.

Watch their stunning duet below!

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Watch: After Schools Nana Presentations Off Her New and Progressed Aegyo on Radio Star

Watch: After Schools Nana Presentations Off Her New and Progressed Aegyo on Radio Star

Watch: After School’s Nana Presentations Off Her New and Advanced Aegyo on “Radio Star”ilmare42 March 9, 2016 0 LINE it!Watch: After School’s Nana Shows Off Her New and Improved Aegyo on “Radio Star” later being not able to thieve the hearts of the hosts with her aegyo when she seemed on “Radio Star” seven years ago, After School’s Nana impresses everybodyin this week’s episode!

On March 9’s episode of “Radio Star,” Tremendous Junior’s Kyuhyun says he heard that once Nana was at thedisplay before, she was oncedisenchantedsince the hosts didn’t respond neatly to her aegyo.

“They asked me why I used to be doing it!” Nana says. “And told me now not to do it. I wasn’t sad, yetI presumed they’d think it turned into cute.”

When asked who told her to forestall doing it, Nana replies that it was Kim Gura. The prove then stocks a clip of Nana in an episode from seven years ago, when she showed off her cutest glance but Kim Gura spoke backby potential of yelling, “No!”

In this week’s episode, Kim Gura asks Nana to turn them how she does aegyo now. Nana then winks and makes a small middle alongside her finger and thumb.

This time the hosts love her aegyo and say it looks a lot more natural. Nana jokes, “You have to place some spirit into the corner of your mouth.”

Watch her aegyo in the clip below!

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SNSD to Spill on Dating and Relationships on Radio Star

SNSD to Spill on Dating and Relationships on Radio Star

Some members of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) will be sharing the stories regarding the recent dating news surrounding the group.

SNSD’s Taeyeon, Yuri, Jessica, Tifanny and Sunny recently attended filming for MBC’s Radio Star, with the subtitle ‘It Is Now Love Generation.’

SNSD to Spill on Dating and Relationships on ′Radio Star′

As the subtitle suggests, the fact that some of the SNSD members are publicly dating was one of the hottest topics that day. The MCs started by asking, “Does Mr. Mr indicate the two men?” and poured out questions regarding the two members’ public relationships.

When the MCs asked, “Did you already know about the two couples before the news came out?” the girls answered, “There are no secrets between the members.”

The special episode featuring SNSD members will be airing on March 12.

Photo credit: enews


SNSD to Guest on Radio Star

SNSD to Guest on Radio Star

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) will be making its appearance on variety show Radio Star.

SNSD’s Taeyeon, Yuri, Jessia, Tiffany and Sunny attended a shoot for MBC’s Radio Star on February 26.

This is the first variety show that the girls will be attending since they released Mr. Mr..

The SNSD members attended Radio Star when they released I Got a Boy last year, showing off their smooth talking, and even creating trendy online phrases such as ‘dae da na da.’

SNSD to Guest on ‘Radio Star’

Meanwhile, the episode of Radio Star featuring the SNSD members will be broadcasted in the beginning of March.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment


'Radio Star' Girls' Generation Jessica,

'Radio Star' Girls' Generation Jessica, "I've Tried To Watch Explicit Videos When I Went Overseas But..."

jessica, snsd, girls' generation, radio star

jessica attempted to watch pornGirls' Generation (SNSD) Jessica revealed that she has attempted to watch explicit videos before.

In MBC "Radio Star" aired today, Jessica was asked, "Do girls talk about inappropriate things too?" and Jessica replied, "When you go overseas, provocative things are on TV all the time. You've tried a few times too, right?," asking Sunny who was sitting next to her.

At this Hyoyeon said, "But we couldn't. We heard it shows later when you check out what you watched," and Jessica said, "We even tried to find out whose room it was. Was it... Seohyun's room that time?," bringing laughter.

Photo Credit: MBC


All 9 Members of Girls' Generation(SNSD) to Make TV Appearance on MBC

All 9 Members of Girls' Generation(SNSD) to Make TV Appearance on MBC "Radio Star"

Girls Generation, MBC, Radio Star

All 9 Members of Girls Generation to Make TV Appearance on MBC Radio StarGirl group Girls' Generation will be making an appearance as guests on MBC "Radio Star."

Having all 9 members of the group appear on the show along with 4 hosts made the room very full.

The group came out together to talk about their new album that released on January 1 and talked about the concept behind the music.

Some difficult questions were thrown at them by the hosts but they all seems to take them very well.

This is the first time all members of a group appeared on MBC "Radio Star."


SNSD Makes Super Juniors Kyuhyun Sweat on

SNSD Makes Super Juniors Kyuhyun Sweat on "Radio Star"

Girls′ Generation (SNSD) has come to MBC’s Radio Star.

According to the popular show’s producers, all nine of the SNSD members dropped by the MBC Dream Center in Ilsan on January 2 where they took part in the talk show’s recording.

As expected, Radio Star’s male MCs all were melted by the charms and pretty looks of the SNSD members except for Super Junior’s Kyuhyun.

According to the show’s producers, Kyuhyun, who has become known for his straight talk, was largely subdued as his SM labelmates shared stories and jokes about Kyuhyun, causing him to sweat bullets.

The producers added, with both Kyuhyun and the SNSD members knowing a lot ofthings about one another, the members all moved to try and avoid bringing up any bombshell revelations about one another.

With anticipation running high, the episode is expected to air in the coming weeks.

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment


Embarrassing Television  Pictures Of Dok2 Printed On “Radio Star”

Embarrassing Television Pictures Of Dok2 Printed On “Radio Star”

Embarrassing TelevisionPictures Of Dok2 Printed On Radio Big name soojji July 13, 2016 0 Embarrassing TV Footage Of Dok2 Revealed On Radio Star On July 13, MBCs Radio Star featured Dok2, Kim Bo Sung, U-KISSs Dongho, and Joo Woo Jae as visitors for the displays Turn Up My Lifestyles special. All the manner through this episode, rapper Dok2 revealed that he gave the impression on beyondform program Sponge 3 times as an experiment guy ten years ago.

Footage of a tender Dok2 at the aspect of rapper MicroDot in a tub with towels wrapped around their heads was once shown. Dok2 responds, Thats funny. I truly likethe onesforms of things. Loversstay sending me videos like that pronouncing its an embarrassing past, yet I revel in it.

MC Kim Gura asks, Am i ready to send them too? Dok2 responds, Please text them to me.

In this episode, Dok2 also talks about how he desires to spread hope to people. I would like todisplay that despite the truth that Ive lived a utterly unique life, have plenty of tattoos, and am short, anyone like me can bea success doing what I love.

Watch a clip of the prove below:

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Watch: EXOs Dance Teacher Kasper Wows With Excellent Looks And Call Me Baby Functionality On Star King

Watch: EXOs Dance Teacher Kasper Wows With Excellent Looks And Call Me Baby Functionality On Star King

Watch: EXO’s Dance Trainer Kasper Wows With Just right Looks And “Call Me Baby” Functionality On “Star King”ilmare42 June 15, 2016 0 Watch: EXO’s Dance Instructor Kasper Wows With Perfect Looks And “Call Me Baby” Performance On “Star King” On June 14’s episode of “Star King,” dancer Kasper (real call Kim Tae Woo) appears as a guest to blow their own horns his talents, and finally ends up wowing the crowd with either his talents and his brilliant looks.

Kasper has worked with many SM Entertainment artists, and is presentedat thedisplay every bit being EXO’s dance instructor. He in an instant wins the hearts of a lot of thefemininecontributors of the panel, who cheer wildly for him as he plays “Call Me Baby”! Watch his performance below.

When MC Kang Ho Dong asks him to ascertain the claim that he’s EXO’s instructor, Kasper says, “I were given the choreography for ‘Call Me Baby’ from an in some other country choreographer and trained on it, and then helped teach the moves to EXO, giving them recommendation and assisting them be told the gestures. We’re recentlyoperatingin combination on their new songs.”

Kang Ho Dong asks if he’s worked with any other artists at SM Entertainment, and Kasper replies that he’s taught Large Junior’s Eunhyuk and SHINee’s Taemin. MC Leeteuk of Super Junior looks a littlefearfulstatus next to him since thegoal of the episode is to figure out which of the contestants isn'tin point of fact a dance instructor.

Kang Ho Dong asks Leeteuk if he knows Kasper, since he’s claiming to be a instructor at his agency, and Leeteuk replies, “To be honest, I’ve noticed him before. Yetthere are the kind ofgreat amount ofthose that come out and in of our offices, I presumed he was once a trainee.”

The prove as well shares a photo of Kasper with EXO’s Lay, and when Leeteuk asks about Kasper’s sharp suit, he says, “This is TVXQ’s Yunho’s, he wore it once in a track video.”

Kasper could also be asked by capability ofthe fame panel about how he’s controlled to turn into a dance instructor at such a widecorporate as SM Entertainment. Kasper replies that he’s very precise when it comes to expressing the sounds in music, and presentations how he can pay attention to the primary pointsinside a dance move. He then offersone of the vital members of the panel a snappy dance lesson! Test it out below.

What do you bring to mind Kaspers edition of Call Me Baby?

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