Watch: NUESTs JR And Super Juniors Heechul Show Chemistry In A Couple Dance

Watch: NUESTs JR And Super Juniors Heechul Show Chemistry In A Couple Dance

HyunA, NUESTs JR, and comedian Park Sung Kwang appeared as guests for episode 92 of Ask Us Anything.

In one corner of the show,  Heechul, JR, and HyunA danced to her songs. First, Heechul and HyunA paired up and danced together to her song Red. Both of them danced with sincerity in the beginning until Heechul started to shake his bottom in a sexy manner that made HyunA burst into laughter and stop dancing. Lee Soo Geun commented, I thought there were two HyunAs dancing.

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Next up was JR who declared he wanted to dance to HyunAs song Bubble Pop because it would be difficult for her to keep standing up and sitting down if they did Red. The caption gave him ten bonus points for his consideration. HyunA acted cutely, but JRs expression didnt change at all. Even if she lightly touched his chest, his demeanor didnt change and he continued to dance comfortably. HyunA admitted, I think it was better that he did different moves [than my choreography].

Last but not least, JR and Heechul danced together to HyunAs song Red. They danced in a sexy and provocative manner that made HyunA giggle. When Kang Ho Dong insisted, You must make eye-contact, things started to heat up between the two idols and their great teamwork earned proclamations of awe from Lee Soo Geun.

Watch the hilarious clip below!