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5 Must-Watch Korean videos in October

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5 Must-Watch Korean films in October October is here, and so are some amazing Korean movies which are all in a position to open in theaters this month. Thrillers seem to be a well-liked genre for October films. With quite so much of hot actors and plots, there’s anything for everyone! Here are five motion pictures to seem out for! Which movies are you interested in?

1. “Collective Invention”

It’s demanding to needless to say Lee Kwang Soo is in fact a model-turned-actor when he's so funny on “Running Man!” Lee Kwang Soo displays off his actor side in this low-budget movie which won wonderful stories from critics! In the film, he transforms into a fish-man because of a drug trial long gone wrong. Park Bo Young and Lee Chun Hee also co-star in this movie.

2. “The Advocate: A lacking Body”

Lee Sun Gyun plays the a phase of a attorney who wins one hundred % of his cases. yet whilst he is protecting anyone who is accused of homicide without any evidence, things cross awry, and his pride is hurt. As you'll be able to bet from the name of the film, it’s a case involving a missing body!

3. “The Exclusive: Beat the Devil’s Tattoo”

[Photos] Added crank up symbol for the approaching Korean film 'Come Watch Me'

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[Photos] Added crank up symbol for the approaching Korean film 'Come Watch Me'

Added crank up symbol for the impending Korean film "Come Watch Me" (2015)Directed by means of Lee Cheol-haWith Kang Ye-won, Lee Sang-yoon, Choi Jin-ho-I, Lee Hak-joo, Jang Tae-seong, Yoo Geon,...Synopsis"Come Watch Me" is a mystery mystery about a manufacturer who digs into the fact of a homicide disguised as a fireplace twist of fate and the sole survivor named Soo-ah.Release date in Korea : 2015

Upcoming Korean film 'Come Watch Me'

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Upcoming Korean film 'Come Watch Me'

Added the approaching Korean film "Come Watch Me""s page to HanCinema database"Come Watch Me" (2015)Directed by way of Lee Cheol-haWith Kang Ye-won, Lee Sang-yoon, Choi Jin-ho-I, Lee Hak-joo, Jang Tae-seong, Yoo Geon,...Synopsis"Come Watch Me" is a mystery mystery about a manufacturer who digs into the reality of a homicide disguised as a hearth twist of fate and the sole survivor named Soo-ah.Release date in Korea : 2015

10 Must-See Korean Dramas To Watch Before KCON 2015 LA

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10 Must-See Korean Dramas To Watch Before KCON 2015 LA

(Photo : KCON USA) North America"s largest event for "All Things Hallyu," KCON USA, has announced an impressive lineup of top actors from both Korean and U.S. television and film has been added to their Los Angeles lineup.

Living up to its mission to bring fans the most comprehensive celebration of all aspects of Korean entertainment, KCON 2015 USA has confirmed stars Kim Soo Hyun, Daniel Henney, Son Ho Jun and Ki Hong Lee have been added to the Los Angeles lineup.

Beyond the appearance of these actors, KCON 2015 USA will also further spotlight drama on Saturday and Sunday sessions titled, "All That K-Drama with KOCCA." These sessions, sponsored and organized by the Korea Creative Content Agency, will feature two of Korea"s hottest creative talents behind the camera, star writer Park Ji Eun (Producer, My Love From The Star) and top television director, Jin Hyuk (Master"s Sun, Doctor Stranger).

With so many drama-related guests scheduled to appear at this year"s KCON, trying to familiarize oneself with their works could prove challenging. In an effort to help those less familiar with the drama side of the Hallyu spectrum here"s a quick list of dramas and films to check out before heading to LA later this month.

1. Master"s Sun (directed by Jin Hyuk)

2. My Love From The Star (written by Park Ji Eun, starring Kim Soo Hyun)

3. Reply 1994 (starring Son Ho Joon)

4. Producer (written by Park Ji Eun, starring Kim Soo Hyun)

5. Spring Waltz (starring Daniel Henney)

6. My Lovely Sam Soon (starring Daniel Henney)

7. Dream High (starring Kim Soo Hyun)

8. Doctor Stranger (directed by Jin Hyuk)

9. Trot Lovers (starring Son Ho Joon)

10. The Maze Runner (starring Ki Hong Lee)

Last year over 43,000 fans of Korean pop culture traveled from around the U.S. to solidify KCON as a summer Los Angeles staple. Once again, K-entertainment fans will flock to both LA and New York to experience unforgettable concerts, panels, workshops, food, fashion and more.

Be sure to check outKCON"s Official Websitefor more information on both KCON 2015 LA and KCON 2015 NY.

Korean Singer-Actor has reportedly used partner as Scapegoat when he was charged for driving in the drunk condition and not having a license

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Korean Singer-Actor Uses Girlfriend As Scapegoat for Driving Drunk and Without License On July 6, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office revealed that singer-actor Kim Eun Oh was arrested and charged for drunk driving, having no license, and making his girlfriend give false testimony.

According to the prosecutor’s office, earlier this year on March 29, Kim Eun Oh was drinking in Gangnam, when he got behind the wheel while intoxicated. When police pulled up behind him and tried to pull him over, he switched switched seats with his girlfriend and had her lie to the police.

Moreover, Kim Eun Oh refused the breathalyzer test three times, and once at the station, made his girlfriend lie once again.

Meanwhile, Kim Eun Oh has been active as both a singer and actor, and released a solo album just last year.

Watch This Korean CF That Actually Has an Inspiring Message, Not Just Pretty Celebrities

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Watch This Korean CF That Actually Has an Inspiring Message, Not Just Pretty Celebrities

Normally, I cant wait to skip the ad in front of a YouTube video I want to watch. Loud, flashy, and selling things I dont care about, I wait impatiently for those five seconds of the CF to pass so I can press Skip.

But recently, an ad caught my eye, grabbed my attention, and kept me watching for the whole two minutes and 19 seconds of it. Not only did it tug at my heart strings, but it also made me do a mental exercise, and encouraged me to change how I perceive the world.

The first five seconds shows a young man running frantically up the stairs of a subway exit to accidentally walk into an older man in a suit. He apologizes quickly as he continues to head away from the station. The older man looks at him disdainfully and words appears on a screen showing what the man is thinking: What a rude fellow.

The next scene shows an even older man with white hair on a bus, obviously disgruntled because a young girl is not giving up her seat for him, asleep or pretending to be. The older woman sitting next to her looks at her and thinks, What an inconsiderate young woman.

The next scenes shows another older man in a suit tsking as he walks past a younger man, also in a suit, throwing up in the street. Hes thinking, The young these days have no sense of propriety. Then the screen goes dark and the words We werent like that when we were young appear.

These anecdotes of Korean life hit me hard and held be captive because they are what I experience and see everyday as a resident of Seoul. Commuting to and from work by public transportation, both bus and train, I myself battle for a seat and get pushed and pulled by other commuters. Walking home, I see people of all genders and ages heaving whatever they had for dinner from drinking too much. Ive had those thoughts that the older people in the commercial had, although I am much closer in age to the young people. For me, the commercial wasnt just about overcoming a generational gap, but also about understanding, sympathy, and empathy.

The commercial then goes on to show why the young man was in such a hurry out of the subway, why the young girl couldnt give up her seat (she was actually asleep, not pretending), and why the guy in the suit heaved in the streets. The subway fellow was rushing to his part-time job, as the captions and images explain, because he needs the job to provide for himself while also going to school and/or paying back tuition debt. The young girl is also a college student who has to study and work long nights at a part-time job because like 67% of college students, finding a way to pay for school takes priority over actual school work. The young man in the suit is drinking because he is depressed, receiving rejections from jobs and finding that the standards are just too high.

The male narrator of the commercial asks viewers to look again at the youth we look at with such disdain, to transform our misunderstanding to understanding, and to cheer on the young so that their 20s becomes a happy time for them.

The commercial is ultimately a self-promotion for the online shopping platform 11st and its hope campaign that takes proceeds from its profit to support people in theirs 20s in various ways. Its selling itself but that doesnt take away from the message it delivers: Transform misunderstanding to understanding. Lets be slow to anger, resent, and disdain. Lets look beyond our own preconceptions and perspective.

Watching impossibly beautiful and handsome celebrities trying to sell me stuff that is supposed to make me look as good as them is okay most of the time because I am so desensitized to them by now. Then something like this CF comes along to remind me why visual media can be such a powerful medium to deliver a good message widely around the world. Watch the moving commercial for yourself below and let me know what you think: did it connect with you as much as it did with me?

Watch How Korean Beauty Has Changed Over The Past 100 Years In This 1-Minute Video

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Watch How Korean Beauty Has Changed Over The Past 100 Years In This 1-Minute Video

How Korean beauty standards have changed over the past 100 years!  You can watch it below!

The video starts off with the 1910s and shows off the hair and makeup styles that were popular throughout each decade. You can see the shift from decade to decade from more traditional with large hairstyles and hair pieces to less traditional styling with more modern influences. Starting in the 1950s part of the video, they also include the beauty standards of North Korea as well. The video shows all the way until the 2010s decade, where you can see that the styles have changed drastically since the 1910s. Even though the last look of the video is showing the beauty looks in Korea in the 2010s, we have already seen a change in the beauty standards in 2015! Instead of a heavy makeup look with large jewelry that may have been popular just five years ago, the more natural beauty look is definitely more in style now!

What do you think of these looks? Which one is your favorite decade?

5 Reasons you should watch the Korean movie Always (Only You)

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5 Reasons you should watch the Korean movie Always (Only You)

If you still havent watched the romance film Always, starring So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo, here are five reasons you need to watch it now! The movie is centered around a love story between ex-boxer Chul Min and blind telemarketer Jung Hwa. They are inseparable, but they soon run into challenges as Jung Hwas health deteriorates and Chul Mins troubled past comes back to haunt him. Will their love last?

1. This ones a tear-jerker but in ways you wouldnt expect.

If you liked The Notebook, you will love this romantic drama Always. While the plot is entirely different, both films are carried by the powerful performance of the two lead actors. Despite the tragic pasts of the two characters, there are plenty of sweet and heartwarming moments throughout the film. And thats when the real tears start rolling.

It wouldnt be too much of a stretch to say So Ji Sub is the Ryan Gosling of Korea. Not only are they are both boyishly handsome and capable of being action stars, but they are also solid actors with numerous awards and nominations. Need more reasons? Read this.

Han Hyo Joo is an actress who seems to only make smash hits. She played the titular character in the historical drama Dong Yi, and she received acclaim for her work in the immensely popular shows Shining Inheritance, Iljimae, and feature film Heavens Postman.

There is an undeniable charm in Han Hyo Joos innocence and girl-next-door appeal. While she plays a blind girl in Always in a convincing fashion, she does it in a way that makes you forget about her disability and fall in love with the person she is.

4. The subtleties of the film will stay with you for a long time after it ends.

There are cinematic aspects of Always that are simply captivating, but in the subtlest ways. The director Song Il Gon is a masterful storyteller who will take into consideration the smallest nuances of each scene. In fact, there is a feeling of warmth throughout the movie, achieved by the directors use of lighting and sentimental shots.

Song Il Gon, by the way, was the first Korean filmmaker to win an award at the Cannes Film Festival. He won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Short Film in 1999.

5. The movie is well loved by DramaFever viewers and many others.

Currently, Always has the highest rating of five stars on DramaFever, making it one of the most highly regarded feature films on the site. Not only do our own viewers love the film, but the general movie community does too. Always has 7.8 stars on the online movie database site