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Kim So Eun is touched by Junho’s manners on ‘Music and Lyrics’

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Kim So Eun is touched by Junho’s manners on ‘Music and Lyrics’

2PMs Junho once again displayed his gentleman-like manners on a recent episode of Music and Lyrics.

On the April 8th broadcast of MBC Musics Music and Lyrics, Junho and Kim So Eun went out to find a special camping spot to finish up their song.

While Junho was driving, the car in front of them came to a sudden stop, causing Junho to slam on his brakes. Junho immediately put his arm in front of Kim So Eun to protect her from any potential harm.

Im sorry, he said. The car in front of me just suddenly stopped, reassuring her safety.

Kim So Eun later remarked, He is so thoughtful, protecting me like that. Hes really masculine, its attractive, expressing how touched she was by Junhos behavior.

Netizens who are starting to become suspicious of the two remarked, These two are serious, Are they going to become a couple?, and These two look really good together.

Do you think the two have chemistry? Watch the clip below and let us know!

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2PM’s Junho and Kim So Eun enjoy a campfire date for ‘Music and Lyrics’

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2PMs Junho and actress Kim Seo Eun of MBCs reality program, Music and Lyrics, has proven to be the perfect fictional couple once more with new on-scene shots together!

The new still cuts show the couple enjoying dates by a railroad track as well as camping together in a romantic atmosphere. The two reportedly cooked up a delicious meal in the tent together and fed each other while working on their song compositions. Junhos loving gaze towards Kim So Eun definitely conjured some envy amongst bystanding staff.

One representative commented, The weather was cold that day so it was beautiful to see the two make sure the other had a blanket. They even sat close together near the camp fire. They work well together and share a lot of their opinions on music so there are a lot of expectations regarding their love song.

The show will air on April 7th through MBC Music, and on MBC on the 8th.

2PMs Junho and Kim So Eun enjoy a campfire date for Music and Lyrics2PMs Junho and Kim So Eun enjoy a campfire date for Music and Lyrics2PMs Junho and Kim So Eun enjoy a campfire date for Music and Lyrics Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Nate

2PM’s Junho and Kim So Eun hold hands on ‘Music and Lyrics’

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2PM’s Junho and Kim So Eun hold hands on ‘Music and Lyrics’

Recently, pictures of 2Pms Junho and actress Kim So Eun holding hands have surfaced.

On the second episode of Music and Lyrics the couple went on a date showing off a confident and youthful image, and looking like a real couple.

The picture shows the two holding hands and laughing happily, arousing envy amongst the viewers. The way they look at each other so genuinely has viewers hearts fluttering wondering if the two could be falling for one another.

The first time Junho and Kim So Eun met each other on the show, it was said that they couldnt even make eye contact. However, as time passed by, they overcame their awkwardness and now seem close enough to hold each others hands.

Catch more of the two on the March 31st broadcast of Music and Lyrics!

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2PM’s Junho and actress Kim So Eun to collaborate for ‘Music and Lyrics’

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2PM’s Junho and actress Kim So Eun to collaborate for ‘Music and Lyrics’

A new couple is set to appear on MBC Musics Music and Lyrics!

2PMs Junho and actress Kim So Eun were chosen to be the new couple.

They are now the second couple to be chosen for this program. Music and Lyrics is a variety show that is similar to MBCs We Got Married. It shows an actress and a male artist forming a relationship while making songs.

Junho and Kim So Eun will try to make an OST for MBCs weekend drama Feast of the Gods through this program. This song will be for actress Song Yu Ris love theme in the drama.

One of the staff members of Music and Lyrics stated, The music director of Feast of the Gods will personally decide if the song made by Junho and Kim So Eun is eligible for use in the drama. The song made by the two will be shown to the director without any modifications.

The first couple on Music and Lyrics is actress Park Shin Hye and singer Yoon Gun. Junho and Kim So Eun are set to appear sometime in April.

Are you excited about the new couple?

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Watch: All New “Music Core” With New MCs, New Format, and Performances

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Watch: All New “Music Core” With New MCs, New Format, and Performances This episode of MBC’s “Music Core” marks many adjustments adding their new MCs in addition taking away their score system. Today’s display began with Brown Eyed Ladies pretending to be the recent MCs which resulted in a distinct functionality of “Me Gustas Tu” by skill of new MCs Kim Sae Ron and Kim Min Jae.

Both MCs showed off their making a song and dancing abilities impressively. Watch below!

In position of a ranking system, the music prove hopes to point of interest on several artists. First, reputation used to be given to rookie workforce Snuper as they were selected as a “Rising Star.” They conducted “Shall We Dance.”

“Music Core” also has a “Chart Up” artist of the week, opting for an artist this is doing smartly on music charts. This week’s “Chart Up” artist is VIXX with their song “Chained Up.”

In addition, the show will now be featuring the “Hot 3″ of the week. the primary “Hot 3″ artist to accomplish became two times singing “Like OOH AHH.”

The next “Hot 3″ artist is B.A.P! They accomplished “Take You There” and “Young, Wild & Free.”

The remaining “Hot 3″ artist was Dynamic Duo acting “Jam.”

The complete list of artists performing today contains B.A.P, Dynamic Duo, TWICE, VIXX, Snuper, Brown Eyed Girls, search engine optimization In Young, Tahiti, MADTOWN, M.A.P 6, WANNA.B, Lee Hong Ki, Navi, Gavy NJ, The Legend, and LU:KUS.

Watch the opposite performances below:

Brown Eyed ladies – “Brave New World”

Do you favor the new “Music Core” format?

Watch Live: “Music Core” 11.21.15: B.A.P, Lee Hong Ki, VIXX, and More

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Watch Live: “Music Core” 11.21.15: B.A.P, Lee Hong Ki, VIXX, and More

♬ New♡MC- Kim Sae Ron & Kim Min Jae 『Me Gustas Tu』

♬ Hot♡3- B.A.P 『Young, Wild & Free』,『Take you there』- Dynamic Duo 『Jam』- two times 『Like OOH-AHH』

♬ Sound♡HOLIC- VIXX 『Chained up』

♬ Super♡Rookie- Snuper 『Shall We Dance』

♬ Heart♡Attack- Brown Eyed women 『Brave New World』- Search engine marketing In-young 『Shout it out』- TAHITI 『Skip』- MADTWON 『OMGT』- M.A.P 6 『Storm』- WANNA.B 『Hands Up』

♬ Sweet♡Sound- LEE HONG KI 『INSENSIBLE』- Navi 『Don’t pass over you』- Gavy NJ 『Hello』- The Legend 『NAIL』- LU:KUS 『Beautiful』

Watch: IU Is the Closing 2015 Winner for “Music Core,” Comebacks, and MC Goodbyes

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Watch: IU Is the Last 2015 Winner for “Music Core,” Comebacks, and MC Goodbyes Today’s episode of MBC’s “Music Core” might be their last episode incorporating a rating system. IU, f(x), and Taeyeon were the contenders for first place. IU got here in first position with f(x) taking 2d and Taeyeon receiving 3rd place respectively. IU and Taeyeon aren't recently selling on music presentations and did no longer carry out today.

It used to be also the last day of MCing at the display for SHINee’s Minho, Red Velvet’s Yeri, and VIXX’s N. The MCs shared their tearful goodbyes.

Meanwhile, VIXX, Brown Eyed Girls, and Seo In Young made their comeback stages today. The alternative performers for today includes f(x), MONSTA X, TWICE, RANIA, Romeo, DIA, Tahiti, M.A.P 6, VAV, myB, BTOB, Gavy NJm Oh My Girl, LU:KUS, and A-daily.

Performances will be up to date as they turn into available.

Brown Eyed Ladies – “Time of Ice Cream” and “Brave New World”

VIXX – “Stop it Girl” and “Chained Up”

Seo In Young – “Shout it Out”

DIA – “My Friend’s Boyfriend”

VAV – “Under the Moonlight”

Watch Live: “Music Core” 11.14.15: VIXX, Brown Eyed Girls, SEO In Young, and More

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Watch Live: “Music Core” 11.14.15: VIXX, Brown Eyed Girls, SEO In Young, and More

♬ Come♡back- VIXX 『Chained up』,『Stop it Girl』- Brown Eyed women 『Brave New World』,『Time of Icecream』- Seo In-young 『Shout it out』

♬ Heart♡Attack- f(x) 『4 Walls』- MONSTA X 『HERO』- two times 『Like OOH-AHH』- RANIA 『DEMONSTRATE』- ROMEO 『TARGET』- DIA 『My Friend’s Boy Friend』- TAHITI 『Skip』- M.A.P 6 『Storm』- VAV 『Under the moonligh』- myB 『MY OH MY』

♬ Sweet♡Sound- BTOB 『Way Back Home』- N.Flying 『Lonely』- Gavy NJ 『Hello』- OH MY GIRL 『CLOSER』- LU:KUS 『Beautiful』- A-daily 『Spotlight』

Music & Lyrics: Let’s Talk About Sex

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20130821_seoulbeats_seungri4 MusicLyrics: Lets Talk About Sex Written by Pat On November 11, 2015 Sex is a part of life. Thanks to Western media, one can become desensitized to the topic because it can be found everywhere – songs, television shows, movies, wherever. On the surface, K-pop is very different. There are a lot of ‘innocent’ and ‘cute’ concepts. Crossing the line can easily get one banned from performing on weekly shows or their music video rated 19+, making it harder to score broadcast points. That is not to say that sex is a completely taboo subject. In fact, there are a lot of songs that do reference and talk about it. Which is why, today, we are talking all about those songs.

Talking about such a topic always comes with warnings. While I will try to keep this as clean as possible, there will still be references to sex and, potentially, sexual acts. If you are, in any way, uncomfortable with the topic, then please hit the back button back to safety.

With that warning out of the way, let’s get comfortable and talk about sex in K-pop songs.

Usually, there are two categories of songs regarding the mentioning of sex or anything sexual. The first are the songs in which sex is covert and subtle. The second category is songs where sex is openly talked about in either unabashed references or shameless innuendos.

For the first category, some can be very muted – maybe just one or two lines thrown in that makes someone double back, before going back to safe ground with the usual romantic theme. But what differentiates these songs from the run of the mill vague songs is that the way they are put together makes no room for the song to be about anything else. Often, these types of songs are sung within the frame of a romance. Songs that come to mind are f(x)s Rude Love and Nine Musess Wild.

Another example is Sunmi’s “24 Hours,” with plenty of lines to choose from. Theres the chorus with “24 hours are not enough/ When I’m touching you and you’re touching me,” but there’s also this bit during a verse:

The more I drink, the thirstier I get

The more I take, the more my body seeks

When Im looking at you, I forget everything

You fill me up all the way

This is where it becomes very clear what she wants: she wants her lover to stay with her for more than the time they have. It works perfectly with Sunmi’s vocals, making the want in the lyrics more real. It also gives a more active voice to the song, as if she is also explaining why she is so addicted to her lover.

From the covert, we then have the overtopenly, unapologetic and shamelessly sexual songs. And there is nothing wrong with it. For the overt, they can further be divided into two types: there is the blatantly sexual, and then there are songs that swim in playful innuendo.

How can I name this article after a line from “Let’s Talk About Love” and not talk about the song? From Seungri’s 2013 mini-album, Lets Talk About Love features G-Dragon and Taeyang in a song that almost delights in talking about sex. It starts off innocently enough, and then G-Dragon’s rap comes in.

Dont be scared, I wont hurt you, I know you want me

Ill be your guide on this lonely night, so call me

Now youre my master and Im your G-nie, now tell me your wish

Past the stage of ecstasy, were trembling

From your head to your toes, I wont miss a single part

Scream louder, I want to fly

You want to climax, Ill be your thriller

The rap verse is almost self-explanatory. It starts with getting the woman to give in and trust him for the night just for pleasure. It describes G-Dragon’s promises for the night: unfiltered pleasure where he will pay attention to every inch of your body. It is not only his end that he seeks, but also delights in his partner’s, wanting to hear his name screamed at the pinnacle points. And with the G-nie line, it is also clear that he considers her sexual dictates as well.

Here, we can clearly see the difference between the overt and covert. While Sunmi’s seeks to seduce you into a peek of that relationship, “Let’s Talk About Love” is abundant with metaphors for climaxing and other sexual acts.

In fact, the song also represents the usual modus operandi of most sex songs, and is also similar in format to Western counterparts. Males promise to bring delight to their sexual partner, to make her tremble, to make her scream his name. It’s him bragging, and often there is little to no romance involved. The sexual act is there for what it is, and nothing else.

Another example of an openly sexual song is B.A.P’s “Body and Soul.” In a way, the song is just as intense as the previous.

The song is sexual from start to finish – it is undeniable from the first beat, which is instrumentally in the same vein as songs such as “Wet” by Chris Brown and “Neighbors Know My Name” by Trey Songz. From the first line (“If you will be mine, I don’t need no more/ We just ride tonight”) to the very end, it is clear what the song is about.

In fact, the song is more upfront and blunt; there is little time for sweetness or flowery words.

“Very slowly and with great detail, I’ll touch you.”

“Tonight, I deliver my heart into your ears.”

The lyrics leave little wiggle room to explain the song away, and the lyrics with the instrumental makes it obvious that the song is about sex. Probably the most unexpected song to come from the groups first album, it talked openly about sex in a way very reminiscent with plenty of tracks from Western artists: the little water drops that may just be something else, to the subdued nature to contrast with the delivery of the song.

From the openly sexual, there are the songs that delight in using playful innuendos all throughout. In case you were thinking that it’s just the males that openly talk about sex, there are females as well, and who else better exemplifies this but Brown Eyed Girls. The, rightfully, adult leaning group does not hold back. From “Abracadabra,” to their latest outing with “Warm Hole,” to solo songs (“Bloom” anyone?) and unit tracks such as “Tonight,” the group is not embarrassed to talk about it. Another example is Recipe.

I want to peel you like a tangerine I want to unveil your secrets

Sometimes fresh, sometimes sweet, I want to satisfy you

What I want from you is after you take everything I prepared for you

I want to make you cry my name

The innuendos used are all food based, because it is very easy to be playfully seductive with a bunch of items you see on an almost daily basis, especially if they happen to look very phallic. The chorus basically translates to dressing oneself up, either as “sweet” or “fresh.” Seasoning roughly is the different products such as body oils that enhance the experience. All combined, it is a recipe made just for their partner.

Another track that is jam-packed with sexually charged innuendos is VIXX’s “Secret Night.” In this song, it starts somewhat innocently enough but the intention becomes clear in Ravi’s rap.

My entire body has hardened, shes cooking her own recipe

Make it stronger, yes, mezzoforte

We don’t need to elaborate on what gets hard, and the recipe analogy has been discussed above with “Recipe.” Mezzoforte, for those who don’t know (or have forgotten their music classes), is a musical term that means moderately loudto increase in volume in moderation. Ravi is basically saying to yell louder, to “make it stronger.”

As for “Shocker” which is repeated all throughout, it refers to a hand gesture that is filled with sexual connotations (Google is your friend, everyone). And in case it wasn’t clear, there’s an additional line of Two will become one, filled with secrets, you and I.” So yes, they had sex, if there was any doubt.

With these songs, there are several observations that can be seen. One is that male artists have the opportunity to be more blatant, while women have to resort to vague language. This is due to the social construct of virginity that, from an outsiders view, is a thing in South Korea.

This explains why most of mainstream female acts veil any talk of sex in their songs, unless if they are purposely going for a sexual concept. That is not to say that young women don’t have sex, for there are studies and documentaries that touch upon the prevalence of the act among those in their 20’s. But this, and other differences in view, is a topic for another time.

A second observation is that as female artists grow, they become bolder with their words. This can be clearly seen in the lyrical growth of Brown Eyed Girls. While there were already sexual themes in their breakout hit, “Abracadabra,” they group has grown bolder with each release, possibly hitting their climax with the no holds barred “Warm Hole.” But the question is: are they, perhaps, an exemption to the rule? While it is true that Hyuna has been doing more sexually charged concepts, her lyrics do not elaborate as much. Currently, it remains to be seen if any female artists decide to have comebacks so consistently charged such as Brown Eye Girls, and to a certain extent, Hyuna.

Are there any other observations you have regarding K-pop and sexual songs? Any particular favorite songs or lines that comes to mind? Comment and tell us down below!

(ColorCoded Lyrics, pop!gasa, Images via YG Entertainment, Mystic Entertainment, Star Empire Entertainment, Jellyfish Entertainment, GQ)

Watch Live: “Music Core” 11.07.15: f(x), Kyuhyun, BTOB, and More

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Watch Live: “Music Core” 11.07.15: f(x), Kyuhyun, BTOB, and More

♬ Come♡back- f(x) 『4walls』,『Diamond』

♬ Sweet♡Sound- KYUHYUN 『A Million Pieces』- BTOB 『Way Back Home』- KIM DONG WAN 『I’M FINE』- N.Flying 『Lonely』- Lovelyz 『Ah-Choo』- OH MY woman 『CLOSER』- Large Brain 『Welcome』- Rooftop space Studio 『Strong Girl and vulnerable Boy』

♬ Heart♡Attack- MONSTA X 『HERO』- UP10TION 『So, Dangerous』- SEVENTEEN 『MANSAE』- two times 『Like OOH-AHH』- stephanie (feat.pharoh) 『higher』- Melody Day 『SPEED UP』- DIA 『My Friend’s Boy Friend』- MCROWN 『DAE DO MOO MOON』