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Top 5 Girl Group Members to Watch Out for in 2014

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Top 5 Girl Group Members to Watch Out for in 2014 (Photo : GNG Entertainment, Sports Seoul, Dream Star, Sidus HQ, Polaris Entertainment)You should definitely keep an eye out for these girls.

It's becoming much more commonplace now for girl group members to act as a group andindividually. Last year members from girl groups A Pink, SISTAR, and Girl's Day went solo, dove into acting, or acted as MCs on different shows. This year there's much expectation for these new girl groups and their upcoming activities.

We've chosen some girl group members that you should keep an eye out for in 2014. These are the girls who dream of becoming stars like Jung Eunji, Hyolyn, and Mina.

Tiny G's Dohee has received a lot of love and support from fans for her role in tvN's "Respond 1994" as Yoon Jin. She's one of the most anticipated members this year. This petite star showed off an unexpected charm with her role in the drama, and has become popular with the viewers. Her group Tiny G is made up of 4 members. The group debuted in 2012 with their single "Tiny-G" and released 2 mini albums last year. This hip hop dance group is reminiscent of 2NE1, and engages the listener with their addictive music.

Dohee went solo with the drama "Respond 1994," and tried her hand at entertainment on OnStyle's "Fashion Killa." As of now, she's also considering movies, dramas, and sequel film scripts. It seems as if she's immersed in album activities as well. A GNG Production rep stated, "Dohee is currently pursuing solo activities, but the team has plans to come out with a full length album in the first half of the year."

Four-member group BESTie's youngest Haeryung will most likely shine in acting this year. Haeryung starred in cable channel tvN's "Nine: The Ninth Time Travel" as Hyungsik's girlfriend in the drama. She also starred in movies such as "My Son's Woman" and "Sasagungun." She's also been acting as MC for tvN's "Comedy Big League" since last August. Her slender 168cm tall figure and urban look have been contributing factors for her receiving numerous love calls. BESTie debuted last year with "Pitapat."

MBC "Star Audition" contestant RiSe debuted in a girl group. She resembles actress Yoo Min, and was chosen as the Miss Korea regional representative for Japan in 2009. Her awkward Korean pronunciation, moon-shaped eyes, and cute dimples are charismatic. She starred on a few entertainment programs such as MBC's "We Got Married" and "Star Diving Show - Splash." The 5-member girl group Ladies' Code debuted last year, and has produced 3 mini albums titled Bad Girl, Hate You, and Pretty Pretty.

SIDUS HQ's 5-member group 2EYES' Jung Daeun is attracting attention for her unexpected charm. She's chic yet tough, and this charm helps her stand out in the entertainment world. Last September she appeared on SBS' "Utchatsa" and showed off her vocal and acting skills unlike that of a rookie. In December she appeared on MBC's "World Changing Quiz" and recreated a scene from the movie Titanicwith Jo In Sung and brought laughter to the show. 2EYES debuted with an OST titled "Winter Love" and released 2 mini albums.

Five-member group Tahiti's Jisoo has outstanding beauty. She resembles actress Han Gain, and this resemblance has made her a point of interest early on in her career. She's expected to be successful as an actress, but we'll have to wait and see. She started filming for the movie Black Idolsalongside fellow team member Ari last October. Tahiti debuted in 2012 with "Tonight," and has released others such as "Hasta Luego" and "Five Beats of Hearts." They even sang the OST for KBS2's drama "You're the Best Lee Soon Shin."

Girl’s Day’s Sojin chooses Ladies’ Code’s Sojung as the girl group member to watch out for

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Girl’s Day’s Sojin chooses Ladies’ Code’s Sojung as the girl group member to watch out for

Girls Days Sojin revealed that the fellow girl group member whos catching her eye at the moment is none other than rookie powerhouse vocalist Sojung of Ladies Code.

In a recent interview, Sojin shared, Its Ladies Code. Among the rookie groups, Ladies Code catches my eye. Ladies Codes Sojung especially sings well and has a unique, attractive voice.

If I have the opportunity to give a song to a hoobae group, I would like to give it to Ladies Code. Sojungs voice can pull off pop music and make a song of any genre refined. Even though I cant compose well, I think that [Sojung] would be able to perfectly sing the song.

Girls Day recently made their sexy comeback with Expectation, while Ladies Code made their debut with Bad Girl.

Girl group members reveal how team leaders are decided on ‘Come to Play’

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Girl group members reveal how team leaders are decided on ‘Come to Play’

On July 9th, girl group leaders Hyosung (SECRET), Hyorin (SISTAR), Gyuri (KARA), JeA (Brown Eyed Girls), Victoria (f(x)), and Sun (Wonder Girls) gathered for a special Battle of the Girls broadcast of MBCs Come To Play.

The leaders took the time to answer how they were selected to become the leaders of their respective groups.

Hyosung, Gyuri, and Victoria revealed that they were selected because they were the eldest of their group, while JeA was chosen as the leader since she was the one who recruited the members of Brown Eyed Girls, and Sun was selected for being the longest trainee of six years. Hyorin did not give an answer.

In response to Sunye, MC Yoo Jae Suk remarked, Yes they should make you the leader if youve worked that hard, causing fellow emcee Nayoung to hilariously blurt, What is there to train for six years? causing everyone in to the studio to burst out laughing.

In addition, each leader bragged about their teams and shared some of the hardships of being a leader.

SourceImage: Segye Ilbo via Nate

The Standard for Idol Girl Group Leaders Revealed on "Come to Play"

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Come to Play, hyosung, secret, bora, sistar, park gyuri, kara, jea, brown eyed girls, victoria, fx, sunye, wonder girls

Girl Idol LeadersFemale idol stars Hyosung from Secret, Bora from SISTAR, Park Gyuri from KARA, JeA from Brown Eyed Girls, Victoria from f(x) and Sunye from Wonder Girls are all leaders of their respective groups for a reason.

On July 9 on MBC "Come to Play," these idol star group leaders all gathered for a revitalizing and energetic discussion about their roles.

All the leaders were asked about the topic, "The reason why I was selected as the leader." Hyosung, Park Gyuri and Victoria stated that it was their age and JeA shared that she was chosen by her fellow members. Sunye shared that she spent the most time as a trainee.

MC Yoo Jae Suk, when hearing that Sunye spent six years in training, agreed by saying, "You definitely should have the rights to if you spent that much time training." Secret's Hyosung, who was also in the same boat as Sunye, commented, " I think four years is the most critical amount of time." Sunye agreed.

Kim Nayoung from the show exclaimed, "What is there to do to prepare for six years," which caused the studio to burst into laughter.

The leaders also shared the strengths and victories of their individual teams as well as the hardships they faced in their positions. They also revealed their hidden talents, which kept the audience fully entertained.

Watch: Girl’s Day’s Hyeri and Ryu Joon Yeol’s Atypical Skinship Scene in “Reply 1988” Gains Attention

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Watch: Girl’s Day’s Hyeri and Ryu Joon Yeol’s weird and wonderful Skinship Scene in “Reply 1988” Gains Attention A strange state of affairs has arisen between Duk Soon (Girls’ Day’s Hyeri) and Jung Hwan (Ryu Joon Yeol) at the tvN drama “Reply 1988.”

On the November thirteen broadcast, the 2 pals and neighbours cross on a faculty shuttle together. Jung Hwan provides Duk Soon alcohol to safeguard for the vacation yet she finally ends up wasting it. As the two bicker, any individual approaches them and they hide in an incredibly narrow alley.

For decades the two stand pressed on the topic of each and every other, slightly breathing. When a tired Duk Soon closes her eyes and breathes out, Jung Hwan is obviously flustered by ability of their chests urgent in combination in the narrow space.

In the similar episode, Jung Hwan is flustered back when Duk Soon grabs him in a “back hug” to conceal herself. Is this the start of a love line?

Meanwhile, Ryu Joon Yeol is all of a sudden becoming more popular via his role in this drama.

Brown Eyed Girls′ Jea Says Gain is in Keep watch over of the Group

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Brown Eyed Girls′ Jea Says Gain is in Keep watch over of the Group

--> Brown Eyed Girls′ Jea published who′s in reality answerable for the group.

Jea and Gain lately recorded an upcoming episode of JTBC′s Witch Hunt, where they engaged in candid conversations.

When Yoo Se Yoon said, "There′s a rumor that Gain is in rate of the group," to which Jea said, "It′s true," drawing laughs.

Jea continued, "Gain participated in the choreography for the comeback identify song. There′s a phase in the choreography where we want to fit the angles, and if we′re off even a little bit, Gain yells at us informally and fixes it immediately."

She added, "Gain is in maximum cases well mannered to the unnies, yet once dance practice session starts, she′s actually intense. i am getting in problem via Gain a lot."

The episode of Witch Hunt featuring Gain and Jea will air on November thirteen at 11 p.m. KST.

Rookie Girl Group Maknaes Represent The Next Generation Of K-Pop Stars In Vogue Girl

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Rookie Girl Group Maknaes Represent The Next Generation Of K-Pop Stars In Vogue Girl

Vogue Girl united the maknaes (youngest members) of rookie girl groups for the November issue. The photoshoot was called "Girls in Wonderland" and was inspired by the fairytale character Alice. The featured members had an average age of 17 years old and belonged to groups from Woollim Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, WM Entertainment and Source Music.

Jeong Ye In of Lovelyz looked mature with frizzy curls while wearing a gray suit and fedora by Tom Greyhound. Her final article was an orange turtleneck chain knit sweater by Opening Ceremony. The Fall/Winter 2015 top is made from Merino wool-blend, can be yours HERE and can be seen below in greater detail.

Jang Ye Eun of CLC looked sweet in pigtails and dramatic fake lashes that made her seem startled. Her ensemble included a black Sonia Rykiel dress and pushBUTTON coat with wing-like shoulder pads.

A Rin of Oh My Girl posed next to a doll while modeling a ruffled Lucky Chouette blouse with a pushBUTTON houndstooth dress in sunny yellow. Her cheeks were extra rouge and her hair was styled in a high, shiny bun.

Finally, Um Ji from G-Friend had the most modern transformation with the help of a Sonia Rykiel denim blazer, Cedric Charlier knit and American Apparel bright blue beret. The preppy combination was campus-ready.

Are there any other notable maknaes Vogue Girl missed?

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Girl’s Day’s Minah and BTOB’s Minhyuk to Play Star-Crossed Fanatics in Upcoming Drama

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Girl’s Day’s Minah and BTOB’s Minhyuk to Play Star-Crossed Lovers in Upcoming Drama Girl’s Day‘s Minah and BTOB‘s Minhyuk might be the trendy Romeo and Juliet in their upcoming drama “Sweet Family.”

Minah will play the role of Baek Hyun Ji, who is terribly playful and bright. Minhyuk will play the role of Yoon Sung Min, who is at the pinnacle of his magnificence in school.

The photo of them preserving hands already hints that love is in the air for them.

The plot comes to Baek Hyun Ji’s oldsters being very hostile to Yoon Sung Min’s family, making this young couple combat for their love. Many fans are curious how their stunning dating will growth in spite of their oncoming hardships.

Meanwhile, MBC‘s “Sweet Family” will air on November 18 after “She used to be Pretty” finishes its run.

Girl's Day's 'brother group' M.A.P.6 to hang a fan assembly before debut

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Girl's Day's 'brother group' M.A.P.6 to hang a fan assembly before debut

It has been lately reported that Girl"s Day"s "brother group" M.A.P.6 is to grasp their first ever fan meeting prior to their debut.

A rep from Dream Tea Entertainment stated, "M.A.P.6 may be maintaining their fan meeting prior to debut at the 30th at Nonhyeon-dong Agape space at 6PM. They are making plans to maintain an intimate meet with the primary 77 fanatics to arrive and can also be acting their debut name track. Prior to their debut, they're going to be making efforts to be the sort of idol workforce that fans need via holding intimate conversations, paying attention to music and dining snacks."

Meanwhile, M.A.P.6 will be holding their debut show off on November 10.

Girl’s Day’s Minah to Play an Idol Trainee in a New MBC Drama

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Girl’s Day’s Minah to Play an Idol Trainee in a New MBC Drama On September 18, an associate of the drama branch stated, “Girl"s Day"s Minah can be starring in MBC‘s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Sweet Family’ (tentative title).”

Minah will be gambling the role of Baek Hyun Ji, who is a prime college student. Her oldsters will be played by  Jung Woong In and Yoo Sun. Baek Hyun Ji  is a idol team trainee who is pretty, multi-talented, and filled with curiosity. She gets her fair and ambitious personality from her mother.

Minah has starred in MBN‘s “Vampire Idol” and in 2014′s movie “Dad for Rent” ago which were given her just right studies as a rookie actress.

“Sweet Family” centers around a father who looks intimidating to outsiders yet is treated unfairly and omitted by potential of his wife and children at home. This comedy unfolds as the two-faced father encounters ups and downs wanting to give coverage to his family.

It will air in November once the drama “She used to be Pretty” finishes its run.

Are you guys excited to look Minah act again?