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K-Drama To Watch: 'Because It's The First Time'

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(Photo : OnStyle ) OnStyle"s "Because It"s The First Time" follows the tradition of the "I Need Romance" franchise, in putting a fresh spin on relationships and the oft-worn out K-Drama plot device of the love triangle.

SHINee"s Minho is Yoon Tae O, an optimisitic 20-year-old who attends college in order to live up to the expectations of his father. He is a typical single guy, who treasures his freedom and the ability to date as many co-eds as he can, before he is forced to settle down into a practical, but potentially loveless marriage.

SHINee (Photo : OnStyle ) Tae O is best friends with Han Song Yi (Park So Dam), a poor neighborhood girl, who family fell upon difficult times, when he father died. Song Yi is the quintessential K-Drama heroine. She works four part-time jobs, out of sheer necessity. However, she secretly yearns to grow her hair out, far past a practical length and dreams of wearing high heels.

Song Yi wishes she were more beautiful, because may then, she would attract the attention of her crush, Seo Ji An (Kim Min Jung).

Ji An, like Song Yi, is forced into practicality and a life spent dedicated to part-time jobs. He is also in love with her, but she has yet to realize it.

The twist of "Because It"s The First Time" is that Song Yi does not reciprocate the feelings of Tae O, who is deeply infactuated with her, even though he repeatedly denies it.

Jung Hyun Jung, whose screenwriting credits span each installment of the "I Need Romance" series and "Discovery of Love," continues to provide a refreshing look at young love in "Because It"s The First Time." In the tradition of "I Need Romance," the drama focuses on Tae O and his circle of friends, whose experiences in their 20s could impact the rest of their lives.

While many dramas are centered on the quest of the heroine to obtain unrequited love from a wealthy protagonist, "Because It"s The First Time" is traveling down a different path. Tae O realizes he is infactuated with Song Yi, he will be forced to come to grips with her true sentiments towards Ji An.

The drama appeals to fans of SHINee"s Minho, whose last drama role was in the 2013 series, "Medical Top Team," as well as, audiences who enjoyed Kim Min Jung in "Twenty Again."

"Because It"s The First Time" is available with English subtitles on DramaFever for audiences in North America.

Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor at KDramaStars. She is also a contributing music writer at KpopStarz, MTVIggyand other publications. When she is not listening to "Rhythm Ta," she can be found on Twitter. (@retrogirladdy).

Four Reasons To K-Drama To Watch: 'Twenty Again'

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Four Reasons To K-Drama To Watch: 'Twenty Again'

(Photo : tvN ) "Twenty Again" premiered with strong ratings for a Friday and Saturday evening programming on the cable network, tvN. "Twenty Again" combines the storyline of a family series with a coming-of-age drama as the drama explores the life of Ha No Ra (Choi Ji Woo), a recently divorced stay-at-home mom.

While she excels at domestic skills, No Ra is viewed as uncultured and undereducated by her ex-husband, Kim Woo Chul (Choi Won Young). He abandons their relationship to pursue, Kim Yi Jin (Park Hyo Joo), a 36-year-old single professor who teaches incoming students about love and marriage.

No Ra harbors the hope that she can repair her relationship with Woo Chul if she returns to college. However, her hopes are dashed when a physician tells her that she has six months remaining in her life, due to pancreatic cancer.

"Twenty Again" could approach the subject matter from a melodramaticangle, but the series provides a refreshing, comedic perspective on contemporary issues.

Here are four reasons to watch "Twenty Again."

1. Choi Ji Woo is delightfully upbeat as a stay-at-home turned college student.

"Twenty Again" provides a unique perspective on the experience of Korean adults who attempt to return to college. Choi Ji Woo infuses the role of Ha No Ra with youthful wonder.

2. Lee Sang Yoon returns as the leading man in a series whose script is meatier than "Angel Eyes."

Lee Sang Yoon was endearing in the 2014 SBS drama, "Angel Eyes," but it wonderful to see him portray the nuanced character, Cha Hyun Suk.

3. "Twenty Again" explores the ability to recapture one"s youth from a more realistic angle than "Miss Granny" and similar tales.

Ha No Ra recaptures her youth when she enrolls in college, but without the supernatural aspects of "Miss Granny."

4. A Pink"s Son Na Eun and Kim Min Jae are an adorable collegiate couple.

Kim Min Jae gained attention with his debut role in "Persevere, Goo Hae Ra" and is poised to build a large fan base with "Twenty Again." He is well matched with A Pink"s Son Na Eun as a college couple whose differences as similar to those of his parents.

About the writer: Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor for KDramaStars. She is also a contributing writer for KpopStarz, MTV Iggy, Viki and CJ Entertainment"s KCON blog. Her passions include a love of K-pop and Asian drama. When she is not writing, she is hanging out on Twitter (@retrogirladdy).

Throwback Thursday: 8 K-Drama oldies you need to watch

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Although all K-Drama lovers have watched the popular, lighthearted rom-com classics, such as "Full House," "My Name is Kim Sam Soon," and "Goong (Princess Hours)," they"re seriously missing out on a ton of other goodies from the past decades that many Koreans absolutely adored but was lost on international fans who didn"t have as easy access to these back in the days before video-sharing websites.

As a Thursday Throwback and a good dose of nostalgia to those who have watched some if not all of these in the past, check out this list of old dramas that were successful hits at the time but got lost in bigger names as time passed by. If you have nothing good to watch right now and are able to find these classic dramas, then jump aboard the K-Drama marathon train now!

(Note: The first five I personally watched and enjoyed while the last three are bonus famous Korean classics that I"m as unfamiliar with as you might be but I promise they were huge hits at the time!)

"Sweet 18" was a huge hit in South Korea that launched Han Ji Hye into fame and helped further boost an already popular Lee Dong Gun. The story centers on Han Ji Hye who has a fated run-in with Lee Dong Gun in traditional garb and falls completely head over heels despite the age gap of 10 years. The two then realize that they were fated to be, that they had been matched in an arranged marriage by their family since they were babies, so they wed and hilarity ensues thanks to the ever young and naive Han Ji Hye, who is only 18 years old, as she fights for her husband"s attention (as he, of course, doesn"t really care much about her). Who can"t help but fall in love with her character, who is freaking ridiculous but lovable? There"s an almost "Playful Kiss" vibe with this classic tale, so if you liked that drama, you will definitely like this!

"18 vs. 29" targeted an older audience as one main theme includes a nostalgia for the past, for the vibrant youth, but I still greatly enjoyed it when I was a kid. This is a greatly comedic yet also deeply poignant drama about a 29-year-old woman played by Park Sun Young who married her high school sweetheart, the cold, smart, and vastly popular It-Boy at school played by Ryu Soo Young. However, as he"s now an immensely popular actor and she"s a bored housewife, she feels dissatisfied and their relationship seems to lack the warmth it used to have when they were younger. As fate would have it, she gets into an accident and she reverts to her 18-year-old self--mentally anyway! Of course, hilarity ensues, but there are also some sweet flashbacks with the younger male character played by the ever handsome Super Junior"s Siwon.

Probably one of my favorite dramas ever, "My Girl" was the drama that put newcomer Lee Da Hae in the spotlight for playing the quirky and hilarious conwoman who is as lovable as she"s harmlessly cunning. She is discovered by the aloof and gentlemanly Lee Dong Wook, who hires her to pretend to be his long lost cousin for his ailing grandfather. There are a ton of laugh-out-loud moments in this drama and her acting, the scenarios, everything is pure gold--written by the famous Hong sisters.

You know that famous scene where the man puts the woman"s hand on his heart and goes, "You are in here." Yeah, it originated from this drama, which also gave birth to a lot of other famous lines like, "Why can"t you say anything? Why can"t you tell him you"re my woman?" This classic tale has everything you"d like in a drama, including the cheesy makeover scene. A rich man finds himself in need of a fiancee, so he hires a not-so-well-off woman to play the part, but he realizes his feelings for her while competing with his nephew for her affections. Of course, a big part of this takes place in Paris. In case you couldn"t tell from the title.

This was an incredibly popular historical drama that set Lee Jun Ki"s reputation for being the go-to guy for the action-historical genre. This is the tale of a Korean Robin Hood who stole from the rich to give to the poor, but with an interesting twist suitable for a serious drama. Lee Jun Ki pretends to be a useless troublemaker and street thug when in actuality, he is the son of a noble house that had fallen and is seeking revenge. The means? Going into other noble homes under the pretense of robbery while actually searching for clues as to who murdered his family. Lots of intensity and action and a rather useless female heroine played by Han Hyo Joo (I prefer the secondary female lead played by Lee Young Ah--she"s adorable).

"All In" starred two of the biggest Hallyu actors at the moment, Song Hye Kyo and Lee Byung Hun. The drama was incredibly popular in South Korea at the time and revolved around casinos and gambling. The two actors play orphaned childhood friends who separate as they grow up, but fatefully meet once again later on with Lee Byung Hun playing an experienced gambler and Song Hye Kyo the beautiful dealer.

Before Go Hyun Jung was the pee-in-your-pants-scary Mishil, she played the heroine of a tragic drama that many of you may have seen Go Ara and Jung Woo watching in "Reply 1994." This drama broke records in viewer ratings, surpassing 50% for the dramatic love triangle amidst government issues, political affairs, student demonstrations, and more from the 70"s to 90"s in Korea. This just proves that any complex drama with Go Hyun Jung will pass 50% in viewer ratings.

8 - Delightful Girl, Choon Hyang

This was the Hong sisters" first drama, a lighthearted rom-com that the Korean public fell in love with for its quirky and entertaining nature. The drama launched Han Chae Young into fame as she and Jae Hee found themselves forced into a marriage despite their hatred for each other when they "fall asleep" together (literally that is all they do, sleep), this gets broadcasted through the school, and they need to marry to save their families" honor. It"s loosely based on old Korean folklore about a girl named Choon Hyang.

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K-Drama Actors Who Would Ace An English Exam

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Go Ah Sung Ko Ah Sung plays Seo Bom in the drama "Heard It Through The Grapevine." Because Seo Bom comes from a poor family she surprises her wealthy in-laws with her mastery of English. When her character had to read the pages of a difficult English book, her command of the language also surprised many k-drama fans.

The 23-year-old actress does have a gift for languages but she perfected her English when she played Song Kang Ho"s daughter in the Bong Joon Ho film "Snowpiercer." The film had an international cast with many English-speaking characters. Playing Yona, a girl who grew up hearing many different languages spoken, she said she had to tailor her English in that film.

"Yona can speak little bit of every language existing on the train," said Ko in an interview with tenasia. "So I spoke with an accent that was a mix of the Philippines, India, the United States and other places. People in Korea complemented me on my English pronunciation, but it would sound funny to a native speaker."

Another k-drama actor known for his fluency in English is Im Si Wan. He took The English proficiency TOEIC exam shortly after he wrapped up his role in the hit drama "Misaeng." His exam score was 820 out of 990, which he was very happy about. He only hoped to reach a score of 800.

Being able to speak English fluently is key to landing Hollywood roles. Some actors who improved their English skills enough to make the transition are Lee Byung Hun, Kim Yunjin and Bae Doona.

Lee Byung Hun has had several roles in Hollywood blockbusters such as "Red 2" and can soon be seen in "Terminator Genysis." Yunjin Kim currently appears in the TV series "Mistresses" and played a pivotal character in the hit television show "Lost." Bae Doona has appeared in several Wachowski productions, including the film "Cloud Atlas."

Being fluent in English is no guarantee that an actor will land an English-speaking role. 2PM"s Ok Taecyeon is another actor whose English is commendable, which is not surprising since he attended high school in the U.S. The singer-actor appeared in "Dream High," "Who Are You?" and earned praise for his performance in the weekend drama "Wonderful Days." But despite having language skills he has yet to interest any Hollywood producers.

Krystal Jung, the star of "My Lovely Girl" is also fluent in English but that"s because she was born in San Francisco. The actress and f(x) singer was discovered by a talent agency on a family trip back to Korea.

English language skills also come in handy when a drama is set partly in the U.S., as was the case in "The Heirs," which Krystal played a role in.

ZE:A"s Kwanghee says he didn"t watch Siwan"s drama "Misaeng"

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ZE:A"s Kwanghee had another outburst of jealousy towards his fellow member Siwan during a recent filming of "Quiz to Change the World".

He showed affection for Siwan, but he was also a bit jealous about Siwan"s latest roles in the movie "The Attorney" and the hit drama "Misaeng". MC Shin Dong Yupasked, "Did you even watch Siwan"s drama?"

Kwanghee responded, "I didn"t even watch one episode. The viewer rating shot up by itself whether I watched or not," making the studio laugh. He went on, "I couldn"t express it before because I was so jealous, but I want to do the same roles as Siwan. I want to star in a hit movie and play the role of an office worker."

The full episode featuring Kwanghee airs on January 3 KST.

Korean Drama 'Pinocchio' Episode 11 Preview/ English Translation

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Korean Drama 'Pinocchio' Episode 11 Preview/ English Translation

Here is the preview of SBS Drama ‘Pinocchio’ Episode 11. This Episode will be aired on December 17th on SBS. Don’t miss it!

Jae Myung: Ha Myung is dead! If he became a reporter like you, then he is dead!

Dal Po: If father came back, we could have watched fireworks! I want to go back to before! Hyung, you will make sure of it!

Chan Soo: Who is the culprit?

Dal Po: Ki Jae Myung. Ki Jae Myung is my hyung. Ki Jae Myung was unlike how the press showed him as and was not the real him.

Dal Po: YGN News … This is Ki Ha Myung.

[★FEATURE] K-Drama Reviews: 10 reasons to watch SBS’s “Pinocchio”

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This week, Koreaboo brings you a review of SBSs new drama Pinocchio. Here are 10 reasons why you should check this new drama out!

Pinocchio stars Lee Jong Suk as Choi Dal Po and Park Shin Hye as Choi In Ha. The series follows young reporters around as they seek to broadcast the truth. The twist to this story and the reason why its titled Pinocchio is that in this world there are people diagnosed with the Pinocchio Syndrome. These people cannot tell a lie because every time they do, they hiccup. Choi In Ha has the Pinocchio Syndrome, and it makes viewers anticipate the antics that she will perform while being a reporter who can only tell the truth.

After watching the first episode, Koreaboo gives Pinocchio a rating of :

10. You get to see Lee Jong Suk in his wild wig being adorable

9. Park Shin Hye is really (really) good at hiccuping

8. The child actors, as always, hold their own as they portray the younger versions of Choi Dal Po and Choi In Ha

7. Choi Dal Pos older brother is charming and easy on the eyes ;)

6. There is a great cast of veteran actors

3. You might also cringe at times

2. And you might get really frustrated .

1. But in the end, itll all be worth it, because the plot and cast make it a 5 star drama to watch!

Want more K-Drama reviews? Check out our previous reviews:

TV Chosuns The Greatest Wedding

KBSs Tomorrow Cantabile

3 Reasons to Watch Web Drama ‘Love Cell’

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3 Reasons to Watch Web Drama ‘Love Cell’

The online portal site Naver"s web drama "Love Cell," which premiered last week on November 2, 2014, is garnering much popularity a week since its first episode. Here are four reasons why you should watch "Love Cell."

1. "Love Cell" stars top actors and actresses

Actor Kim Woo Bin of the popular SBS drama "The Heirs" stars in "Love Cell," and so does Kim Yoo Jung, a nave, innocent looking actress. In addition, the supporting actors are popular ones, adding to the drama"s success.

2. Innovative content and characters

Actress Kim Yoo Jung plays the main character Nebi, who is a cat. The fantasy romantic comedy web drama "Love Cell" tells a story of a kitten called Nebi, played by actress Kim Yoo Jung, who has a "love DNA cell." The kitten tries to help the timid boy Ma Dae Choong, played by actor Park Sun Ho, achieve his one sided romance for the top star Suh Rin, played by actress Nam Ji Hyun. The drama "Love Cell" is based on the popular web cartoon of the same name that was published on the Korean portal site Naver from 2010 through 2012, which explains its innovative and creative storyline.

The drama shows a fantasy romance of a single man and a beautiful top star. This impossible romance comes true in the drama through the kitty cat Nebi.

"Love Cell" premiered on November 3, 2014, and will air 15 episodes every Monday night. Fans will be able to access the drama via the portal site Naver.

The 5 minutes Preview of SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 1 (English Translation)

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The 5 minutes Preview of SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 1 (English Translation)

Here is the 5-minute preview of SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 1

It seems like the family tragedy that strikes Dal Po’s (Lee Jong Seok) childhood and likely the reporting surrounding it might play a role in him becoming a journalist.

My Lovely Girl ends today, and Pinocchio will be taking over its time slot next week!

Inha: When the court is unsure of a case, law demands that we give the defendant the benefit of the doubt. However! During the questioning process, the defendant has revealed to me that he has murdered the victim and doesn’t regret it at all. I cannot bury my conscience, so I have to insist that the defendant is guilty!

(T/N: This part is about how Inha can’t be a lawyer because she can’t lie for her client.)

Dalpo: You’re a lawyer that’s supposed to defend the defendant, but can’t help but blurt everything out.

Woman’s O.S.: Hamyoung-ah, wake up quickly and eat~

Dalpo: Five more minutes… just five more minutes…

[The man who lives under a fake name]

Dalpo: You’ve come, Dalpyoung-ah~ You look adorable, hurry up and get into the house~

Dalpyung: Stop calling him ‘dad’; who are you, rascal, coming into people’s house and messing around like this!

Dalpo: I need a father. He needs a son. If I disappear now, he would collapse again…

Dalpyung: So we’re just going to keep up this lie? How is this right?!

Dalpo: Why is it wrong?! It’s not hurting anyone. So what if it’s a lie?

Dalpo: I’m Choi Inha’s uncle.

Students: Hey, did you hear, he’s a psycho. […] I heard that his real father is a criminal-

Woman O.S.: He went back into the fire against orders and caused all this tragedy, but now he’s disappeared…

Female Reporter: Did you receive any contact from your father?

Male Reporter: Not coming back home and hiding, is it because he feels guilty?

Jaemyoung: I’m sorry, I’m sorry… he really didn’t contact us.

Male Reporter: Where is he hiding?

Jaemyoung: There’s really no contact from him.

Cha-ok (Inha’s mom): Why did he force his way back into that fire when it was impossible? Is he aiming for a promotion of some kind…

Dalpo (Hamyoung): Father isn’t that kind of person!!

Cha-ok: Are you saying your father didn’t do anything wrong?

Jaemyoung: It’s not that, we’re just saying we don’t know the whole truth yet-

Cha-ok: You’re happy that your father survived, aren’t you?

Dalpo (O.S.): It was a terrible nightmare… Father got into a huge accident and then went into hiding… not long after that, my brother ran away as well…

Mother: Want to come with mom?

Dalpo (Hamyoung): You’re not lying to me, right?

Man: [something about the incident of Dalpo’s dad, this part is saturi and I really can’t understand it] I’m sure of it! Because I have Pinocchio Syndrome, I can’t possibly lie!

Cha-ok: The image came out well, right? Get a few shots of the ambulance as well.

Cha-ok: After this scene, cut to the shots we took.

Kim Gong-ju: Maybe we should cut the scenes with the children. It’s a bit too cruel, isn’t it?

Cha-ok: That’s why we have to air it, because it’s cruel.

Lee Yongtak: No no no, there’s no way. Cut it.

Gyo-dong: MSC has run so many stories on this already.

Lee Yongtak: That’s why people now call them MSG. All made up stuff and no good for people.

Gyo-dong: Well they call us YGN ‘organic news’ (YooGiNong news).

Lee Yongtak: Organic stuff is good for the body, it’s a compliment!

Gyo-dong: No! No matter how good you are for the body; if the food’s not tasty, no one would eat it! No one! In my opinion, news that no one is watching cannot be called news!

Lee Yongtak: … I suppose so. You have a point.

Gyo-dong: Then we’re keeping the story?

Dalpo: You think broadcasting (news) is a joke. With one sentence, you can send a person to his death in a broadcast. How could you, dare, think that it is something to joke around with?

[A drama about youth and growing up between this man who is living under a fake name and this woman who can’t tell lies]

Inha: Why are you staring at me like that? Because I’m pretty?

Dalpo: Yep, because you’re pretty.

Dalpo (O.S.): Now that I think back, I should have left her then.These are feelings I should never have had, and a person I should never have hoped for. I thought that these feelings will fade as time passes. Once it fades, then I can leave without burden. But that’s just a lie I told myself, just excuses… so that I could stay by her side.

[Video] Watch "The Heirs and I Hear Your Voice" parody video for the upcoming drama Pinocchio

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[Video] Watch

This parody video features scenes cut from "The Heirs" and "I Hear Your Voice" which features Park Shin-hye and Lee Jong-suk. It was uploaded by SBS on YouTube earlier. You can watch it here: