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‘Introduction to Architecture’ selected as the #1 ‘Watch-Again’ movie

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‘Introduction to Architecture’ selected as the #1 ‘Watch-Again’ movie

Introduction to Architecture‘ became the #1 movie that viewers wanted to watch again.

The ‘Korean Film Council‘ conducted a survey on Twitter, and the #1 spot belonged to the movie. The movie was issued in March and more than 4 million viewers paid attention to it. In addition,  it brought Suzy a nickname ‘Nation’s First Love‘.

Netizens responded, “I agree with this result“, “Congratulations to ‘Introduction to Architecture’!“, and “Ah, seeing this makes me want to watch it again...”

Seohyun talks about being presented Suzy's noted role in hit movie 'Introduction to Architecture'

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Seohyun talks about being presented Suzy's noted role in hit movie 'Introduction to Architecture'

It"s secure to mention the box place of job hit "Introduction to Architecture" used to be Suzy"s breakout role in the film/drama industry. With the assistance of that film, her reputation soared now no longer handiest among fanatics yet the overall public. But what if anyone else had taken on that coveted role?

Girls" Generation"s Seohyun was a guest throughout the filming for the approaching episode of "Radio Star" and she mentioned receiving an be offering for that same role at the time.

MC Kim Guk Jin said, "I heard that you just about took on Suzy"s role."

Seohyun admitted that that used to be true, and she said, "I truly sought after to do it." And that she were disappointed at her firm about the matter. But what is precise tale in the back of why she couldn"t take the role? You"ll need to music in to the episode airing later these days to discover out! 

If you music in you"ll also see Seohyun perfectly mimic the "Minions"s "Banana Song" at the show!

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"Introduction to Architecture" and "Dating Agency: Cyrano" Get Chinese Movie Version

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This year, Korea's hit movies "Introduction to Architecture" and "Dating Agency: Cyano" will get Chinese movie versions through a collaboration!

Production company Myung Films stated on January 30, “We are currently preparing for the remaking of these films. Myung Films is collaborating with a Chinese production company. We are working on the Chinese scripts now.”

In 2010 Myung Films released “Dating Agency: Cyrano” and gathered 2.68 million views while their 2012 film “Introduction to Architecture” rounded up 4.11 million views. Currently romantic comedies and melodramas are being box office hits in China. Many are curious as to see how the remakes for “Introduction to Architecture” and “Dating Agency: Cyrano” will do.

Miss Granny” was remade in China into “20 Once Again” and has been met with great success in China. “20 Once Again” was released on January 8 and has made profits over 3.48 billion won (approximately $3.1 million USD).

Through the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Korea and China, Korean and Chinese entertainment relationships have become closer and there is a lot of interest in whether remakes will do well in China.

miss A’s Suzy experiences 90′s technology for the first time for her new movie ‘Introduction to Architecture’

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miss A’s Suzy experiences 90′s technology for the first time for her new movie ‘Introduction to Architecture’

miss As Suzy is fascinated with the trends of the 1990s.

On March 13th, Suzy attended a press screening for her new movie Introduction to Architecture.

Her role will be a student in the 1990s and in regards to experiencing 90s trends for the very first time, Suzy who was born in 1994 remarked, I was shocked when I first experienced the culture of the 90s. I saw a pager for the very first time, and I also used a CD player for the first time as well.

And showing affection for her co-star Lee Jae Hoon, she also said, I only hope that my first love would be as kind and thoughtful as Lee Jae Hoon.

The movie follows the love story of an architecture student (Uhm Tae Woong) who meets a student majoring in music (Han Ga In) during an ‘Introduction to Architecture’ class. He falls head over heels in love with her, and the experience turns into a memory of his first love.

Many years later, the student becomes an official architect and meets his first love again when she visits his office as a client. Suzy and Lee Je Hoon will be playing the younger versions of the two main leads.

The movie hits the big screens in Korea on March 22nd.

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Suzy, Han Ga In, Uhm Tae Woong and Lee Je Hoon's "Introduction to Architecture" Releases Second Movie Trailer

"Introduction to Architecture" tells the love story of So Yeon (Suzy) and Seung Min (Lee Je Hoon). They both met in college to study architecture and experienced their first love.

Fifteen years later,  Seo Yeon (Han Ga In) calls Seung Min (Uhm Tae Woong) and asks him to rebuild her old and ancient house. But he didn't recognize her at first and she is a bit disappointed as she was looking forward to seeing him again after all these years.

"Introduction to Architecture" takes us through the beautiful journey of remembering the moments spent with one's first love. We jump back and forth in time as the story unfolds. As they had to part because of life, will they be able to find their old selves and end up together?

miss A' Suzy and actor Lee Je Hoon play the younger versions of Han Ga In and Uhm Tae Woong respectively. While Suzy will display the fresh image and boldness of a girl who experienced her first love in her early twenties, Han Ga In will reveal the maturity and desire to love of a working woman in her thirties.

Watch the new and second teaser below.

If you missed the previous teaser you can watch it here.

Check out the interview of the cast.

The movie will hit theaters on March 22.

'Introduction to Architecture' PD finds J.Y. Park made him promise Suzy would get no less than four hours of sleep all through filming

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'Introduction to Architecture' PD finds J.Y. Park made him promise Suzy would get no less than four hours of sleep all through filming

The director of "Introduction to Architecture" printed that J.Y. Park set a condition for Suzy when she turned into once solid in the movie!

The film turned into once a large reason Suzy have become the massive superstar she is now. Suzy and the director of the film were invited to an Actor"s Day tournament where the director revealed, "During the filming, Suzy had to hold out her woman staff promotions as well. She would movie all evening and come to the film set, and i believe she had a tougher time as a result of that. All I may do for her turned into once to abide through JYP"s prerequisites that Suzy would sleep for a minimum of four hours. Suzy would be in an easier condition after she slept, so she acted better."

Even even although four hours isn"t that long for sleep, it certain is sweet for J.Y. Park to position in a clause like that for his artist!

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Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun unearths She May have Been Suzy on “Introduction to Architecture”

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Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun unearths She will have Been Suzy on “Introduction to Architecture” Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun may be acting as a guest at the approaching episode of MBC’s “Radio Star.”

During the episode, she reveals that she had won a casting be offering for the role of young search engine optimization Yeon on “Introduction to Architecture.” Unfortunately for her, her firm refused the be offering and it ended up going to miss A’s Suzy.

The Girls’ Generation member expresses her feel sorry about and comments, “I truly sought after to do [that role]. I’m mad at my company.”

“Introduction to Architecture” is understood for catapulting Suzy into increased stardom and popularity as the nation’s first love.

You can watch Seohyun talk about this factor in increased detail as neatly as her funny impersonations when “Radio Star” airs on August 19 at 11:15 p.m. KST.

Do you want she had been ready to act in the movie?

BTS want to rent a theater and watch a movie with fans if they get #1 on a music show

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BTS want to rent a theater and watch a movie with fans if they get #1 on a music show

BTS talked about their hopes of ranking #1 on a music show in their latest interview, even making some fun promises to fans in the case they do!

In an interview with MBN, the boys were asked what their goals were for the "HwaYangYeonHwa Part 1" mini album, and all of them said they wanted to be #1. Rap Monster said, "People write stuff like R=VD like it"s a spell. We planted the thought of being #1 in our heads. It"s not something that can be done just through our wants, but it"ll only come if you keep wanting it. There"s a saying, "what you say will happen", so we want to think that way and work hard."

Suga added, "To be honest, I was pessimistic up until the last album. I"d think, no way we could do it. I think I had a complex without even knowing it. I only showed my unconfident side, so it seemed like that"s what was really happening to us. So I want to promote this time with confidence. I"m not religious, but I pray every night. We want it that bad." Jungkook also said, "We pray every night with our section chief."

On what they"d do if they got #1, Jin smiled and said, "I want to swap our parts and sing the songs. I"m a vocal, but I"d rap, and the rap line will sing." V added, "I want to borrow a theater and watch a movie with our fans."

The boys have also expressed their fervent hopes by even dedicating a track on their mini album - "SKIT: Expectation!" - to talking about getting #1 (the track kind of devolves into a random talk about tax deductions, but that"s BTS for you..).

Hopefully the boys can get their wish with "I Need U"!

Uhm Tae Woong has been trying to recreate the “Introduction to Architecture" with the support of Uhm Ji On

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Uhm Tae Woong Wants to Reenact Introduction to Architecture with Uhm Ji On on Superman Returns Uhm Tae Woong reveals his desire to reenact Introduction to Architecture with his daughter Uhm Ji On on the upcoming episode of Superman Returns.

The next episode will be centered on raising children with nature. All four families featured on the show go to Jeju Island for a two night and three day vacation.

Uhm Tae Woong reveals a special fondness for Jeju Island as he previously filmed parts of Introduction to Architecture there. In addition, he excitedly shares his longing to reenact scenes from the film with his daughter much to the amusement of others.

Tune in on April 26 at 4:50 p.m. KST to see whether or not he succeeds.

Uhm Ji On Shows Her Uncontrollable Love for Piglets on “Superman Returns” Related

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun watch a 19+ movie at a drive-in theater on "We Got Married"

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Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun watch a 19+ movie at a drive-in theater on

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun had a romantic, 19+ drive-in movie date on the April 18 edition of "We Got Married".

Though they went on a date in the city, the couple made sure to take care of their little country home and farm first. Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun worked on making a scarecrow for their vegetable plot, and as always, Song Jae Rim wasn"t shy about his cheesy one-liners. Kim So Eun revealed during her solo interview, "I feel like I"m sharing memories with my husband. We got really close, and something feels like we"re a very close married couple."

Later on, things got even more lovey-dovey as Song Jae Rim helped Kim So Eun put on her lipstick for their drive-in movie date. She surprised him with a kiss on the hand, which he definitely appreciated.

At their movie date, they were surprised by the sudden 19+ scenes. Song Jae Rim said during his interview, "It was embarrassing seeing other people"s bodies. They were pretty energetic. I have to watch it alone later," while Kim So Eun shared, "The scenes came out randomly. I don"t think I focused on the movie."

Are you getting used to this couple"s new life together?